Las Vegas Sun

July 25, 2021

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Letter to the editor:

Letter: Nevada treats wildlife poorly

Webster defines “refuge” as a place of “shelter or protection from danger or distress.”

A recent story about federal wildlife refuges in Southern Nevada missed a material issue: How can our wildlife find refuge in an area that allows hunting and trapping?

There are many alternatives for hunters and trappers beyond designated refuges. Yet there are 12 state wildlife management areas covering over 120,000 acres where hunting and trapping are allowed.

In addition, 370 federal wildlife refuges allow hunting and trapping nationwide.


• mass state contract killing of wildlife through the Federal Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) program;

• 96-hour trap inspection intervals that leave endangered and non-target species to die miserable, painful deaths;

• recurring wild horse roundups, imprisonment and sale to slaughterhouses;

• wildlife-killing contests emphasizing mass killing and destabilization of species.

Nevada has a horrendous track record in terms of its treatment of wildlife.

Since wildlife species can’t vote, lobby or contribute to political campaigns, their best interests are summarily dismissed in favor of their killers — not exactly a sporting proposition.

Nevadans need to change these backward ways of treating our wildlife by protecting and respecting the pivotal role they play in human life on earth. Let your officials know you care about protecting wildlife.