Las Vegas Sun

September 17, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Respect each others’ views

On Aug. 3, my letter “Trump mentally unfit for office” was published by the Sun. Shortly thereafter, an individual sent me an unsigned postcard with no return address. The card displayed a stick-on picture of President Donald Trump and the American flag with a handwritten declaration that Trump was the greatest president in the history of America.

I have no problem with that person’s beliefs. The card also mentioned God three times, the strangest being that “God gave us Trump.” Now here is a topic open for debate. What God permits adultery? What God permits the separation of child from his or her mother? What God approves of constant lying?

I hope the writer’s God is not Vladimir Putin, the man who helped Trump win the Oval Office. Trump may be recognized by many as their president but I do not recognize him as mine, and my views should be respected as I must respect opposing views.

I suggest the writer of the postcard send letters to newspapers with his or her views for all to read, rather than just to me.