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January 23, 2018

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Smith's World for June 16, 2013

Mike Smith Cartoon

June 15, 2013

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  1. Mr. Smith must be talking about the police.

  2. stupid remark by both mr. smith and jazzy 13.

  3. Apparently isthis4real only reads the funnies and not the news articles.

  4. Mike Smith understands the background check issue better than Gov. Sandoval.

    Anyone who thinks background checks - supported by 90% of Americans - is wrong must either be "dangerously mentally ill" or simply a paranoid gun nut.

    Keep up the good work Mike!

  5. Comment removed by moderator. Personal Attack

  6. This cartoon is not only highly offensive to people suffering from mental disabilities, it doesn't come close to reflecting Governor Sandoval's true reasons for the veto. Sandoval requested the bill be presented solely under the mental health issues and democrats refused. These all or nothing politics are exactly why we can't get anything done. If the dems didn't feel the need to throw in undue and unconstitutional hardships on legal and rightful gun owners, this bill would have passed. Instead, political posturing on the part of the democrats has caused the whole thing to fail. Although I agree with the mental health portion of the bill, I'm glad Governor Sandoval chose NOT to sign away our second amendment rights simply to accommodate the dems political posturing. It's too bad the mental health piece wasn't important enough to them to present it as a standalone billed that would have passed. And let us not forget, disarming citizens who are legal gun owners is not going to take guns out of the hands of criminals. Dems gave up the chance to take them out of the hands of potentially dangerous mentally ill people by being unreasonable. THANK YOU- SENATE- DEMOCRATS. is what it should say.

  7. The veto is just another reason I only visit Las Vegas and don't live their. It is easy to blame a political party, but it is clear that 90% of Americans support background checks, but the vocal 10% have dominated this issue and it is also clear that only when the 90% become quite vocal that this kind of legaslation will pass. So I blame the politician who vetos this, no one else.

  8. What a gross distortion of HB 221! this is an obvious far left bias on Smith's part. No great wonder, as Bloombergs group promised to launch ads attacking Governor Brian Sandoval for indicating that he would veto anti-gun Senate Bill 221.

    Nevada Sheriff's and Chief's Association wanted a veto.

    No one had a strong opinion until the elections and Organize for Action and Bloomberg poured millions into propaganda and political influence.

    But making a score with the Dems is the goal as none have read the Reston report. He said he supported "enhanced reporting requirements", making Smith totally libelous.

    But don't take my word for it.

  9. So, Las Vegas Rocks, Did you read the veto? Or just listen to the governor from back east. If I want to give my gun to my kid I have to take it to a shop and I have to go through a check, even if If owned their gun since my father gave it to me, my kid has a check, the shop has to store the gun while this all takes place (at the expense of time and space of the shop), and when all is said and done you will have done nothing to keep the gun out of a mentally ill persons hands. You just listen to tax exempt 501(c)4 organizations paid for by politicians who hypocritically dis the NRA!

    "Demand a Plan"?

  10. Governor Sandoval understands that it is not okay to give in to the democrats desire to infringe upon the constitutional rights of EVERYONE just to accommodate their political agenda. This is what happens when the dems put their politics ahead of the rights and best interest of the people.

  11. Great post Sarah Livingston. I completely agree with your comments and believe Governor Sandoval did what was in the best interest of Nevada citizens. It's the democrats who need to separate from their politics and do what is best for everyone.

  12. Hey Sara, I suppose the Guv. would've kept a Phsychiatrist in every gun shop to verify his or hers state of mind before they bought the weapon??

  13. Although I may be in support of the Universal Background check, we find the Las Vegas Sun's June 15th cartoon depiction of "three White mentally ill men as dangerous" is both sick and unprofessional which illustrates a stereotype view of people with mental disabilities. Mental illnesses doesn't discriminate between political parties or failure of back door politics. The point is:
    The Sun's reporter Mr. Smith probably found this cartoon from the Sun's archives dating back to the 1950's by showing his anger with the Governor's veto of the background check.

    Unfortunately mental illness strikes 1 out of 4 people ranging from eating disorders, autism, dementia, bi-polar, manic depression, etc. As a result, most people who are sensitive know someone with with a brain disease who is a love one, relative, or friend. This newspaper's gross generalization that all people with mental illness are a danger to society is WRONG! Unlike most industrialized nations, our country and its culture are uneducated which creates a stigma for mental illness affecting our young children, adults, and many of our war veterans returning home suffering from this terrible disease.
    "Dangerously Mentally ill" no!, you Mr. Smith and Mr Gorman (Executive Editor) are dangerously undereducated and uninformed when using your pen. Check out the statistics for murders related to hate, drugs, or those opposing our government political views. Change your cartoon to one White, one, Asian, and one Latino, or even though in a female for a good mix. I wonder how your views would be then???
    This cartoon may have been more accurate toward the governor's veto if the joke portrayed mass murders, criminal, or terrorist groups. One thing life has taught me is, there's no verbal defense against ignorance which is becoming man's greatest challenges.