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October 13, 2019

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Clean energy helps families

Four generations of my family, including five great-grandchildren, live in Las Vegas — and many of us suffer from asthma.

The American Lung Association says Las Vegas has the 12th-worst air quality in the nation. This is detrimental to children, who often can’t participate in outdoor activities due to the poor air quality.

It is imperative that we transition toward cleaner energy sources and away from coal- and gas-burning power plants. We need to expedite this transition by increasing access to solar energy for small businesses, senior homes and renters.

In addition to the development of solar power plants, we should be taking advantage of pre-existing structures. Allowing communities to collect solar energy in their own neighborhoods would open green energy opportunities to entire communities that have never had access to them before.

My hope is that Nevada will lead the next generation of clean energy, so that our families may reap the benefits of solar energy, free from the pain and constraints of air pollution.