Las Vegas Sun

December 16, 2018

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Letter to the editor:

Welfare is what’s unfair

In the Dec. 29 letter headlined “1 percenters get more dough,” the writer complains about “1 percenters” being the biggest beneficiaries of the new tax law.

I would assume that, as a good progressive, he is all about fairness. Well, if that’s correct, then he should have no problem in rewarding the people who give the most, as those “1 percenters” pay approximately 50 percent of the taxes.

Let me say that I am just a regular, middle-class guy who works for living and is in one of the highest tax brackets. I work with a lot of people of different backgrounds and looks. We are well paid, but for some reason a lot of them think like the writer of the letter. When I ask them who would they rather work for, a rich guy or a poor guy, they usually go mute, because the answer is obvious. We all work for “greedy” corporations that allow us a nice lifestyle, house with the pool, luxury cars, nice vacations, etc.

Instead, maybe we should be talking about what really isn’t fair, like people of working age and ability sleeping at home and collecting welfare and other social goodies provided by the Democrat Party USA.

To the writer of the letter, I ask, is that fair?

I don’t think so.