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August 18, 2022

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Sun endorsements in 2008 election

The Sun's editorial board examined the candidates running for office in 2008 and has made the following endorsements so far:

  • President
    Barack Obama

  • Congress
    1st District - Democratic incumbent Shelley Berkley
    2nd District - Democrat Jill Derby
    3rd District - Democrat Dina Titus

  • Nevada Legislature
    D-1, Incumbent Democrat John Lee; D-3, Democrat Valerie Wiener; D-4, Incumbent Democrat Steven Horsford; D-5, Democrat Shirley Breeden; D-6, Democrat Allison Copening; D-7, Democrat David Parks; D-11, Incumbent Democrat Mike Schneider

    D-1, incumbent Democrat Marilyn Kirkpatrick; D-2, Democrat Carlos Blumberg; D-3, Democrat Peggy Pierce; D-4, Democrat Craig Ballew; D-5, Democrat Marilyn Dondero Loop; D-6, incumbent Harvey Mumford; D-7, Incumbent Democrat Morse Arberry; D-8, incumbent Democrat Barbara Buckley; D-9, Incumbent Democrat "Tick" Segerblom; D-10, incumbent Democrat Joe Hogan; D-11, incumbent Democrat Ruben Kihuen; D-12, incumbent Democrat James Ohrenschall; D-13, Democrat Andrew Martin; D-14, incumbent Democrat Ellen Koivisto; D-15, incumbent Democrat Kathy McClain; D-16, incumbent Democrat John Oceguera; D-17, incumbent Democrat Kelvin Atkinson; D-18, incumbent Democrat Mark Manendo; D-19, incumbent Democrat Jerry Claborn; D-20, incumbent Republican Joe Hardy; D-21, Democrat Ellen Spiegel; D-22, incumbent Republican Lynn Stewart; D-23, Democrat Allison Herr; D-28, incumbent Democrat Mo Denis; D-29, Democrat April Mastroluca; D-34, incumbent Democrat William Horne; D-37, incumbent Democrat Marcus Conklin; D-41, Democrat Paul Aizley; D-42, incumbent Democrat Harry Mortenson

  • Local government
    Clark County Commission
    District A, Democrat Steve Sisolak; District B, incumbent Democrat Tom Collins; District C, Democrat Larry Brown; District D, incumbent Democrat Lawrence Weekly

  • Judicial
    Supreme Court
    Seat B, Deborah Schumacher; Seat D, Chief Justice Mark Gibbons

    District judges
    Dept. 6, Elissa Cadish; Dept. 7, Linda Marie Bell; Dept. 8, Doug Smith; Dept. 10, William "Bill" Kephart; Dept. 12, Michelle Leavitt; Dept. 14, Donald Mosley; Dept. 17, Michael Villani; Dept. 22, Susan Johnson; Dept. 23, Stefany Miley; Dept. 25, Kathleen Delaney

    Family Court judges
    Dept. G, Cynthia "Dianne" Steel; Dept. I, Greta Muirhead; Dept. J, Kenneth Pollock; Dept. K, Vincent Ochoa; Dept. L, Jennifer Elliot; Dept. N, Mathew Harter; Dept. O, Frank P. Sullivan; Dept. P, Jack Howard; Dept. Q., Bryce Duckworth; Dept. R, Chuck Hoskin

    Justice of the peace
    Henderderson Dept. 3, David Gibson Sr.; Las Vegas Dept. 12, Diana L. Sullivan; North Las Vegas Dept. 3, Chris Lee

  • Education
    Board of Regents
    Incumbent Bret Whipple

    State Board of Education
    District 1, Sharon Frederick; District 3, Doris Wallace Fletcher; District 7, Val Olsen or Chris Wallace

    Clark County School Board
    District A, Ed Goldman; District B, Chris Garvey; District C, Ronan Matthew; District E, Terri Janison

  • Ballot questions
    Clark County Advisory Question No. 5 - Yes

  • Statewide Question No. 1 - Yes
    Statewide Question No. 2 - No
    Statewide Question No. 3 - No
    Statewide Question No. 4 - Yes

Below you will find the Sun's election endorsement editorials in reverse chronological order.

Barack Obama: Our choice for President
Sunday, October 19, 2008
The closing weeks of the 2008 presidential election are starting to have the feel of the 1980 and 1992 races. One of the threads that links the three presidential elections is the uncertain and troubling times, an anxiety intensified by a wobbly economy, which we certainly are living through today.
Ballot question decisions
Saturday, October 18, 2008
SUN EDITORIAL: Measure on public education and statewide initiatives are too important to ignore
Voters in the general election would be well advised to take notice of the bottom of their ballots, which will include an advisory question on public education and four statewide ballot initiatives.
Our choices for Congress
Friday, October 17, 2008
Sun editorial: Why Dina Titus would best represent Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District
As Republican Jon Porter nears completion of his third term representing Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, he has done little to distinguish himself from the crowd.
Southern Nevada benefits from Shelley Berkley’s independent voice in Congress
Friday, October 17, 2008
Sun editorial:
Residents of Southern Nevada’s 1st Congression- al District have been fortunate to have Democrat Shelley Berkley as their representative. Since she was first elected in 1998, Berkley has developed into a dependable, moderate legislator who has earned the respect of her peers. That respect has translated into a seat on the powerful Ways and Means Committee.
How Jill Derby would bring a breath of fresh air to Congress
Friday, October 17, 2008
Sun editorial:
Voters in Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District have a clear choice between incumbent Republican Dean Heller, who surprised many of his constituents by attaching himself directly to President Bush’s hip, and Democratic opponent Jill Derby, a fiscal conservative who would bring independent thinking to the job.
Our choices for Senate
Thursday, October 16, 2008
Sun editorial: Seven of Southern Nevada’s eight state Senate seats on the ballot are being contested
Eight Nevada Senate seats representing Southern Nevada are on this year’s ballot, and seven are contested. Republican Mike McGinness is running unopposed in the Central Nevada District, which includes northern edges of Clark County.
County Commission choices
Thursday, October 16, 2008
Sun editorial: Ballot in the coming election features races in four of the commission’s seven districts
The seven members of the Clark County Commission establish the policies that are carried out by the county manager. Four of the districts have races this election and all are being contested.
Our choices for Assembly
Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Sun editorial: Twenty-nine Clark County seats in state’s lower house will be contested this election
Owing to the recession, a state budget shortfall in excess of $1 billion will be facing the Nevada Legislature when it begins its 2009 session Feb. 2. Leadership from the governor’s office has been lacking, which means the Legislature’s decisions will take on added importance. Because of this, it is critical that Nevadans elect forward-thinking candidates with the right judgment to get the state through these difficult times.
Judicial candidates vying to take the bench
Monday, October 13, 2008
SUN EDITORIAL: Our recommendations for the 10 contested seats in Family Court
Although it is a state District Court, Family Court in Clark County has gotten a bad reputation as a second-rate court.
Our recommendations for justice of the peace races: Gibson, Sullivan and Lee
Monday, October 13, 2008
Justices of the peace in Nevada play a crucial role in the legal system.
Supreme Court needs experience on the bench
Sunday, October 12, 2008
SUN ENDORSEMENTS: Justice Gibbons, Judge Schumacher are the best picks for the state’s high court
Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Gibbons is up for reelection this year to seat D, and he has proved himself to be a worthy and able judge.
Candidates show promise of boosting the reputation of District Court bench
Sunday, October 12, 2008
Some voters may cast a jaundiced eye at the long list of judicial races on the ballot in the wake of the ethical mess surrounding Judge Elizabeth Halverson, who was elected in 2006.
Spotlight on candidates who seek education seats
Friday, October 10, 2008
Sun editorial: Four for School Board: Goldman, Matthew, Garvey and Janison
With four of its seven seats on the ballot, the Clark County School Board will see a major change this election.
Frederick and Fletcher, Olsen or Wallace, are our choices for state Board of Education
Friday, October 10, 2008
Sun editorial:
The 10-member state Board of Education sets policy for the Nevada Education Department, which sets academic standards, oversees charter schools, licenses teachers and ensures the state’s 17 school districts receive equitable funding.
Despite flaws, Whipple the best pick in the race for higher education system regent
Friday, October 10, 2008
Sun editorial:
The Nevada System of Higher Education, which includes seven public colleges and universities, is overseen by the 13 members of the Board of Regents.