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June 19, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Democrats need a clear message

To save our democracy, Democrats need to take back control of both houses of Congress in the next election. To do that, they need a simple but meaningful message that will appeal to voters.

I propose: If elected, we will stand for the pursuit of happiness and security for all. We will stop demonizing others and eliminate the tariff war. We will sort out immigration problems in a reasonable and humane way, and pass long-term legislation. We will enact health care for all. We will return the country to the international climate change agreement. We will return to the nuclear nonproliferation agreement with Iran and our European partners who helped enact it. We will complete a nuclear nonproliferation agreement with North Korea. We will endeavor to end America’s dependence on illegal drugs by educating users, which will eliminate smuggling at the border and the need for overwhelming border security. We will fix the usustainable student loan system and allow graduates to afford a life after school.