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Sun publisher Hank Greenspun.
Where I Stand
Saturday, July 1, 1950
Today, Saturday, July 1, is a memorable day for the entire staff of the old Free Press and now - The Morning Sun.


Binion's Horseshoe owner Bennie Binion is shown in this March 1978 photo. Binion's is the first downtown casino to have carpeted floors, free drinks for all players and limo service to and from the airport.
City Defers Horseshoe Club License
Thursday, August 2, 1951
Application by Dr. Monte Bernstein for a gambling license to reopen the former Eldorado Club was stalled for an indefinite period by city commissioners last night in a heated session with the prominent doctor, during which city officials inferentially challenged his ability as a gambling club operator.
Horseshoe Club, Lavish Downtown Casino Opens Today
Gala Ribbon Cutting Rite Set at 11 A.M.
Tuesday, August 14, 1951
Heralded to be one of the most lavish casinos in the downtown area, the new Horseshoe opens its doors today to expectant throngs. The long-awaited time for snipping of ribbon across the club's glass portals takes place at 11 a.m. this morning. Crowds expected will be treated to something entirely new for a Fremont Street entertainment center.
Sammy Cohen Opens In New Horseshoe Club
Tuesday, August 14, 1951
Sammy Cohen, veteran Las Vegas sportsman, is the bossman of the new Horseshoe race book, which opens amid a gala celebration on Second and Fremont Streets.


Vegans Advised To Take Precautions Against Shock Wave
Tuesday, April 22, 1952
Watch those plate glass windows!
Weatherman Gives 'Green Light' For Observer Project
Tuesday, April 22, 1952
The weatherman flashed a green light last night for this morning's atomic explosion--the highest and possibly the biggest ever set off inside the United States. A four-engined Air Force B-50 bomber flying at an altitude of approximately 30,000 feet is scheduled to drop the king-sized A-bomb over Yucca Flat, a site of 14 previous nuclear detonations, at 9:30 a.m.
Photographers and reporters gather near Frenchman Flat to observe the Priscilla nuclear test, June 24, 1957. During the 1950s, the spectacle of nuclear testing attracted curious members of the public from all over the country, including media members and military personnel. Las Vegas capitalized on the test site's close proximity with beauty pageants, special events and bomb-viewing vacation packages.
TV audience views atomic bomb test for first time
Tuesday, April 22, 1952
YUCCA FLAT (UPI) -- Hell burst from the skies over Yucca Flat this morning as America's latest model atom bomb exploded with enough force to devastate much of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or any other big city.
Leathernecks Prepare To Better Record of Army
Wednesday, April 23, 1952
A combat Marine assault team, preparing for specialized action in the next secret atomic test, possibly next Tuesday, are expected to penetrate deeper into an atom blast zone, than did Army troops in yesterday's spectacular field maneuvers.
The Sahara's 14-story tower rises out of the desert as guests lounge around the pool in this 1960s photo. Real estate developer Del Webb bought the property from Milton Prell in 1961 and orchestrated a $100 million merger between his construction company and the California-Sahara Corp., creating the first publicly traded company to own casinos.
Beautiful Sahara is Jewel out of fairyland
Covers 20 Acres On Vegas Strip
Tuesday, October 7, 1952
With the completion of the new five million dollar Hotel Sahara, Milton Prell has added another "jewel of the desert" to the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. Inspiration has been taken from many exotic cultures fringing the African Sahara desert to create in Las Vegas an oasis of modern luxury and comfort.
Ornate and entertaining: Spectacular Sahara opens
Wednesday, October 8, 1952
Ray Bolger walked out on the stage at the Sahara Hotel last night and said: "A few years ago, nothing but desert, all of the sudden, bingo." Ray’s description of the Sahara “first night,” is typical of all the openings of the Strip hotels. Tommy Hull was at the ringside in the party with Gus Greenbaum. I can imagine the thoughts which must have gone through Tommy’s head as he watched the unveiling of Las Vegas' newest and most beautiful hotel.
Hank Greenspun confronts Sen. Joseph McCarthy during a Republican rally at the War Memorial Building in Las Vegas in October 1952. McCarthy unintentionally calls Greenspun an ex-communist during the rally-- meaning to call him an ex-convict because of Greenspun's violation of the Neutrality Act by running arms to Israel. McCarthy exits the stage as Greenspun shouts, "Show me your proof." The quote becomes the rallying cry of McCarthy's foes.
McCarthy Loses Face In Verbal Fire
Walks Out, Refuses To Debate As Greenspun Answers 'Vicious Lies'
Tuesday, October 14, 1952
What was perhaps the most drama-packed and best-attended political meeting ever held in Nevada broke up in a scene of bedlam last night last night at War Memorial hall after the audience had listened to Sen. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, who had purportedly come here to speak in behalf of Sen. George W. Malone, now seeking re-election.
Milton Prell Top New Man At Beautiful New Hotel
Monday, October 27, 1952
It isn't often that a man can say with honest conviction that he has seen a dream come true. but Milton Prell, executive manager of the sumptuous Sahara, recently made that statement.
Cars line the Las Vegas Strip in front of the Sand Casino in this 1950s photo. The Sands opened on Dec. 15, 1952 and was the seventh casino to open on the Strip. The Sands was most famous as the home of the Rat Pack, and its Copa Room hosted many legendary performances. The hotel was imploded on Nov. 16, 1996 to make way for the Venetian Hotel.
Gala Sands Opening Tonight
Monday, December 15, 1952
The Sands is overwhelming in its architectural design, distinctly different in overall conception, yet warm and inviting - destined to become the most talked about hotel in the Western Hemisphere.


Las Vegas Race Track before it was demolished to make way for the Las Vegas Convention Center and International Hotel. June 1958.
Stables Plan Center Operations in Vegas
Friday, September 4, 1953
This desert resort town promises to become one of the nation's major horse racing and breeding centers as many owners and trainers pouring into the new Las Vegas Park race track for the September 4 opening state that they inted to keep their stables here the year around.
8200 Attend Jockey Club Inaugural
Track Customers Wager $252,663 on 9-Race Card
Saturday, September 5, 1953
Horse racing had an unsensational Las Vegas beginning yesterday with 8200 paid customers wagering $252,663 on the fine race card.


Senator Collapses After Speaking to Hawthorne Demo
Wednesday, September 29, 1954
Pat McCarran is dead.
15 Girls, Patrons View Bold Looting
Monday, November 22, 1954
Two masked gunmen made a daring raid on Roxie's house of prostitution last night and escaped in a shiny, late model car with a haul estimated in four figures.


Colorful hotel history
New Frontier 'out of this world'
Monday, April 4, 1955
The history of the Last Frontier Hotel is a rich and colorful one and certainly worth pausing to consider, as we witness the changing of its name to the New Frontier and to be known as 'Out of This World.'
Nearly Finished Resort Hotel Damaged By Fire
Five Fires Keep Dept. Scurrying
Thursday, April 7, 1955
A spectacular fire that inflicted heavy damage on one wing of the $2.5 million Moulin Rouge hotel, 900 West Bonanza, yesterday climaxed the Las Vegas Fire department's busiest day in history. Fireman answered five calls within 12 hours from early morning to mid-afternoon. Another fire completely destroyed a used furniture store at 830 S. Main street.
Towering Hotel Riviera Gala Opening Tonight
Wednesday, April 20, 1955
Creating a new skyline for the resort hotel Strip the Las Vegas Riviera with its nine stories rising high above other hotel structures opens with gala ceremonies tonight.
The Liberace Show to Open New Riviera
Wednesday, April 20, 1955
For the premeire program in the Theatre Restaurant of the resplendent Riviera, "A New High in the Las Vegas Sky," producer-director, Hal Belfner, brings a new high in entertainment to Las Vegas with The Liberace Show, the first in a series of typical Broadway musical comedy reviews, starring Liberace, and featuring George Liberace and his 23-piece orchestra.
It All Began 50 Years Ago
Sunday, May 15, 1955
Las Vegas is observing its 50th birthday today.The transformation from a tent town to a billion dollar mecca is the Las Vegas Story that has been etched during a phenomenal half-century.It was on May 15, 1905, that some 3000 hearty pioneers gave birth to Las Vegas.
Mark lavish Dunes hotel opening today
'Desert Miracle' dwarfs Arabian nights splendor
Monday, May 23, 1955
Modern in form, with cool, clean exterior lines, Las Vegas' newest luxury hotel, the Dunes, has employed some of America's leading designers to transform its interior into a 20th Century version of the legendary Baghdad of the Arabian Nights, and the atmosphere of the Thousand and One Nights, with its lush and lovely fairy tale quality, has been recreated at the Dunes.
Landscaping Of 85 Acres Makes Colorful Oasis
Monday, May 23, 1955
Eighty-five desert acres are being turned into a cool and colorful area of spacious lawns and arrangements of native and imported trees, transforming the Dunes into a spectacular oasis in the Nevada desert.


Fremont Hotel Has Gala Opening Ceremony Today
Friday, May 18, 1956
A formal opening ceremony will mark the opening of the Hotel Fremont at 12 a.m today with City Manager A.H. Kenned cutting the ribbon at the welcoming festivities.
World's First Supersonic Aerobatic Team At Nellis
'Thunderbirds' in F-100's:
Sunday, June 3, 1956
Nellis authorities yesterday confirmed a report that the famed Thunderbird flying team is on its way to the nearby base to form the world's first supersonic aerobatic squad.
New Silver Palace Opens
Friday, June 8, 1956
The new Silver Palace will be casting an even brighter glow at the First and Fremont location tonight for the grand opening of the ultra modern, million and a half dollar club.
Specialists Hired To Plan $5 Million Expansion of McCarran Field Airport
Friday, June 8, 1956
A South Bend, Ind., firm specializing in airport design and planning has been retained by the Clark County Commissioners to make a study of the proposed $5 million expansion program of McCarran Field.
New Hotel Not Waiting For Convention Hall To Be Built
Monday, June 11, 1956
The fear of opening any more new Strip resort hotels patterned after those that failed last year has caused at least one operation to be completely revamped in order to have a better chance at survival.
Contain Fire In Landmark To 2nd Flr.
Monday, November 26, 1956
A $200,000 blaze of unknown origin swept through the second floor of the Boulder Club early last night and thousands of Las Vegans lined Fremont Street to witness scores of gallant Las Vegas firemen save the city's oldest gambling establishment from complete destruction.


Arrest Hank Greenspun, McNinch For Blackmail
Tuesday, January 22, 1957
Dist. Judge John Sexton yesterday made good his fiery threat to bring blackmail charges against the Las Vegas SUN as Publisher Hank Greenspun and investigator Wilbur R. McNinch were jailed by sheriff's deputies.
Regal Tropicana Prevues on Strip Today
Vegans Invited On Gala Tour Of Beauteous Hotel
Wednesday, April 3, 1957
The prevue opening of the mighty Tropicana takes place this morning with all Las Vegans and visitors invited to view the regally beautiful resort hotel, the most ambitious on the colorful strip.
$15 Million Tropicana Hotel Opens Today
Lavish 300-Room Strip Layout
Wednesday, April 3, 1957
From the colorful, mosaic-tiled entrance through spacious guest rooms, this fantastically beautiful resort hotel combines lush luxury, extremely good taste, warmth, intimacy and functional efficiency. Billed to be famous the day it opened, the palatial Y-shaped Tropicana brings lush, tropical beauty to its desert site about one mile north of the airport on the Los Angeles highway.
Spectacle opens lavish Tropicana
Thursday, April 4, 1957
Tropicana producer Monte Proser, who had promised to unveil the most spectacular revue ever to hit Las Vegas, did just that last night with his opening night show in the lavish Theatre – Restaurant of the resort hotel.


Stardust Hotel Fireworks Cap Dazzling Show
Thursday, July 3, 1958
A fabulous display of fireworks marked the grand finale of the Le Lido de Paris production of "C'est Magnifique" which opened last night in the plush Cafe Continental show room of the new multi-million-dollar Stardust Hotel.
Gala Stardust Hotel Opening Today
Set Spectacular Fanfare For Largest Resort Hotel
Thursday, July 3, 1958
The Stardust, 1065 room resort hotel located in the very center of the famed Strip in Las Vegas, opens at high noon today with all the spectacular fanfare befitting the largest resort hotel in the world.
Phil Long New Casino Boss of Tropicana
Monday, August 18, 1958
In a surprise move late last night, Phil Long, owner of the California Club, was appointed operating manager of the Tropicana Hotel casino. The announcement was made by J. Kell Houssels. Sr., who assumed temporary direction of the casino yesterday after the former casino boss closed down the operation for eight hours in an "unprecedented and unauthorized" move.


'Hot Check' Pair Arrested Here
Thursday, December 31, 1959
Alert city police yesterday afternoon nabbed two "hot check artists" who also were wanted for parole violation in Kansas.
Mint, Horseshoe Clubs to Occupy Entire City Block
Thursday, December 31, 1959
Downtown sages look to 1960 as a big, booming, bustling year for Fremont Street - especially for the north side of the Main Stem, between First and Second Streets, which is about to be carved up between the gambling barons who operate the Horseshoe and Mint Clubs.


Certain Job Led to Killing
Tuesday, March 1, 1960
Indications that the murder of Las Vegas' Senior Building Inspector Reed Walker stemmed from building code violations he was about to report - or had already reported - mounted yesterday in data from reliable sources in city hall.
Sawyer Hails Decision
Saturday, March 26, 1960
Lifting of Las Vegas' racial barrier passed its first test yesterday with flying colors as officials of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People reported that Negroes had been accepted very well in various downtown and Strip establishments they patronized.
Give them what they want
Saturday, April 2, 1960
Las Vegas is busting out all over. Newspapers over the country are presently carrying front page pictures of an "All American" girl hired by the Sahara Hotel to firm up their new show policy.
Ad seeking showgirls causes quite a stir
Friday, April 29, 1960
The numbers game! I am not a student of numerology but I don know that numbers play an important part in life.
Study Ways To Reopen Resort
Saturday, June 18, 1960
Striving to save the jobs of 400 workers at his fire-swept El Rancho Vegas and turn a devastating ruin into a workable economic operation owner Beldon Katleman, is considering plans to erect a huge air-conditioned tent on the Strip opposite his present operation and move his gambling showroom there in a carnival-type atmosphere that will enable him to keep operating.


Power Lineman Killed in Storm Aftermath; $1/2 Million in Damage
Monday, September 18, 1961
A 25-year-old Nevada Power Co. lineman was electrocuted yesterday as an aftermath of the sudden, freak storm that ravaged the Las Vegas area Saturday night and caused the near-death of another power company man.
Searchers Find 3 Bodies in Swollen Stream
Tuesday, September 19, 1961
Sheriff Ralph Lamb last night was organizing a search posse for seven Salt Lake City Boy Scouts missing and believed drowned in the Virgin River after the bodies of three other youths had been recovered in the flood-swollen stream about 185 miles north of Las Vegas.


Sahara next to seek its name on a road
Thursday, November 15, 1962
In yesterday’s column, we did attempt to outline some of the major road changes in the county for the past 10 years. Hotels with some degree of influence have succeeded in being honored by having major roads named after their establishments.


Flames Gut Headquarters Of Newspaper
Thursday, November 21, 1963
A raging pre-dawn fire that sent smoke billowing high over the city gutted the main building of the Las Vegas SUN newspaper yesterday, causing damage close to $1.5 million.
Where I Stand
Thursday, November 21, 1963
Well boss, I guess you had better come home.
Youth Forum Still Set Despite Damage to SUN
Thursday, November 21, 1963
"The show must go on." That was the word of SUN Youth Forum coordinators Harvey Dondero and Ruthe Deskin after damage from the SUN fire was surveyed.
City Tells of 'Loss' Following SUN's Fire
Thursday, November 21, 1963
The Las Vegas SUN was destroyed by fire yesterday morning and the loss was felt by many Las Vegans and residents of Clark County. Many local residents were interview on the streets, in offices and in homes and all felt that the SUN's destruction was the city's loss.
News Staff Reactions Vary
Thursday, November 21, 1963
"There's another day tomorrow." This is an old saying as sound in newspaper publishing as it is in Ireland where it originated. So the SUN staff's second reaction to the total loss of their publishing and printing plant yesterday was "How do we get out the paper?"


Sawyer Lauds Local Campus At Graduation
Thursday, June 4, 1964
Gov. Grant Sawyer, addressing the first graduating class at Nevada Southern yesterday, said the university's growth here has has disproved "the prophets of doom" and he predicted it would become "one of the outstanding educational centers of the great Southwest."
Admits Casino Holdup
Thursday, June 25, 1964
A 25-year-old man accused of conspiring to rob the El Cortez casino of $38,000 yesterday pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year in the county jail.
Heroes Here in Concert
Friday, August 21, 1964
An estimated throng of 11,000 frantic teenagers and elders jammed the Convention Center yesterday afternoon as the nation's favorites — The Beatles — made a public appearance in an hour-long concert.
Fire? So What, They Said
Wednesday, August 26, 1964
There was a different kind of panic at the Sahara Hotel fire yesterday, the kind that sets in when you're about to leave behind a nickel.
'Hottest Casino' Open For Business on Strip
Thursday, August 27, 1964
The Sahara Hotel has bounced back from a mid-day fire Tuesday that closed entertainment and gambling for one night with a tongue-in-cheek marque inviting. "Visit The Hottest Casino In Town."


This is Spring? More Rain in Forecast
Tuesday, April 13, 1965
The current storm, that gathered momentum Sunday, had dropped .97 of an inch of rain on the by midafternoon Monday, raising the months total to 3.67 inches. Normal to late (end of April) is 1.55 inches.


Aladdin Rolls Out Red Carpet Tonight
Prell 'Returns Home':
Thursday, March 31, 1966
Aladdin's lamp glows tonight at midnight! Ribbon-cutting festivities opening Milton Prell's new Aladdin take place at the hotel's casino entrance at the stroke of twelve to usher in the first major Strip resort with gaming in nine years. On hand for the opening will be a host of local and state officials and dignitaries, along with Hollywood personalities to mark the return of Prell to Las Vegas.
Opening Night of Caesars Palace
Friday, August 5, 1966
It's party time tonight in the best Roman tradition when the massive $25 million Caesars Palace, the newest hotel on the Strip, throws wide its doors for its grand opening celebration.
Nationwide 'Awe' for Caesar
Sunday, August 7, 1966
Top name personalities from across the nation flew into town this weekend to make the grand opening of one of the largest gambling resorts to be constructed on the Las Vegas Strip in 10 years--Caesars Palace.


Presley, Brunette Beauty in Surprise Vegas Wedding
Tuesday, May 2, 1967
Elvis Presley, 32, reportedly the highest salaried entertainer in the world, married Priscilla Anne Beaulieu, 21, Monday morning at Milton Prell's Aladdin Hotel.
Bombing Suspects Return to Vegas
Saturday, June 3, 1967
Three men arrested in connection with the $75,000 Sahara Hotel bomb extortion plot were returned in Las Vega Friday night from two Southern California sheriff’s officers by Clark County Sheriff’s Detectives.
Knievel Getting 'Little Edgy' For Big Jump
Sunday, December 31, 1967
Evel Knievel, the daring young man on the flying motorcycle, yesterday admitted he was getting "a little edgy" as the hour neared for his attempt to jump a 650cc Triumph bike over the Roman fountains at Caesars Palace.


Faulty Landing Ruins Exhibition
Monday, January 1, 1968
Stuntman Evel Knievel, 29, made a flight of about 150 feet over the fountains of Caesars Palace here yesterday, but he failed the acid test of the aviator. His landing wasn't one he could walk away from.
Million Dollar Fire Belts Hotel Sahara
Sunday, July 21, 1968
A fire that started on the roof of the Hotel Sahara's casino early yesterday afternoon sent gamblers out into the street and caused an estimated $1 million in damage before it was stopped. Damage was the main casino, the hotel's executive offices, coffee shop lounge and showroom. Hundreds were evacuated from these areas, plus more from the new casino addition, which escaped damage.
$15 Million Circus Circus Opens Tonight
Friday, October 18, 1968
Circus Circus, the world’s largest combined casino and amusement center, opens to the public at 10 o’clock tonight following several ours of ceremonial hoopla and star-studded glitter. Located across the Strip from the Riviera Hotel, Circus Circus is built like a giant circus big-top 90 feet tall. It is fronted by an acre of water fountains shooting colored plumes four stories high.
Circus Sets Record At LV Opening
Saturday, October 19, 1968
Upwards of 10,000 Las Vegas and out-of-town guests ushered in what may become a new medium in casinos last night when the first "family-style" casino opened.


Bramlet calls Strip strike
Union vote blank check to leaders: Three Hotels Will Feel First Pinch; Others Late Today
Wednesday, March 11, 1970
Three major gambling resorts on the Las Vegas Strip were picketed shortly after midnight Wednesday and within 24 hours union leaders say 15 of the major resorts will be closed due to a massive walkout of the Culinary and Bartenders unions.


Presley Returns To Hilton Today
Monday, August 9, 1971
Elvis Presley, recently named "Entertainer of the Decade" by a major publication and whose specialty seems to be breaking all-time attendance records wherever he appears, returns tonight to the scene of his original stage triumphs, the Las Vegas Hilton, to open another four-week run.


70 Stars to Take Part In Telethon
Thursday, August 2, 1973
More than 70 television and movie stars were scheduled to arrive in Las Vegas Sunday morning to take part in the nationally televised Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.


4 sex parlors closed down
Tuesday, June 24, 1975
The city moved swiftly yesterday with a new strategy to shut down businesses, closing a bathhouse, an adult theater and the only two remaining massage parlors for violations of fire and building codes.
Flood Victims Found Dead
Saturday, July 5, 1975
Bodies of two men swept away by raging flood waters were found yesterday. Weather forecasters said there was a strong possibility of more rains and flooding through the weekend.


Inventor, Pilot, Recluse - Hughes
Tuesday, April 6, 1976
"Who's Who" said it succinctly about Howard R. Hughes, late of Las Vegas.
Hughes Vs. Maheu
Big Buying Spree Led To Battles
Tuesday, April 6, 1976
In 10 years billionaire Howard Hughes created a multi-million dollar land and gambling empire in Nevada that could rival the dazzle of gold and silver taken from the Comstock Lode.
Hughes' death leaves puzzle
Tuesday, April 6, 1976
Howard Hughes, one-time playboy pilot who became a recluse billionaire, died Monday in an airplane hurrying him from Acapulco to Houston for medical treatment, Methodist Hospital announced.
Hughes' Interment In Houston
Wednesday, April 28, 1976
Howard R. Hughes will be buried alongside his mother and father in a tree-lined, century-old cemetery that lies in the shadows of downtown Houston.
Argent Probe Widens
Ex-Slot Boss Subpoenaed
Thursday, July 1, 1976
State gaming officials have launched an audit to determine if money was embezzled from slot machine revenue at hotels owned by Allen Glick's Argent Corp., it was confirmed Wednesday.


Lamb Used Dirty tricks: Morgan
Tuesday, July 26, 1977
Sheriff Ralph Lamb broke into Earl Morgan's campaign headquarters in 1974, tapped his phone and smeared him in the press, Morgan testified in federal court Monday
Elvis' death shocks LV
Wednesday, August 17, 1977
Elvis Presley collapsed and died at his home in Memphis, Tenn. Tuesday and the tragedy sent a rippling shock through Las Vegas where he made his show business comeback and attained a popularity peak from which he never descended.
Alan Continues Tribute to Elvis
Wednesday, August 17, 1977
Alan Meyer, 29, who simply goes by Alan, shares co-star billing at the Tropicana Hotel with his successful and crowd-packing show call "Alan Sings A Tribute to Elvis."
LV Remembers'King Of Rock'
'There will never be another Elvis'
Wednesday, August 17, 1977
"Elvis! Dead?" The shock reaction set in. Deep and swift. Across the land but never felt more shockingly than in Las Vegas, the town where superstars are common but he was a galaxy all by himself.


Nevada Probes Spilotro For Gaming 'Blackbook'
Monday, June 26, 1978
CARSON CITY -- Tony Spilotro, reputed to be the watchdog for the underworld's money in Las Vegas, may soon be a candidate for Nevada's "Black Book," which would bar him from gambling casinos.
Nevada Train Derailment Sends Poisonous Fumes Into Caliente
Monday, July 3, 1978
CALIENTE-Clouds of highly flammablefumes engulfed this railroad town when a Union Pacific train derailed and a tanker car full of yellow phosphorous ruptured and burst into flames Sunday.
Hughes Doctor, Aide Plead No Contest In Drug Case
Tuesday, September 12, 1978
A personal physician and a long-time aide of the late Howard Hughes pleaded no contest to federal drug conspiracy charges Monday in U.S. District Court.
Weight Clinics Raided
Monday, November 6, 1978
Nevada State Narcotic Division agents and special investigators from Las Vegas City Attorney’s office yesterday raided two weight control clinics and seized numerous pills and assorted narcotic paraphernalia.


Snow Smothers Vegas
Thursday, February 1, 1979
One of the worst snowstorms in Las Vegas history smothered the valley Wednesday, closing schools and McCarran International Airport, forcing power lines and causing more than 150 traffic accidents.
County's Schools Closed
Thursday, February 1, 1979
Clark County students can sleep late Thursday as unusually icy roads, freezing temperature and piled up snowflakes forced the closing of 107 public schools and UNLV.
LV Becoming Paradise For Many Jaywalkers
'Crime' In The Streets:
Sunday, April 15, 1979
Crime is running rampant in the street! But sometimes it's more of a slow walk. In either case, it would appear that Las Vegas has become an international paradise for jaywalkers.
FBI Affidavits Link Agosto, KC Mob
Wednesday, May 23, 1979
FBI affidavits released Tuesday by U.S. District Court Judge Harry Claiborne alleged proof of hidden ownership, fraud in the sale of securities, racketeering, distribution of funds gained by illegal activity and conspiracy on the part of Tropicana Hotel and Casino showroom producer Joseph Agosto and top figures in Kansas City organized crime.
Hail Nuclear Task Force
'We've Been Given Top Priority':
Saturday, July 28, 1979
Attorneys and residents of Nevada, Arizona and Utah who have asked for compensation for cancers they allege were caused by atmospheric atomic tests at the Nevada Test Site Friday hailed President Carter's decision to establish a high-level task force aimed at developing a fair system to compensate fallout victims.
LV Cabbies Refuse To Boycott Airport
Saturday, September 1, 1979
Hundreds of Las Vegas cab drivers, facing threats of losing their jobs, refused to honor a boycott at McCarran International Airport Friding, causing few delays in passenger pickup service.


Daring teens save tots from fire
Broken leg does not deter rescuer
Thursday, May 29, 1980
Three Las Vegas youths came to the rescue of two small children Wednesday after a gasoline explosion, touched off by a water heater igniting fumes from a gas can, engulfed a garage in flames.
Distraught guests look on as fire engulfs the MGM hotel, Nov. 21, 1980. The fire alarm of the MGM could only be activated manually and there were no alarms located near the casino, which was where the blaze started. Guests learned of the fire either by witnessing the smoke or through word of mouth.
Raging Fire Traps Guests In Rooms
Saturday, November 22, 1980
At least ten MGM Grand Hotel guests were reported killed in a raging fire that engulfed the 2,000 room hotel shortly after 7 a.m. Friday. More than 100 injuries were initially reported but exact figures weren’t available at press time. Officials said others may be dead inside the hotel.
MGM Fire May Mean Billion-Dollar Loss
Sunday, November 23, 1980
The blaze that destroyed the MGM Grand Hotel’s casino could result in a billion-dollar loss that would spell financial ruin for the parent corporation, local casino officials speculated Saturday.
MGM Nixed Improved Sprinkler System in '73
Sunday, November 23, 1980
The officials advised owners of the MGM Grand Hotel to install a comprehensive sprinkler system during construction, but they ignored the suggestion, claiming it was too expensive, the SUN learned Saturday.


Killer fire sweeps LV Hilton
Wednesday, February 11, 1981
Unleashed by a powerful explosion, a fire set by one or more arsonist roared through the plush Las Vegas Hilton Hotel Tuesday night, killing at least five persons and routing hundreds of guests.
Man killed by gunshot during struggle for pistol
Wednesday, June 10, 1981
A Las Vegas man was fatally wounded by a single gunshot from his own weapon when his wife fought to get it away from him during a struggle in their bed early Wednesday, Metro Police reported.
Spilotro released on bail
Thursday, July 16, 1981
Reputed mobster Anthony "Tony the Ant" Spilotro posted a $75,000 bond Wednesday, after surrendering to the FBI on a nine-count federal racketeering indictment.
Mount Charleston fires in 'Mop-Up' phase
Wednesday, July 22, 1981
Firefighters Tuesday contained one of the two blazes burning in Toiyabe National Forest and estimated they would contain the second fire Wednesday evening.
Sahara Hotel Fire Injures 2; Labeled Definitely Suspicious
Saturday, August 1, 1981
Arson may have been the cause of a blaze that routed more than 200 guests from their rooms in the Sahara Hotel Friday night, fire department officials disclosed.


Hacienda Owner Buys Sahara For $50 Million
Wednesday, May 5, 1982
Hacienda Hotel owner Paul W. Lowden, once a struggling Las Vegas lounge musician, has signed a deal to buy the Del E. Webb Corp.-owned Sahara Hotel for $50 million, making him the owner of hotels on both ends of the Las Vegas Strip, Webb officials said Tuesday.
Gamblers pull off the 'perfect' casino scam
Friday, July 2, 1982
By the time Tom Kuhn discovered some of the addresses on the credit cards were a cemetery, bar and health food stand on Wall Street, the gamblers had pulled off the perfect crime.
Fire chopper crashes
Pilot, five firefighters treated, return to blaze
Sunday, July 25, 1982
A helicopter flying a five-man firefighting crew to the Spring Mountains blaze Saturday was forced to crash-land and tipped over on its side.
Car bomb blasts Lefty
Tuesday, October 5, 1982
Prominent Nevada gaming figure Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal was injured Monday night when an explosion ripped through and gutted his car while it was parked near Marie Calender's restaurant at 600 E. Sahara Avenue.


Floods ravage LV again
More rain predicted this week
Wednesday, August 15, 1984
Floodwaters swept across Southern Nevada Tuesday for the fourth times in a month, critically injuring an 11-year-old girl, dragging a woman from a small truck, miring a school bus in mud and overwhelming homes.


Class of 1986 largest in UNLV history
Sunday, May 25, 1986
UNLV celebrates it's largest graduating class.
GOP, Demos agree: DOE boss wrong
Nevada Republicans don't oppose nuke dump:
Saturday, May 31, 1986
Nevada's Republican congressional delegation said Friday it does not oppose a high-level nuclear waste dump in Nevada, contrary to remarks made by Department of Energy official Bernard Rusche.
LV junketeer slain mob-style
Witness in Spilotro grand jury
Sunday, June 15, 1986
A former Las Vegas junketeer, found slain gangland-style in Phoenix last week, once testified before a grand jury into the activities of Tony Spilotro.


Entertainers remember Liberace
Thursday, February 5, 1987
The entertainment world, Wednesday, remembered pianist Liberace as a consummate showman who dazzled "the common man" with classics and popular music played in a glittering style.


Pedestrian fatalities climbing
Sunday, May 1, 1988
When it comes to pedestrian-automobile accidents, we are our own worst enemy.
‘We’ve got a miracle on our hands’
Thursday, May 5, 1988
Four explosions leveled a Henderson-based rocket fuel plant Wednesday, killing at least one person, injuring scores of others, knocking out windows and doors miles away and sending a dark toxic cloud over the southeast end of the Las Vegas Valley.
'Express' loses battle, wins war
Friday, May 20, 1988
Johnny "The Oriental Express" Chan lost the biggest pot in poker history Thursday but still managed to win his second consecutive world championship and become the Binion's World Series of Poker all-time tournament money winner.


Jury decides Homick must die
Monday, May 22, 1989
Steven Homick was told Sunday he must die for the 1985 murders of a Las Vegas heiress, her maid and a deliveryman.
Folies Bergere stages comeback without the striking band
Monday, June 26, 1989
The curtain went up on the Folies Bergere show at the Topicana hotel-casino Sunday night with musical accompaniment – from a tape – not from a 13-piece orchestra.
Peregrine falcons released atop Hilton
Thursday, July 6, 1989
Four peregrine falcons were released Wednesday atop the Las Vegas Hilton as part of a U.S. Department of Wildlife program to reintroduce the birds-of-prey into the wild.
Hank Had Role in Founding Israel
Sunday, July 23, 1989
Hank Greenspun was a founding member of Temple Beth Sholom, the first Jewish synagogue in Las Vegas, but Jews everywhere mourned his death.
SUN subscribers praise 'columnist' as caring man
Sunday, July 23, 1989
Longtime subscribers to the Las Vegas SUN expressed sorrow Saturday upon learning of Hank Greenspun's death. Some broke into tears as they praised him as a caring man and an informative columnist.
Businessmen reflect on LV's 'special character'
Sunday, July 23, 1989
Prominent Las Vegas businessmen on Saturday called SUN publisher Hank Greenspun a dynamic, warm-hearted friend, saying his passing is a great loss to Nevada.
Local Leaders Express Sorrow Over SUN Publisher's Death
Sunday, July 23, 1989
County Commissioner Paul Christensen said simply, "What can you say?"
World Mourns 'Man of Great Spirit, Courage'
Sunday, July 23, 1989
Saturday's death of SUN Publisher Hank Greenspun brought an outpouring of sympathy and respect from around the state, the nation and the world.
Hank's Battle Over
Sunday, July 23, 1989
SUN Publisher Hank Greenspun died Saturday morning at his home in Las Vegas after fighting a valiant year-long battle with cancer. He was 79.
New Boeing jumbo jet makes LV stop
Saturday, September 16, 1989
In the first visit of its kind, the new Boeing 747-400 did a touch-and-go on McCarran Airport's Runway No. 25 for the benefit of the local media Friday, before landing again and taxiing over to Hughes Ramp for an overnight stay.
The Mirage opens its doors
Four white tigers resort's first 'guests'
Thursday, November 23, 1989
It was just about noon Wednesday when Steve Wynn, standing outside the entrance of his new The Mirage beside junk bondsman Michael Milken, radioed security to "Let those people in."


Rio kicks off the '90s
Monday, January 15, 1990
Consistently with the casino's decidedly upscale design, decked out like Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at Carnival time, the frames of the 900 slots in the 50,000-square-foot casino are covered with bright red, blue and yellow powder coat paint, the 42 table games covered with black-colored felt.
Rebels rule NCAA
UNLV No. 1 with beDeviling win
Tuesday, April 3, 1990
In a year where so much went wrong, UNLV did something so right that no one can dispute the Rebels are truly the National Champions.
He tore down LV's racial barriers
Strip jobs for blacks grew out of Davis' efforts
Thursday, May 17, 1990
Las Vegans who knew and loved Sammy Davis Jr. grieved for him Wednesday, unanimous in the opinion that he helped shape the city's success and praising his private generosity that benefited many.
Curtain falls for Sammy
Thursday, May 17, 1990
Sammy Davis Jr., a versatile and dynamic singer, dancer and actor who overcame extraordinary obstacles to become a leading American entertainer, died of cancer Wednesday. He was 64 years old.
Gunmen rip off $1000,000 in jewels
Gang uses sledge hammer to smash displays; scoops loot into pillow cases:
Saturday, May 26, 1990
Las Vegas Wholesale Jewelers, 840 E. Twain Ave., was robbed Friday by a gang of gunmen who smashed open nine glass display cases and scooped out an estimated $100,000 in gold and diamond jewelry.
Strip jousting begins
Tuesday, June 19, 1990
When the hordes attacked King Arthur's stronghold in Caerleon-upon-Usk in the sixth century, it's a good bet they were not provided with sufficient space to park their catapults and battering rams. Excalibur's visitors will have 7,000 parking spaces. But even that may not be enough.


Roof fire hits Vegas World
Day of Destruction:
Friday, May 31, 1991
Arcing electricity from the twisted wreckage of the huge Vegas World sign ignited a rooftop fire early today forcing the evacuation of all but the bottom four floors of the hotel-casino.
Copter crash kills 5 at NTS
Thursday, July 25, 1991
A twin-engine helicopter crashed in a remote and rugged area of the Nevada Test Site, killing the five-man crew.


Storms darken 2 hotels
Wednesday, May 27, 1992
Power was being restored at two downtown casinos today after a late-night thunderstorm left Main Street Station and Union Plaza patrons in the dark.
Man saves dog from house fire
Tuesday, June 23, 1992
As flames and smoke billowed out of a Las Vegas home, James Hanson risked his own life to save neighbor's dog by breaking through the front door to find Samson, a 9-year-old mutt, couched in a corner.
LV pedestrian deaths linked to tourists
Sunday, August 30, 1992
The high pedestrian fatality rate in Las Vegas could cause some residents to conclude that their lives are at risk every time they cross the street.


Flames Engulf Under-Construction Observation Tower
Sunday, August 29, 1993
Flames engulfed an under-construction observation tower Sunday, forcing hundreds of gamblers to flee the adjacent 22-story Vegas World Hotel Casino. No one was hurt.
Tower fire rained debris
Monday, August 30, 1993
It wasn't the typical Las Vegas light show. But a fire that began early Sunday morning in the unfinished Stratosphere Tower next to Vegas World drew hundreds of onlookers anyway.
Resort opens a new era in LV
Friday, October 15, 1993
Seventy years ago, explorers cracked open ancient pyramids in search or riches beyond imagination. At 4 a.m. today, thousands entered the Luxor pyramid on the Las Vegas Strip in hopes of claiming similar wealth.
Steve Wynn opens his latest Treasure
Wednesday, October 27, 1993
Esteban Geraldo's eyes lit up as cannons boomed from a pirate ship and sank a British frigate in front of Las Vegas' newest resort. "I've lived here 18 years and I've never seen anything like that," Geraldo said after watching the pyrotechnic sea battle outside Treasure Island.
Tower tumbles into dust
Thursday, October 28, 1993
The Dunes Hotel, a hallmark of the Las skyline for four decades, was imploded Wednesday night into a pile of twisted metal and concrete debris, clearing the way for a new resort.


Memories of music legends kept alive by Hard Rock hotel
"It's only rock 'n' roll but I like it." - Mick Jagger
Saturday, March 11, 1995
To those who haven't quite gotten the message yet that Las Vegas has done a 180-degree flip since the days when big guys in tailored dark suits ran everything, and the only music one heard in the gaming area was the echo from the lounge, come to the Hard Rock hotel-casino and behold the future of gaming.
Six die in Southern Nevada incidents during weekend
Monday, June 19, 1995
Six people were found dead in Southern Nevada over the weekend, two from exposure, one in a bizarre suicide, one in a car accident, one in a drowning and one from an undetermined cause.
Sahara goes Moroccan with $65 million renovation
Tuesday, October 10, 1995
Gaming magnate William Bennett is using a wrecking ball to launch a new era in the storied history of the Sahara hotel-casino.
Landmark Falls
100 pounds of dynamite turn the troubled LV icon into dust
Tuesday, November 7, 1995
The implosion of the Landmark, a world-recognized part of the Las Vegas skyline, marked the final episode in the life of a structure beset by debt, struggle and strife.


Circus aiming higher
Tuesday, June 18, 1996
The company's announcement of an alliance with Four Seasons-Regent Hotels & Resorts, the world's largest luxury-hotel operator, means far more than just a single, albeit decidedly elegant, new hotel in Las Vegas.
A taste of Europe
Monte Carlo blends luxury, affordability with a flavor of Monaco
Thursday, June 20, 1996
The Monte Carlo hotel-casino opens to the public shortly after midnight following a preview party and fireworks show for more than 1,000 invited guests tonight.
An era ends with Sands closing
Friday, June 28, 1996
It's the last night in the life of the fabled resort that personified Las Vegas' glitter and glamour from the '50s through the '70s, creating millions of memories for generations of gamblers.
The women who built Las Vegas
Tuesday, August 27, 1996
They were the Rosie the Riveters of the gaming industry. The glamour that strutted onstage. The grunts who swept and scoured. The glue that cemented diverse racial groups to the Southwest.
4 sought in Shakur shooting
Monday, September 9, 1996
Four assailants remained at large today in the near-slaying of rapper Tupac Shakur after a drive-by shooting near the Strip.
Rat Pack made Sands 'the place'
Tuesday, November 26, 1996
Billed as "A Place in the Sun" when it opened on Dec. 15, 1952, the Sands served as a performing venue and playground for the famed members of the "Rat Pack" -- Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop.