Las Vegas Sun

September 24, 2018

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Letter to the editor:

Fight for liberty is never-ending

The Sept. 9 letter “Ballot box is the way to go” is correct that the tactic of impeachment is not a practical strategy to correct the current administration’s attack against democracy.Its comment about electing a Congress to correct the administration’s destructive policies and to fight and protect our democracy is right on — even the suggestion to vote in the 2020 election to elect “someone else as president.” 

However, the writer does not “conclude the matter,” as he says. If you seek democracy, it’s more than voting once or twice.

Preserving democracy and maintaining a republic is a continuous, informed endeavor by the voting public. History tells us that if one is not diligent and does not continue to participate, those in power will use the democratic process to destroy democracy. The result will be a dictator, king or autocracy.

Voters beware: Diligence and commitment are imperative because the fight for freedom and liberty is a lifelong process.