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August 24, 2019

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Minimum wage isn’t necessary

In response to the April 28 editorial “Steps must be taken to narrow the nation’s income gap,” senior citizens could use extra money but do not need the benefits. They have Medicare and other benefits from their various retirement plans. They only require enough money to make up the shortfall and could work for less than the current minimum wage; perhaps at $5 an hour.

Minors age 14-16 do not need minimum wage and benefits because they are living at home with their parents, assuming their parents are providing food, shelter and clothing.

Employers could hire more workers if they were not forced to pay a minimum wage. Let the market determine the wages, not the government. If employers cannot get help at a certain wage, then they need to increase that wage to the point where they can get adequate help. Employers need flexibility to run their business without government interference.