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September 23, 2021

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There’s no reason to trap anymore

I agree with Tessa Archibald’s Aug. 9 guest column, “Trapping has no place in a stressed-out ecosystem,” but I would add that it has no place anywhere, anytime.

Trapping live animals with steel leg-hold traps is so barbaric and so archaic that it boggles my mind that it still takes place anywhere at all. It is beyond cruel and inhumane.

Animals are held in extreme pain with no water or food for days at a time. We also now have faux furs that are almost as luxurious as real fur, and also cheaper to buy.

I just can’t imagine what would make a person do that to animals just for a little bit of money. I have heard people say “it is an outdoor tradition.” Burning witches at the stake used to be a “tradition” as well.