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April 22, 2019

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Columns by Brian Greenspun

Bruce Deifik was a warrior who never forgot where he came from
April 14, 2019
My friend, Bruce Deifik, passed away last Sunday in Denver. During his years in Las Vegas he made many friends in the business and civic communities. His death at a relatively young age came as a terrible shock because Bruce was the guy who would probably live forever — he was just too tough to die. And, he was …
Come November 2020, will the ‘I’s’ have it?
April 7, 2019
There are plenty of “I” words that we should be talking about, now that the Mueller Investigation is over and his report has been turned over to the Justice Department, which so far has seen fit to not do much with it. I expect we will be fighting over its complete release to the public well into the 2020 election cycle. Soon enough, voters will be able to weigh in on issues like …
Russian election interference — nyet. GOP condemnation — not yet
March 31, 2019
The dust hasn’t even settled on the 300-page Mueller report, a four-page summary of which was released last week by Attorney General William Barr when partisans on both sides — mostly in the dark about what Mueller actually found because …
GOP spines re-emerge; cue the next emergency
March 17, 2019
Twelve Republicans stood up for the Constitution, the Congress and the foundational belief of our Founding Fathers that our democracy could and would work best when there existed three co-equal branches of government — the executive, the legislative and the judicial. Whatever other reasons those 12 GOP senators who voted to put a check on Trump’s power grab this past week may have had, at the core was the …
Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., left, whispers to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., as Democrats rally outside the Capitol ahead of passage of H.R. 1, "The For the People Act," a bill which aims to expand voting rights and strengthen ethics rules, in Washington, Friday, March 8, 2019. The House passed a resolution to condemn anti-Semitism and other bigotry on Thursday following debate over Omar's recent comments suggesting House supporters of Israel have dual allegiances.
Anti-Semitism, not Israel, is the issue
March 10, 2019
Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American Muslim woman from Minnesota, is the latest leader to speak the words that have for centuries caused pain, suffering and death to Jews ...
Brian Greenspun: Shut the Russians down now!
March 3, 2019
Our democracy is under attack by some bad people who are doing their best to undermine our way of life and our collective belief in a government of, by and for the people. There isn’t a sane and thinking American who doesn’t believe the entirety of our intelligence community when they tell us that the Russians interfered with the 2016 presidential elections. And while some Americans may argue about the extent of that interference and the impact it had on the outcome, there is …
Brian Greenspun: George Dickerson leaves a legacy of integrity
Feb. 24, 2019
George Dickerson, a lifelong Nevadan and attorney whose commitment to public service set the bar for honesty and integrity, died earlier this month at the age of 96. George’s legal career was highlighted by his service as
Here’s the deal: We need to listen to the young
Feb. 17, 2019
I vote for the Green New Deal*.
Consider this: The State of the Union is fragile
Feb. 10, 2019
Is it me or has the United States actually chased itself through the keyhole? What else can explain how utterly …
Brian Greenspun: UNLV now sits on a very short list
Feb. 3, 2019
There is no question that our community is well-served by having a growing and going university to help lead our way into the future. Likewise, it is essential for a university to have the backing and support of …
Walled in: Time to quit playing to the chorus
Jan. 27, 2019
All the president wants is a wall, and he has been willing to have the people he works for (that’s us) and who work for him (that’s the federal workers) pay the price. As a result, he has built a wall around the box he has put himself in as he struggles to …
Wall or no wall, this government shutdown is immoral
Jan. 20, 2019
Walls can be immoral as well as moral, so whatever the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks about the president’s campaign promise and the universally agreed-upon need to secure our country’s borders, that political position pales when pressed up against the sheer immorality of President Donald Trump’s decision to shut down the government of the United States.
Mr. Adelson, take responsibility for your newspaper
Jan. 13, 2019
I haven’t much cared about what is written in Sheldon Adelson’s newest acquisition in Las Vegas — the Review-Journal — because whatever his folks write, there is always the …
Ike had it right: Be an informed citizen
Dec. 16, 2018
As we head into the Christmas season with high hopes for more joy, not less, more freedom, not less, and a better understanding of our responsibility to keep our democracy strong and vibrant and not one given to autocratic tendencies by some of our leaders, try to remember the concerns of President Dwight Eisenhower …
Lexie Villanda, of Spring Valley High School, participates in a discussion during the 62nd annual Las Vegas Sun Youth Forum at the Las Vegas Convention Center Thursday Nov. 29, 2018. Over 1,000 juniors and seniors from 50 high schools participated in the event. The Clark County School District and Barrick Gold Corporation partnered with the Las Vegas Sun to put on the forum.
Youths offer the antidote to our ills
Dec. 2, 2018
How do we get our country back and where are the leaders who will get us there? That answer to our ills has been available for 62 years. It is called the Las Vegas Sun Youth Forum …

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Nation being run by pretenders
It’s hard to believe we are governed by the largest acting group outside of Hollywood. Pretty much from top to bottom, we have “acting” leadership.
By Bob Hartman, Las Vegas
Everyone must pay their share
When I read that President Donald Trump’s new budget gives another $1 trillion tax break to the wealthy and his plan to repeal Obamacare would give a $600 billion tax cut to drug companies and health insurers, I felt my blood pressure rising.
By Melody Judilla, Las Vegas
Fear not a president’s age
The April 14 letter “Tread carefully with leader’s age” proposes that presidents should not be elected if 65 years old or older.
By Carmine DiFazio, North Las Vegas
Get prepared for life after Trump
If we all live long enough, we will inhabit a world that is free of President Donald Trump. And while most of us look forward to that day, are we really ready for it?
By Bob Ory, Chicago
New money flows to the rich
I believe most of the wealth differential in our society is caused by the expansion of the money supply by the Federal Reserve.
By Ed Dornlas, Las Vegas
Trump is just following the law
I agree with the president’s stance that illegals should be sent to “sanctuary” cities, and Democrats who oppose this are hypocrites.
By Bruce Kesselman, Las Vegas
Echoes of WWII at the border
I cannot understand how any Jew can support President Donald Trump.
By Marvin Botwinik, Las Vegas
Southern ploy is rising again
I am young enough to remember when some of the folks in the South were sending poor children of color up to Hyannis Port, Mass., to the Kennedy compound to integrate their schools.
By Stan Olson, Las Vegas