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Hoover Dam Bypass Project

Thu, Aug 19, 2010 (6:07 p.m.)

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  1. will be a Mecca for suicides

  2. The reason it took longer to built than originally planned is because of a 100 mph hurricane that blew through the canyon and knock over several cranes causing a great deal of damage to the construction sight. It had nothing to do with OSHA or any other government agency. Please note that dozens of men did NOT get killed in its construction as it did with the dam. So cut the B.S. about who was responsible for the delay. These are government projects that are built on time and in budget. Any more complaints about government projects?

  3. What a waste of tax payers money, $240,000,000 for
    1 lousy bridge, in the middle of nowhere. There are many places where the money could have been spent that would have made the commute to work faster, saving millions of dollars in wasted time sitting in traffic. How many people use the Bridge compared to city traffic?, way too few.

  4. Have you EVER had to drive to Phoenix, Vegas_Is? I need to drive there on a regular basis and the worst part is going over the dam. On the best days, there are always people that stop (Yes, Stop!) on the bridge to take pictures. There are always people that drive 5-10 miles under the speed limit just because there long stretches where there's no passing and it's the only thing these limp member idiots can control in their useless lives. This bypass was intended as a major route for trucks between Las Vegas and Phoenix, this is going to save truckers a tremendous amount of time and fuel costs by not having to drive 50 miles out of their way. Unlike the bridge in Alaska, this bridge actually goes somewhere.

  5. There are only 2.5 million in the whole state of Nevada, there are 39 million people in California.
    I wonder how many truckers are in California compared to Nevada.
    Where would a bridge help the commute of more people. Like I said a waste of money.

  6. The above poster is a moron. This will take the most annoying part of the journey for everyone who comes through the Arizona route. I make the commute to phoenix quite a lot and to not have to go through security check points, drive 5mph and stop for hours just so tourists can find parking will be great.

  7. The above poster is a moron, he just doesn't get it. A 240 million dollar bridge just for a few people. I am one of the 200 million people that drive 15 miles to work, and it takes 1 hour,(real city traffic) When I'm sitting on a freeway 6 lanes wide on each side, and going 5 mph, I'll be thinking of the Hoover Bridge.

  8. I will say this' That is one hell of a bridge.
    THANK YOU!!!

  9. I drive to Vegas from Tucson every six months or so. This bridge should eliminate the long sloooooow dam traffic. I'll admit that I'm a little afraid to drive on this bridge though.

  10. Wonder how the folks in Boulder City are going to react when they see thousands of trucks pass by their sleepy little town? Are they going to create special designated thruways for trucks? This is in addition to hundreds of cars who use the same 95/Laughlin route to bypass the traffic at Hoover Dam. On the other hand, I am sure local gas stations are salivating at the mouth over new business. Perhaps they will open a truck stop in the area? One potential site could be right near the Hacienda casino (another big potential winner once the bridge opens).

  11. VEGAS_IS CRAP says (and I paraphrase)WAH WAH I am a typical California whiner that thinks that the cesspool I live in is the center of the universe and they should have spent the money to make MY life easier. The bridge is for people going from AZ to NV and will make life easier for them. As well it is the first step in a possible new Interstate highway between Vegas and Phoenix. Why would you are sit in nowhereville CA complaining about something that has absolutely nothing to do with you?

  12. But most importantly, can we tie a bungie cord to the thing?

  13. At least we have the new Bay Bridge, which cost 6.3 BILLION!!!!!! My Federal taxes paid for your bridge to nowhere, the Government should have spent the money on more low wage, no skill jobs for the people in Vegas.

  14. Happy shopping, Have a good mood ; )

  15. Think about this for a minute folks, especially you Vegas_is...
    This bridge is a security measure to preclude those peaceful followers of mohamad from driving across the top of the dam with a truckload of bangstuff and ruining everyones weekend.

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