Las Vegas Sun

January 16, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Our precious land is at risk

Federal land managers are planning to auction off more 900,000 acres of land in Nevada for potential oil and gas extraction.

Not only would this destroy the land, add more greenhouse gases to our atmosphere and affect Nevadans’ health, but it would also remove or modify thousands of square miles of protected land that is vital for the survival of the sage grouse, a threatened species.

Some of the land that is to be auctioned also sits adjacent to Great Basin National Park and the Ruby Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, known for being a critical oasis for migratory birds.

Are all of these harmful impacts really worth minimal and temporary financial gain? If you think we can protect these species, protect ourselves and protect the planet by investing in renewable energy and opposing this land auction, please let your representatives know. Our decision-makers need us to show them that economic prosperity and conservation do not need to be mutually exclusive.