Las Vegas Sun

December 11, 2018

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Letter to the editor:

Get the money out of politics

Let’s face it, when we elected Donald Trump president, we put the fox in charge of the hen house. When he started his campaign, he repeatedly said he was not and would not ever be beholden to anyone because he was going to fund his own campaign.

As it turned out, even before the election, his minions were sending out requests for donations. And today, as anyone who has an internet connection knows, he sends out requests for campaign contributions daily.

He brought more foxes with him and his son-in-law worked out multimillion-dollar loans from Citigroup and Apollo Global Management for his businesses while in the White House.

Trump publicly declares decisions that seem good for the American people — like banning certain guns — and then after talking to the National Rifle Association, he backs off. Clearly, he is beholden to that organization for donations.

Many agencies report that Russia has meddled and will continue to meddle in our elections, yet the president defends Russia and takes no action to stop the meddling. He must have lucrative business dealings pending there.

If we are ever going to rid ourselves of the stranglehold of big money adversely affecting political decisions for ordinary Americans, we must get the big-donor money out of politics, move to a system with a very short campaign period, and provide an equal amount of public money for each candidate with no private money allowed.