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December 15, 2018

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Trump has been an absolute mess

In the Feb. 23 letter “No President is perfect,” the writer argues that President Donald Trump is “attempting to perform well ... has to compromise with Democrats,” and while “not perfect ... is doing a fine job.”

How can anyone be doing a good job when despite his party controlling both the House and Senate, he has signed only one piece of legislation in his first year and had the highest turn-over (34 percent and counting) of high-level aides in history? And why would anyone believe that the word compromise is even in Trump’s vocabulary?

Trump has legendarily refused to settle disputes and told people they would have to sue him, and that he was financially capable of making the litigation most costly. We know he filed at least four bankruptcies so he could “cram down” debts and force vendors to take pennies on the dollar. This is not someone who compromises in good faith but who is an absolutist.

Yes, Trump is far from perfect in refusing to compromise on issues like health care and immigration. The danger in being an absolutist was best described by President Barack Obama, who warned: “If people are unwilling to compromise ... and are taking absolutist views ... democracy will break down.”