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September 17, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Grand bargain not so grand

Let’s look a bit harder at Review-Journal columnist Wayne Allyn Root’s calls on Sept. 5 for a grand bargain — universal background checks for gun sales versus federal government issued photo and fingerprint ID for every voter.

First of all, liberals have not been calling for gun licensure, simply background checks for public and private sales. We learned a long time ago that conservatives were too paranoid to ever go for gun licenses.

But let’s play Root’s game a bit further. Does he ever really believe that his fellow conservatives would ever allow the fingerprinting and photos needed for a national license of any kind?

The right to a gun is not God-given. That right was declared by a Supreme Court decision in 2008. Further, the reason why both gun purchases and automobile operation require controls is simply because they can both be used to maim and/or kill people. A vote never killed anyone.

Liberals are not “afraid” of voter ID because we believe undocumented immigrants are illegally voting. That is your assumption — an assumption you have never been able to demonstrate. Instead, we are against such IDs simply because this country has a significant history of roadblocks being put up to suppress the votes of blacks and other minorities. Most of us remember Jim Crow laws.

By the way, Mr. Root, we Americans will soon get those universal background checks on gun purchases, and no, you are not going to get your voter IDs nationwide.