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March 20, 2019

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McCain was worth emulating

To the Youth of America:

Movie stars, athletes and singers catch your imagination. We have lost one of the greatest stars in our nation, Sen. John McCain or Arizona.

He wanted to be remembered as serving his nation with honor. This is Webster’s definition of honorable:

“adj. 1. worthy of being honored; specif. a) of, or having a position of, high rank or worth: used as a title of courtesy. b) nobel; illustrious. c) of good reputation; respectable. 2. having or showing a sense of right and wrong; upright. 3. bringing honor to the owner or doer; as honorable mention. 4. doing honor; worthy of respect: as, an honorable discharge.”

My hope is that you will excel to the station in life of honor, knowing right from wrong, being respectful and respected. In any station of life you choose to immerse yourself, do it honorably. Be upright.