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November 18, 2018

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Republicans are afraid of voters

The Republican Party and President Donald Trump say voter fraud is rampant in America. They’re correct. The voter fraud is by the Republicans.

In red states with Republican administrations, Democratic voters — particularly black and other minority voters, out-of-state college student voters and blue district voters — through gerrymandering, do find it difficult or impossible to vote.

In red states with Republican administrations controlling everything including voting, suppression tactics include purging voter roles, creating new rules to turn away voters at the polls and moving polling places miles away from any public transportation. In blue districts, signs are posted to warn of conviction for a voter fraud scare, early voting is limited, polling places are limited, voter registrations are canceled if any information is different from a previous registration, and polling places at university campuses are eliminated.

Illegal voting is virtually nonexistent in America. But in red states with Republican administrations, voter fraud is an art form. In 2020, the census is coming up, the presidential election is coming up and new districts will be drawn by the party in charge in each state.

It’s time for voters to take back our country. American history is watching.