Las Vegas Sun

July 19, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Trump will own this economy

Starting with the day he took office, President Donald Trump tried to take credit for the economy that was left to him by the Obama administration. That economy showed real and sustainable growth for the final six years of Barack Obama’s term in office. 

When it was Obama’s economy, Republicans were constantly negative, saying that the growth was just not fast enough.

Trump and Congressional Republicans passed a tax cut (not reform), stating that it would to do great things for growth and wages. That did not happen.

And now, Trump’s tariffs are coming home to roost. First, it was the bottom falling out of the American soybean market. Now, it is a 15,000-job cut in General Motors’ workforce. The closing of four GM plants will have real ripple effect in additional loss of jobs in associated industries.

Here it comes folks: increases in costs of goods to pay for the tariffs, rising interest costs to try to prevent inflation, and loss of jobs. Thank you , Mr. Trump.