Las Vegas Sun

September 21, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

This is not how a president acts

Nerve, arrogance, gall, disrespect, chutzpah, egotism, impudence and audacity are a few of the terms used to describe characteristics of the present resident of the White House.

After the slaughter of 31 folks in Texas and Ohio, and with the problem of gun regulations up in the air, not to mention problems with China, Korea and Venezuela, plus the horrible sweep of immigrants and their families with no provision for the children, our so-called president left Washington, D.C., to go on vacation at his New Jersey golf club.

If that is not material for impeachment, we are really in trouble. Presidents do not have time to take off and leave serious issues to solve themselves. They do not instruct agents to go after immigrants without knowing who is here legally — and detain many who have worked here for more than 10 years while failing to penalize the employers who hired them.

How can the citizens of the United States sit back and allow this bigoted individual, who has no respect for the residents of the country and the principles of our Constitution, destroy the foundations of liberty with orders from the National Rifle Association and do nothing to stop him?

It will take many years to correct the wrong being perpetrated against us. When will we start?