Las Vegas Sun

April 21, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Changes in US can’t be stopped

As they have so often in the past, on election night 2018, Americans once again proved that when this country is endangered, they will vote to do the right thing.

Somehow, when the chips are down, Americans always come through. Democrats took back the House and will now control the committees that had gotten outrageously partisan and irrationally unfair. It is clear that President Donald Trump will no longer have a Congress that will blindly do his bidding.

Listening to the day-after pundits, almost every one missed the fact that the electorate in this country has and will continue to change in favor of Democrats. For proof of this, one need only look at what happened in Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Michigan, New Mexico, Illinois and Kansas.

More significantly, even in traditionally deep-red states where Democrats lost — such as Georgia, Florida and Texas — the tide is irreversibly turning toward Democrats, and there is nothing Trump and Republicans can do to stop it.

America is rapidly changing demographically and is becoming more diverse racially, ethnically and culturally. The birth rate for Americans of color is soaring and their median ages are much younger than for nonminorities. This means that voters of tomorrow and beyond are going to be the people Trump and his base have vilified and attempted to keep out of the voting booth.

In the end, they will surely fail and be defeated, and their hateful, divisive rhetoric and actions will be relegated to history’s dump heap.