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August 18, 2019

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Trump’s racism stains our nation

President Donald Trump likes fast food. When was the last time he actually went to a fast-food restaurant? If he would look into the faces of those people who prepare the food and serve him, he would see that many of them are young people, and many of them speak Spanish.

Fruits and vegetables are probably not on his menu. But on the occasion that something healthy passes his lips, does he give any thought as to how it came to be in front of him? Anything he and we eat has to be harvested by someone.

Does the name Cesar Chavez ring a bell? In the fields, groves and orchards of the United States, there are migrant farm workers. Many families, children included, gather crops for American tables. These migrants are more often than not Spanish speaking. They come here for a better life — working long hours harvesting crops is better than what they left behind.

Trump tries to portray “brown” immigrants as murderers, dope dealers, the worst of the worse. There are unsavory people of every race in the United States.

For him to single out one particular race of people, considering some of his appointees to government positions, is the epitome of hypocrisy.

Trump is a detriment to the humanity of the United States.