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CineVegas 2009

CineVegas hiatus another grim economic indicator
CineVegas hiatus another grim economic indicator
Oct. 6, 2009
The first leaf fell last year. The branches seemed almost bare when, last week, the CineVegas International Film Festival announced it will be sitting out what would have been its 12th year. It’s clear that the chilling villain is the economic downturn, which has brought a blight to the Las Vegas landscape.


Robin Williams in World's Greatest Dad.
'World's Greatest Dad' long but funny along the way
June 15, 2009
Comedian-turned-filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait may seem like a depraved sicko, what with his movies about bestiality (2006’s Sleeping Dogs Lie) and selfishly capitalizing on a loved one’s death (CineVegas selection World’s Greatest Dad), but if you get past the synopses and actually watch his films, you’ll discover that the guy’s clearly a softie at heart.
Las Vegas abuzz with celebrities, including Willem Dafoe, Terrell Owens
June 15, 2009
There was no shortage of celebrity sightings in Las Vegas this weekend as actors, athletes, and a range of other stars shined across the city.


Willem Defoe was honored Sunday during the CineVegas 2009 Honorees reception at Rain nightclub at The Palms Hotel and Casino.
Willem Dafoe makes first visit to Las Vegas
June 15, 2009
Willem Dafoe has had plenty of opportunities to come to Las Vegas over the years but nothing ever convinced the actor to visit the city - until Sunday night.
John Voight poses for pictures Sunday during the CineVegas 2009 Honorees reception red carpet at Rain nightclub at The Palms Hotel and Casino.
Jon Voight continues criticism of Obama, Democrats
June 15, 2009
Jon Voight may have come to CineVegas last night to accept an award but that didn’t stop the outspoken actor from sharing some of his partisan political views on the red carpet.


Willem Defoe poses for pictures Sunday during the CineVegas 2009 Honorees reception on the red carpet at Rain nightclub at The Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
CineVegas celebrates with awards ceremony
June 14, 2009
After five days of popcorn, celebrities and independent films, the 11th annual CineVegas Film Festival celebrated the best of the best Sunday in an awards ceremony at Rain Nightclub at the Palms.
From letters to sketches, 'Found' is a great find
June 14, 2009
“Sometimes, you just find the eighth page of a letter and you wonder what happened to the other seven pages,” says Davy Rothbart drawing a battered sheet of paper from a stack of documents.
"Thor at the Bus Stop," a film by local filmmakers Mike and Jerry Thompson, is about how the mythical Thor spends his last day alive.
'Thor at the Bus Stop' a film in magic realism
June 14, 2009
Local filmmaking brothers Jerry and Mike Thompson turn in a winning, whimsical film for their feature debut, a mélange of quirky stories that represent a side of Vegas rarely seen in films. "Thor at the Bus Stop," expanded from a pair of Thompson short films, interweaves various stories catalyzed by the title character, whose angst over being the unsung savior of the world sets off a string of random lightning strikes.
Excuse me, I'm looking for my teeth and pupils.
'The Revenant' longer than it should be
June 14, 2009
One thing that scrappy little genre B-movies should never be is over two hours long; Kerry Prior’s horror-comedy "The Revenant" just barely passes the two-hour mark, but it’s a good 20-30 minutes longer than it ought to be.
A Houston couple, Richard Spiller, 25, and Ashley Matthews, 21, were married Saturday afternoon on the CineVegas red carpet as one of the promotions for the film "Asylum Seekers" at the Palms in Las Vegas.  The bridal party consisted of five members of the Sin City Bad Girls, four Chippendales dancers and an Elvis impersonator as the best man.
'Asylum Seekers' film gets noticed with nuptials
June 14, 2009
With so many films on the 2009 CineVegas docket, choosing which films to go and see can be a daunting task. Meanwhile, the competition between films to attract audiences can be tough, too.
"Sea of Darkness," a documentary about how a group of surfers try to maintain their free lifestyle, but do so by slipping outside the law, is one of the films being shown at CineVegas 2009 in Las Vegas.
Filmmaker indicates real tale even darker than 'Darkness'
June 13, 2009
It’s virtually impossible not to think of Joseph Conrad’s "Heart of Darkness" while watching "Sea of Darkness," a CineVegas documentary that chronicles the lives and demise of members of the 1970s’ elite surfer community.
500 Days of Summer.
'(500) Days of Summer' is just another love story
June 13, 2009
Although it puts on a front of being the antidote to quirky indie romantic comedies, the deceptively conventional "(500) Days of Summer" is actually just as sentimental and optimistic as the movies it purports to refute.
The Square
Solid performances keep 'The Square' grounded
June 12, 2009
It treads a pretty well-worn path, but the noirish Australian thriller "The Square" hit its crime-story beats so well that the familiarity is more an asset than a liability.
Forget a puppy this Christmas. In Japan, insects are common pets.
'Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo' disappointing
June 12, 2009
The title promises a much livelier, more irreverent take on the material, but the documentary "Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo" is a disappointingly tedious slog through a seemingly fascinating subject.
"The Girls Next Door" reality television star Holly Madison was among those who walked the red carpet  at the CineVegas film festival's premiere of "Saint John of Las Vegas" Wednesday night at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.
Stars align for CineVegas
June 11, 2009
While the celebrities might not be exactly lining up for this year’s CineVegas film festival, Las Vegas’ miniature version of Sundance is attracting a decent number of stars both big and small.