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July 22, 2019

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Step up your cool-weather hair game

Winter hair

It’s finally cooler in Las Vegas, which means you probably feel a change in your hair. Or perhaps you just crave a new hairdo. Either way, Cena Jordan, owner and stylist of Wildflower Collective, is sharing tips and tricks to restore those summer-scorched locks and give you a new winter look. Jordan’s hair expertise is an almost decade-long combination of caring and curiosity, combined with some of the best training in the industry. She recently embarked on a new adventure, creating Wildflower Collective, a Vegas salon rooted in individuality and community. Similar to her salon, her cool-weather tips are dependent on each individual and their own expression, but she has a few universal suggestions that will surely step up anyone’s hair game.

Embrace the warmth

If you're looking for a new color trend, Jordan recommends warmer tones, from glossy golden blondes to caramel tones and rich coppers and reds.

Long hair without the wait

Notice quick fadeout?

Brighter tones and vibrant colors can seem to have quicker fadeout. Jordan recommends proper nutrition and care for your hair, which means listening to your stylist. The color they use will determine what shampoo, conditioner, leave-in products and heat protectant should be applied after. “The nutrients in these products protect your hair from pollution in the air, chemicals in our water, and dryness in the air,” Jordan said, all of which, she noted, fade color over time. Products with additives and sulfites will strip hair of color even faster.

For those considering extensions, Jordan recommends starting the process in fall or winter before the heat picks up. It will give you time to get used to having twice the amount of hair on your head. She suggests hand-tied extensions, which blend more seamlessly and are more flexible in placement, meaning you can wear your hair up without the extensions being seen. They are also the least damaging to your existing hair.

Return the moisture

Jordan also recommends a routine of leave-in conditioner. Her favorite is a brand called Unite. The products are developed from and for the West Coast and are formulated with a dry, mild climate in mind.

• How to use: While hair is still damp, apply a leave-in conditioner throughout and comb through. 

Fact or fiction: Coconut oil for conditioning?

Jordan says this is fiction—“coconut oil does not actually penetrate the hair or repair the hair cuticle.” If your hair needs extra TLC, she suggests applying a deep conditioner to problem areas (typically the strands toward the front and the ends) while it is dry. Leave it on for a few hours and then rinse.

Noticing static?

Hair with lots of static typically just needs more moisture, Jordan says. Her favorite products are: Uoil by Unite and 7seconds Hair Masque.

What is the shelf-life of hair products?

Quality products should last about seven months.

If your products say “sulfate-free” (which they should) you’ll want to add more water to pump up the lather.

Hair tips for men

Thinning hair?

This is common for men and can be embraced. Two products Jordan recommends for creating natural volume and grit are R+Co Air Craft and Conundrum by Unite.

It’s no secret that having good hair is a wish for women and men. And while it may be easy to walk into any place for a haircut, Jordan recommends doing some research beforehand. The biggest mistakes men make with their hair are “not getting a customized haircut based on their needs and being inconsistent with who cuts their hair,” Jordan says. At her salon, men receive a consultation and discuss their desired cut based on face shape, hair texture, hair concerns and more. The gentlemen’s cut is currently the most popular, but again, depending on hair texture, hairline and style wishes, each head of hair can get a variation of the popular ’do.

Product help for men

Some guys are intimidated by products, others apply it with little discretion. Here's how much you really need.

• Shampoo: Slightly larger than a quarter.

• Conditioner: Start with a quarter-size dollop, and a golf ball size when deep conditioning.

• Styling product: Start with a dime size. You can always add more.

Shedding or dry scalp?

What about castor oil?

The oil typically used for skin is now being recommended in the beauty community, but again, Jordan says this one works best for strengthening eyelashes, not hair.

Jordan recommends adding rosemary oil to shampoo and conditioner. It'll decrease flaking and increase hair growth.

Use accessories to stave off burnout

Chlorine, heat and too many sunny days can take a toll on hair health. Consider using accessories when styling, instead of irons and chemicals. In right now are silk hair scarves and geometric clips. Scrunchies are even making a comeback!

Tips for blow drying

Pro tip

When using styling or leave-in product, add to damp hair first and then blow dry or let it air dry.

For straight or fine hair, blow dry with your hand. For curly or wavy hair, use a product and a boar bristle brush.

Want to learn more about hair care?

Jordan’s new salon will have style nights in 2019. Clients can learn how to style their own hair, try new techniques and buy products at a discounted rate. Each Style Night’s proceeds will go to a local charity., 8975 W. Charleston Blvd. Suite 190, 702-272-2349.

Kids cuts

If your children are looking to change up their style, bob haircuts—specifically the shaggy bob—are in style this season. You’ll also see the return of wispy bangs.

Does your son or daughter want crazy-colored hair?

While Jordan discourages permanent dye, she recommends temporary colored chalks and sprays as an alternative.

This story originally appeared in the Las Vegas Weekly.