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July 21, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Reframe climate change debate

The debate about climate change and humankind’s impact on it should not be conducted in terms of which side is right and which is wrong. Believers and skeptics appear unmoved in their opinions by facts offered by the other side.

Instead, let us discuss this in terms of the consequences of being wrong. Let’s have a rational discussion that admits the possibility of being wrong.

If climate change believers are wrong, what is the price of doing what they say we should? For instance, loss of coal mining jobs.

Similarly, if climate change skeptics are wrong, what are the consequences of taking no action to minimize our impact on the environment?

If we conduct the debate in this manner, we must arrive at this conclusion: The negative consequences of making no attempt to stop or minimize humankind’s impact on the environment are much worse than the negative consequences that could follow from doing what climate change believers say we must do.