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October 15, 2019

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A story all too common

Recent political issues concerning the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh has stirred memories of an excruciating physical assault on my person by two men.

The assault, which occurred in California at around the same time as Christine Blasey Ford’s alleged incident, left me with broken bones, unable to speak with a brain injury. The attack and the resultant injuries have caused me to suffer daily from PTSD and panic attacks.

Before the attack, I was a successful operatic and musical theater singer. I came to Las Vegas to perform in several shows, including those of Liberace. After the attack, I have not been able to perform professionally. I have worked at other jobs, primarily in the hotel industry.

Like Ford, I told only a few people about the incident, since I feared I might not be given employment. With expert guidance from my psychologist and psychiatrist, and the support of my loving husband, I am now able to have some degree of normalcy in my life.

The police thought I had fallen and dismissed my account, even though hospital and medical records told otherwise. Two years later, a judge concluded that the extent of my injuries could never have been caused by a fall. I was finally exonerated and finally believed. Hence, I was able to apply to the Victims of Violent Crimes program for some financial assistance to pay my medical bills.

Because of the severity of my PTSD, I am unable to be in crowds to protest or rally with other victims and survivors; however, my heart is with them; and I wish them to be heard and believed. Most of all, I encourage them to persevere even in the absence of corroborating witnesses or proper investigative procedures.