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April 19, 2019

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Democrats are too divided

“Trump wins in 2020”: As distasteful as this headline may be for many Americans, it is entirely within reason and more likely to occur than not. And here is why: The Democratic Party has no base — or as one might say, it has too many bases.

This inability to rally around a base could essentially lead to the re-election of President Donald Trump, whose base is cemented.

The “big tent” inclusive philosophy of the Democratic candidates only sets up free-fire targets for Trump and his re-election campaign to pick off, which further splinters voters.

No one I know can name one quarter of the Democratic candidates running, let alone their political philosophies. To make matters worse, the Fourth Estate will continue to shout out the differences amongst us, all the while magnifying the spin that the Trump White House creates in order to divide and conquer.

Make no mistake about it: This country is as divided as anytime since 1969, some could argue 1860. We are not coming together anytime soon and in the end, regardless of party, we may all suffer for that.