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April 21, 2019

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A wall won’t solve anything

The determination of the president to force a government shutdown over his decision to pursue an ancient remedy to the evolving problem of border security is further evidence of the petulant side of his personality.

Despite evidence to the contrary, President Donald Trump insists that the sole solution to our illegal immigration and illegal drug problem is a massive wall along our southern border.

Like the Maginot line, it will likely be seen as the solution, diverting attention from the need to address new challenges and developments.

The wall will likely lead to the abuse of eminent domain power, especially in poor border towns. It will damage the environment by altering natural water flows and animal migration patterns and be a boon to frauds and cheats during construction. Like much of our infrastructure, it will likely fall into disrepair.

Those seeking entry will resort to ancient techniques like tunnels and innovations as yet unimagined.

I wonder how migrants can be called shiftless and lazy after having trekked thousands of miles in search of a better life. This country was made great through providing opportunities to those willing to work hard and excel. Former Gov. and Sen. Paul Laxalt’s father was a sheepherder, according to Laxalt’s obituary.

The sons of inherited wealth, like the current president, imagine themselves great without either honest work or achievement. It is an indictment of our culture that celebrity is valued above all.