Las Vegas Sun

October 19, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Letters draw disagreement

Two letters on Sept. 11 caught my eye.

The first was regarding Walmart’s plan to stop selling guns and ammunition (“Walmart’s move is cowardly.” The writer claims that the plan “defangs” the Second Amendment to the Constitution. It does no such thing — just as a store that chooses not to sell booze will not bring back Prohibition.

There are many places to purchase guns and ammunition.I know because I have enough of each to equip a small army.

The other letter complains about the Electoral College (“Time to end Electoral College.”)

Let me ask the writer: As a resident of Nevada, do you want 40 million residents of California making laws you should live under? I’m guessing not. The Electoral College was created by geniuses, something you are not, for that matter, neither am I.