Las Vegas Sun

December 16, 2018

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Letter to the editor:

Rail too inflexible

Thanks for publishing the very well-written letter headlined “Light rail’s time has come,” advocating light rail along the Strip and to the airport.

The problem with any rail transportation system is simply the rails. They lack the flexibility to meet changing demands. The concept is rooted in past centuries and ignores the possibilities that current and future technology make available.

What local resident has not been stuck on the Strip or on one of the well-used side streets when a big event is scheduled? Imagine the overload before a Raiders game! Seriously, can you imagine a Las Vegas rail system absorbing that kind of overload?

What if instead of a circulating train or individual cars, we had an effectively unlimited number of self-driving buses available on demand to collect riders from the airport or the various resorts or parking lots and take them directly to their chosen destination? Let’s think ahead and find a flexible and affordable solution for our growing and ever-changing city.