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September 20, 2019

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Trump wants to divide America

Encouraging his supporters to chant “Lock her up!” and “Send her back!” shows how low President Donald Trump will go to divide this nation along racial lines in his effort to hang onto power.

Every day, he denies colluding with the Russians and obstructing justice. He claims the Mueller report exonerated him, when it says the exact opposite.

Within his circle of friends, appointees and members of his election committee are people sitting in jail for lying to Congress, concealing hush money payments, and perpetrating election and tax fraud. A number of his appointees have resigned in disgrace for things like working for a foreign government, physically assaulting a spouse, abusing the public trust over first-class air travel and giving a sweetheart deal to a sex trafficker of young girls.

Trump has lied thousands of times. At a recent rally, he took the Lord’s name in vain twice. He’s admitted to grabbing women in their private parts and kissing a woman on the mouth when her husband wasn’t looking.

He’s called for a Muslim ban and claimed there were “very fine people” in the white nationalist movement. America has been divided by his hateful speech and fear-mongering rhetoric.

America deserves better. It’s time to clean house of him, Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey and bungling Bill Barr. Let’s put this country back on a path to once again become the shining city on the hill that Ronald Reagan once envisioned us to be.