Las Vegas Sun

July 21, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Climate bill is promising

Your recent editorial beautifully illustrated the peril to human life and health from climate change-induced drought, sea level rise, storms and wildfire. 

As a physician, I feel heartbroken about the devastation I recently witnessed in the Florida Panhandle when I responded to medical emergencies wrought by Hurricane Michael. I worry about increased illnesses from carbon emissions and wildfire smoke. I also vehemently disagree with many recent actions taken by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Trump administration. But ultimately, the challenge to our lives and our future is greater than one administration. 

Rapid and meaningful federal action to stop carbon pollution is imperative to avoid the worst climate impacts.

Just in time, a bipartisan bill, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividends Act, has been introduced in the House of Representatives. It would reduce carbon dioxide emissions at least 40 percent within 12 years. It also would create 2.1 million new jobs over 10 years thanks to growth in our clean energy economy. 

It's good for our health and will save many of the 60,000 lives lost annually due to poor air quality.

Solving climate change is too urgent to remain caught up in partisan politics. Now is a great time for a bipartisan and innovative approach.