Las Vegas Sun

December 16, 2018

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Letter to the editor:

Horses should be protected

I have been witnessing the ridiculous travesty involving the fate of the 3,000-plus Virginia Range wild mustangs in Nevada.

The BLM has given its responsibility of these federally protected wild horses over to the state of Nevada and Gov. Brian Sandoval, who have let the state Department of Agriculture vote to give control of these poor creatures over to a private party to do whatever they wish to them.

That ruling was out of step with the views of the American people, the majority of whom are against the slaughter of wild mustangs and the removal of the animals from public lands.

Gov. Sandoval, if you don’t see the opportunity you have here for development of eco-tourism associated with these magnificent creatures and don’t save them for a tourist attraction to view them in their wild lands, you are failing your state.

Show the rest of the country’s governors how to do this the right way and be a hero to the American people and to these creatures who deserve better than this cheap politician scape-horse solution and demise of our American wildlife.