Las Vegas Sun

April 25, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Don’t fall for the sad stories

With all the media reports condemning the president and his appointees enforcing the law, it is easy to fool good people who may be susceptible to claims that babies are taken from their parents, children mistreated and put in prison-like conditions.

Many of these children are abandoned by their parents south of our border, put in the hands of “coyotes” who, for a fee, deliver them to the U.S. border to be admitted as part of DACA. Down the line, many of these parents show up with the intent to enter our nation illegally, wanting to be reunited with their offspring. They have a story, often rehearsed under training from Latino groups who teach them how to sidestep our laws.

Why surrender their children to these people, who are worse than criminals, forcing the children to ride in hot car trunks and the females in their early teens to take birth control pills as they are rape bait during the trip? Then once the parents reach the border, their attitude changes to “you must unite a loving family.”

We have every right to control our borders.

The conditions these people are housed in are better than those many Americans live in, be it in ghettos or rural land. Or military families who are separated to defend our nation.