Las Vegas Sun

November 15, 2018

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Want a gun? Be responsible for it

It’s time for gun owners, the National Rifle Association and the Nevada Legislature to take responsibility for the proper security of firearms.

It is no longer acceptable for gun owners to say “guns aren’t the problem, people are.” It’s no longer acceptable for gun owners to shirk their responsibility to their neighbors and fellow citizens.

Claims to a right to own any kind of firearm a person wishes require a consubstantial liability for the acts committed with those firearms. Therefore, a Gun Owners Liability Act should be passed.

This law would apportion appropriate responsibility and impose minimum sanctions for acts committed with firearms.

The owner or the person responsible for the security of a firearm used in the commission of any crime should be fined and subject to confinement of 90days to five years. If fatal injuries are sustained during the commission of a crime, the owner should be fined and incarcerated of five years plus one year per fatality.

In the instance of accidental discharge of a firearm where there is bodily injury, including death, the gun owner should be fined and jailed for up to 90 days.

Gun owners should be forced to either secure it, sell it or turn it in. They need to care as much about gun safety and security as they do about the Second Amendment. Nevadans are entitled to nothing less.