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November 13, 2019

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Qualified dentist has no substitute

This legislative session, our lawmakers may consider a bill that would allow dental hygienists to essentially practice as dentists. Under this proposed legislation, hygienists would be allowed to perform irreversible procedures, like tooth extraction, as well as administer certain types of anesthetics. Both of these things can be complicated and even dangerous. Because safety is the No. 1 priority in any medical field, I am concerned about people without proper training and experience performing such procedures. As a dentist, I am especially worried about patients who live in rural parts of our state who are far away from emergency services should something go wrong. At its core, this is a public safety issue.

Dental hygienists are crucial members of any dentist’s team and I value their role. Everyone deserves the high level of care that only a dentist can provide, and that is why this legislation would not be in the best interest of Nevadans.