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September 22, 2018

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Let’s put Trump to the test

Many claims by President Donald Trump seem to go unchallenged. He claimed he had one of the greatest electoral vote victories ever. But it was actually one of the worst, ranking 46th.

He claims to have one of the highest IQ’s of all the presidents. That’s bold, considering the likes of Woodrow Wilson, Ph.D., and president of Princeton University; John F. Kennedy, a Pulitzer Prize winner; Bill Clinton, a Rhodes Scholar; and other obviously brilliant presidents.

As is typical of him, Trump has not backed up his IQ claim, which would be easy to do. Mensa has offered to test him, but he has refused.

He could go on “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?” He would only have to answer 11 questions: two first-grade level, two second-grade level, and on through two fifth-grade level. If he answers all 11, Congress could vote to award him a certificate of “Official Smart Guy” that he can show off.

It would probably be one of the highest-rated shows in history. But when he flunks, he will have to say, “My name is Donald Trump and I am president of the United States, but I am not smarter than a fifth-grader.” Unless he complains that the questions were really sixth-grade level.