Las Vegas Sun

September 24, 2018

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Las Vegans are special people

My wife and I are reviving our 1967 Volkswagen bug. We took a ride from our house to Henderson on Sept. 8. As old cars do, it stalled out and we had trouble getting it started.

We were amazed at how many people stopped to help. Several people offered water, which we took. People helped us push the car safely to the side of the road (I welcomed three teenagers to the ’60s). When we realized that we could not get the old bug started, we used our AAA account.

As we waited an hour in the heat, people continued to stop and offer help, provide water and check to see if the old people were OK.

We were safe; and even though we were disappointed with the outcome of our ride, we arrived home with a renewed sense of the kindness of people in the Las Vegas Valley.

As we approach the tragic anniversary of the horrible shooting of Oct. 1, my wife and I can testify that people here are good and kind. We are indeed #VegasStrong as we witnessed a diverse host of people stop to help.

We thank the more than a dozen good Samaritans who offered to help us. We stand renewed to offer more help to the people we encounter.