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May 25, 2019

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Echoes of WWII at the border

I am an American Jew. I am a veteran who served in the armed forces with pride. I believe that Israel is the true biblical home of the Jewish people and should be recognized as such. But first and foremost, I am an American.

I cannot understand how any Jew can support President Donald Trump. This month, several thousand Republican Jews went to the Venetian to rally for him. Those Jews have a short memory. History records that thousands upon thousands of Jews were turned away from this country during World War II. They were sent back to Nazi Germany to face a horrific death.

Now, the United States is turning away thousands of people who will face death if returned to the country they are fleeing. The Trump administration is painting these immigrants as though they were terrorists and criminals. What if they were Jews? Would those same Trump supporters still condone what is happening at the border? Why are these Republican Jews so callous towards these immigrants? All they are asking for is asylum from a lawless country. We could easily process them with more immigration judges to vet them and then get them to sponsors. Instead, we want to build a wall for them to die at. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.