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September 19, 2019

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Brothel owner Hof still working to get license reinstated at Love Ranch

Brothels in Crystal, Nev

Steve Marcus

A sign gives direction to Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch brothel in Crystal, Dec. 20, 2017.

Brothels in Nye County

A sign gives direction to Dennis Hof's Love Ranch brothel in Crystal, Dec. 20, 2017. Launch slideshow »

Nye County officials issued a statement today to flamboyant brothel owner Dennis Hof stating the brothel license for his Love Ranch South property remains suspended.

Nye County suspended the brothel license Feb. 25 because of safety concerns with unapproved modifications to manufactured homes on the site where business is conducted, officials said.

Hof, though, maintains the issues surrounding his brothel license is due to politics, as he is seeking the Republican nomination for State Assembly District 36. He ran unsuccessfully as a Libertarian in 2016 against incumbent James Oscarson. The district includes Nye and Lincoln counties and portions of Clark County.

“All they’re (Nye County) doing is moving the goalpost again,” Hof said. “Any dirty thing they can do in the corrupt county of Nye.”

The letter states that on March 1 a member of the county’s compliance department went to the brothel to conduct an inspection but was denied entrance by Hof’s executive assistant, which is a violation of county code and could lead to the license being revoked.

On March 7, the state fire marshal, along with members of the county, inspected the Love Ranch property and found 33 violations, resulting in the license suspension being upheld, specifically citing the violation in question from the precious inspection.

“The Love Ranch remains noncompliant with the various statutes, codes and regulations cited above,” said Daryl Lacy, the Nye County planning director in a letter addressed to Hof. “You will need to hire a licensed engineer or architect, and submit applications and plans stamped by the licensed professional. You have seven residential manufactured homes, none of which have an installation sticker, and all appear to have been modified, including added hallways and room additions.”

The manufactured homes are all used in commercial occupancies and none have ever been compliant with law, so no grandfathered status will apply, Lacy further stated.

To get the license reinstated, Hof must hire an appropriate professional, draw up as-built plans, identify the use for each building, propose a plan that is compliant, submit an application, pay an application fee, and hire a contractor to build what is approved, the letter explained.

Any changes or variances in his license status must come from the Liquor and Licensing Board or the appropriate administrative agency. The state fire marshal does not have jurisdiction to do so, as Hof previously stated.

“Of the 33 items 30 of them will take a total of two hours to fix. It’s extension cords and other stuff” Hof said. “Of the remaining three hours, it will take about four-to-five hours to fix once the new smoke alarms have arrived.”

The adjacent bar and restaurant, which the county has deemed as safe has remained operational.