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March 23, 2019

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Jonathan Davis returns to Las Vegas for a solo show at the House of Blues

Jonathan Davis


Jonathan Davis released his first solo studio album “Black Labyrinth” in May.

Any time he wasn’t touring or recording with metal outfit Korn, Jonathan Davis has always been working on his own music. In fact, one of the most popular tracks from the band’s most recent release, a song called “Take Me” on 2016’s “Serenity of Suffering,” was originally intended for Davis’ own album.

That solo debut finally arrived this year. Although it’s called “Black Labyrinth,” it’s a little less dark and a little more positive than the typical Korn output, and Davis’ solo tour behind his “new” music lands at the House of Blues on October 10.

“It’s been a very different experience because I started writing and recording the album 11 years ago. A lot of these songs sat in a computer for 10 years waiting to find a home, and when Korn took a break it was the right chance to release it to the world,” says the 47-year-old musician. “When I write I don’t think too much about it and I just wrote from the heart at the time at that’s how it came out. I didn’t do too much to them [for the release], just little touch-ups here and there. It’s pretty cool to listen to it 10 years later and feel like you can’t date it.”

Davis says his solo live show will have a different vibe from the aggressive, intense concerts of Korn. The band performed in Las Vegas just last month, at the Pearl at the Palms, as part of a limited tour to mark the 20th anniversary of landmark album “Follow the Leader.”

“It was awesome because we have such a long history with the Palms and also at the Hard Rock and other places in Vegas,” he says. “It’s just fun to come to Vegas and great to include it in that very special celebration, and very emotional for me to celebrate that record.”

He also linked up with longtime friend Criss Angel for another special Vegas project while he was in town. Angel is preparing a new magic spectacular to open at the Planet Hollywood Resort later this year and Davis offered up some music and filmed some visuals to add to the production.

“He’s been a dear friend for a long time and I actually helped him produce his ‘Mindfreak’ theme song back in the day,” Davis says. “I’ve watched him rise up to become one of the greatest magicians of all time and I just love the dude. When I came to town we got together and started to brainstorm and I definitely wanted to be involved in the new show.”

Jonathan Davis performs at 7 p.m. Wednesday, October 10 at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay and more information can be found at