Las Vegas Sun

December 16, 2018

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Letter to the editor:

Let’s press for details

Having spent several hours watching several news programs and reading as much as I can find on the slow consumption of the country I love, I wonder why we aren’t getting more details on the smaller actions being taken by our administration.

What are the various Cabinet heads doing? What about the cutting off of hilltops to drill or mine? What about the offshore drilling? What about the digging for coal that we don’t use? What about the lack of intelligence regarding a war in Venezuela?

There are many small takeovers by this unqualified man and his cronies that are being overshadowed by the louder stories: North Korea and health care.

I look hard in magazines, papers and internet news, but we are being blinded by the large noisy stuff and missing the takeover by the single-minded Cabinet members with minimal staffs to get information out to the public. With neither the time nor money to dig into the side issues we face, I hope we can learn more.

What went on in Charlottesville, Va., and the lack of leadership from the president regarding American terrorism is disgusting. Have we lost it all to a fake president?

I will still trust the news media and look forward to Robert Mueller taking the cover off the garbage can of Steve Bannon and company. We are too good a people to let the trashing of the U.S. continue in the direction it’s headed.

Last rant: As with the wealth of the country, those who own guns make up about 3 percent of population but own over 300 million weapons. How many times does one have to shoot another to make sure they are dead?

There is more, but I lack the proper words to continue for this letter.