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The week everyone has been waiting for

Mon, Nov 14, 2011 (3:16 p.m.)

Las Vegas Sun reporters Case Keefer and Ray Brewer get their wish — Palo Verde and Bishop Gorman meeting on the local high school football gridiron. The boys will take a look at the this game, and also discuss the Sunrise Regional finals between Liberty and Foothill.

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  1. Wow brewer gorman is the best team the valley has seen hahaha come on the line is o line is great AND THAT IS IT..

  2. Thanks again for the much appreciated podcast there's only two left.

    We all know while Centennial should get credit for their effort, Palo is clearly the superior team and simply overlooked Centennial looking forward to Gorman and that is all. Palo will be live and ready on Friday for Gorman, you can't underestimate the value of a rivalry.

    Nicely done on your picks Keefer, i've only missed one game (GV/Vegas).

    Liberty 41 Foothill 38
    Gorman 55 Palo Verde 14
    Moapa 21 Truckee 19
    I hope that the refs up north are more professional than to home-brew anything, I wouldn't doubt it when Gorman plays Reed up north but i gotta imagine they know Moapa is small town like them and doesn't care for vegas anymore than they do.

    Glad Foothill got props, if they can restock that line and keep a solid team. They have the biggest marching band in the western hemisphere so they gotta be able to get some kids to come out for football maybe Liberty vs Foothill becomes the Palo vs Gorman of the Sunrise as it seems that Liberty will be replacing Vegas as the dominant program of the Sunrise.

    Best thing this year (outside of Gorman of course) is #4 Basic pounding #1 Canyon, 3/4 SE teams winning first round followed by Vegas getting slaughtered in second round. In the last year before realignment the SE put it down.

    Thanks again for the much appreciated podcast there's only two left.

    We all know while Centennial should get credit for their effort, Palo is clearly the superior team and simply overlooked Centennial looking forward to Gorman and that is all. Palo will be live and ready on Friday for Gorman, you can't underestimate the value of a rivalry.

    Nicely done on your picks Keefer, i've only missed one game (GV/Vegas).

    Liberty 41 Foothill 38
    Gorman 55 Palo Verde 14
    Moapa 21 Truckee 19

  3. Thanks Case for recognizing the LHS Poly Club and the halftime festivities! Glad you liked the Samoan Fireknife dance! No worries though. Being on the field, the worst that could've happened was the field catching fire. But that's nothing the sprinklers couldn't fix. hehehe... Go Liberty!!

  4. Reporter: I have to respectably disagree. Shaq Powell runs as hard and nasty as any back I have seen in 15 years of covering HS football. His backup, Nathen Starks, is one of the nation's top sophomores. The QB Solomon will break all of the state's passing records. Justin Sweet is a D-I corner and just a junior. Phillipi and Hutchins will each play at the next level. Even the water boy is getting looks! Bottom line, two great programs and communities. Going to be a great Friday night.

  5. Ray,

    I agree with Gorman possibly being the best team the Valley has ever seen. However, Shaq Powell is no where near one of the better running backs in the last 15 years of this town. He isn't even the best back on his team, the Starks kid is. How about Cornell Johnson, the kid foothill had that set the single season rushing record, Demarco Murray, Stephen Jackson, Eddie Wide, James Poole, All the great backs at Cheyenne, and Western. Come one you are giving him a little too much credit. Good back, not great.

  6. Ray,

    No disrespect u do a great job with the podcast, but you give gorman to much credit. Solomon will break pasing records because he has all day to throw, and doesn't get pressured, think about it ray how does solomon do in big games. Check his stats when they play ranked teams. Shaq is also a product of the oline. Take you're boy marshell and put him behind that line you will get the same results.

  7. This coming from a guy who said Vegas beating Liberty was a "lock" Thank you for your wisdom Reporter1125.

    Personally the records are cool but if they left Shaq in all 4 quarters he'd break every rushing record in the state- like many others before him would have. Most of the state's records have to have an asterisk next to them. Shaq Powell is not. He may not be better than Starks, but Starks is arguably better than most in the country and still has developing to do.

    I think Shaq has a lot of raw power and ability. Personally he may not be on the level of Jackon or Antoine White but I think he's better than D'Angelo Jones (Foothill kid). He's better than Victor Belen his predecessor. I think Ray is saying Shaq runs as hard and as nasty not that he was better and I agree. He may not be as good as some of the best from Vegas, but his style is nasty, he doesn't stop churning, unlike Solomon, watch Shaq against DLS, Armwood, Chap, Servite the kid is in beast mode. If you put Shaq on any decent vegas team, basic, foothill, Centennial, he does the same and his stats are better because he'd play four quarters. There is no doubt that Gorman's o-line has to get credit they're one of the best offensive lines the state has seen, but you can't take all credit from the rest of the team. As far as in town goes give them an average o-line and Solomon would be like Doxtator and Shaq would still be best back in town.

  8. Tuasdad.

    Hahaha funny your right I was wrong about vegas I thought the coaches would play a roll in that game. Don't forget I predicted foothill vs gorman though give me some credit

  9. reporter1125... I would not be surprised if Foothill pulls it off, they did play a very good and close game when they lost to Liberty a few weeks ago. I am excited to see how Foothill develops the next couple seasons, could be interesting. We haven't had rankings since the next to last game of season and I wanted to throw out my end of season top 10...feel free to disagree

    1- Bishop Gorman
    2- Palo Verde
    3- Arbor View
    4- Liberty
    5- Foothill
    6- Centennial
    7- Basic
    8- Las Vegas
    9- Moapa Valley
    10- Desert Oasis

  10. We seem to have the same 7 or 8 people here commenting and that's it. You have the Gorman alumni that obviously has really "went places" since high school and then the rest.

    Ray's obviously wearing Orange-tinted glasses. To say that someone is the "top sophomore in the country"...based on what exactly? You can't gauge a player against the rest of the country, especially coming from someone who follows Vegas football..sheesh.

    They may be considered the "best team Vegas has had" but all it really translate to is "the best recruiting effort yet".

    I just can't understand the pride in this school..we're so desperate to see something succeed in this town we ignore what they're doing.

  11. Once again Mr. Mightier than thou graces us with his word vomit. Sorry if being a fan of high school football, including but not limited to one's alma mater, is not considered "going places". I have to be honest I'd rather be that than the guy who thinks he's better than everyone in this town, does nothing but complain and has clearly nothing better to do with his life than rag on Vegas,UNLV, Gorman and all things Nevada.

    You're just a Debbie Downer, at least most of us that post here went to school here, grew up here or are somehow tied to the sport. What's your excuse? You're just some 40-50 ish? year old angry man that complains about everything. Truly, 99% of your posts are negative and how much better it was where you come from, how much Gorman cheats, UNLV sucks, Vegas sucks, Nevada sucks and now Vegas alumni that care to post their opinions on the high school football section are going to be criticized for doing so by who? The angry old man named SG? What's your tie to Vegas high school football? Why are you one of those 7-8 posters? Hell at least i'm an alum, I played and I rather watch Basic vs Foothill than any UNLV game or Strip show (except Shania Twain once she starts). If I lived in Texas, Cali or Florida i wouldn't give two craps about Nevada football, but I do live here. I grew up here, went to school here, played here, therefore your comment is no insult to me. It's just laughable coming from you. Vegas sucks just as much as you comment about it, I'd take many cities over this place, but hey, that's where we are. Once again, if you're so much better than everyone else and apparently everything in this "hellhole" of a town bothers you, get out. You don't like the 7-8 people that post? Don't read, don't comment. Solves that easily. Every blue moon when you post something constructive and worth reading you follow it up by 9 posts of angry, ranting and useless rants.

    Save your time I will sum up your the rest of your post on this High School section the rest of this football season:

    Grrr Rrrrooar Grrrr Hulk angry and hates Vegas gggrrr..Gorman sucks...rrroar me mad-

    Love- SG1

    Save it buddy, nobody gives a

  12. Tuasdad, I agree with your 1-3 teams. Gorman is clearly the best team. Palo and Arbor are both even at 2 and 3. I think that your 4-10 ranked teams are all about the same and on any given day one of those teams could beat the other.
    I'm excited for Friday and Saturday's games. The weather in Reno for the 1A, 2A, and 3A championship games is supposed to snow on Friday and be windy and in the 20 or 30 degree range on Saturday. Remember the good ol' days when the State Championship games were in the South every year and we didn't have to deal with crazy weather?

  13. Tuasdad! Love the posts. Love the Hulk analogy except that the Hulk has an intelligent alter ego. SG Noone is always an idiot. His prior posts trashing kids by name, trashing everything about Vegas and HSFB fans prove this. However, without his ridiculous posts, we wouldn't truly appreciate other fans who wish all these kids well and want to enjoy the Friday Night Lights. Good Luck to all the teams still chasing the Championship!!!

  14. Tuasdad, even though football is almost over, you'll be here for basketball, right? And good luck to all of our teams, I do hope the weather and refs allow for a fair game. Go Pirates!

  15. Hey guys! Here are my picks for tomorrow:
    Liberty 34 - Foothill 35
    Gorman 52 - Palo 40

    The Gorman-Liberty game would be nice to see but I gotta pick the alma mater in a close one. I was going to Quixcore it for MaxPreps but someone got to it before me haha. I'll update on here as best as I could!

    Good Luck to all the teams left!

  16. Tuasdad,

    That is some funny stuff. Haha

  17. Hit the nail on the head Tuasdad!! He needs to get some new material....

  18. Sportsarefun... you're right. 4-10 are pretty interchangeable. It can be argued that Liberty has been playing better and may have a case for #3 but that will be determined if they beat Foothill again and then how they do against Gorman. Either way I wish i could be at two games tomorrow night.

    4UNLV, i'll be around a little for b-ball, i'm not a huge fan of basketball like i am football, i'm sure i'm drop by from time to time though.

    Thanks Guru, i wish it was strickly football talk but oh well. Coachfun i think it will stay close for the first quarter or half but i just cant see Palo's offense putting 40 on Gorman. Armwood couldn't, nor Servite and Chap and those are much better offensively than Palo. I think it's more likely that Palo's defense holds gorman to 20-30 points than Palo's offense puts big numbers on Gorman. We shall see should be fun

  19. My understanding is that Gorman and Palo will still be in different divisions based on the new realignment for the 2012-2013 school year.

  20. Foothill will beat liberty I think because of coaching. Foothill will make adjustments and win

  21. reporter, I surely hope so! It'll be an exciting game regardless and that's good for Nevada football :)

  22. make me laugh! way to put it out there :)

  23. thanks fallsports...

    Coachfun... i'm glad somebody will be quick scoring that game. I think it will be a close game and wouldn't be surprised if either team won, wish i could be at two games at once. I hope Liberty doesn't do what Palo did vs Centennial and look ahead to Gorman. Should be a great game I would love for Gorman to play Liberty next week since they didn't meet last year but I would love to see Foothill go from pre-season unranked and predicted to finish 4th or out of playoffs in the Southeast to state semi finalist

  24. Thanks for all of the great comments on this and every Gorman article.
    It is somewhat of a shame other important articles are being unnoticed.

    County assists Bishop Gorman with refinancing of debt

    Please read and comment there too.
    I respect all of your comments tuasdad.

  25. I love these podcasts. I can't wait for Mondays to hear your comments. Then read everyone's opinions.
    I have to chime in and say you can not say Arbor View did not improve since the start of the year when they clearly beat up Liberty.
    Liberty did improve. Arbor did improve. The score would be the same. Maybe Arbor by another 7, Liberty had all summer to prepare for Arbor's double wing.

  26. ...and yet Arbor View will be watching Liberty play Gorman in the State Semifinal! It's not how you start...etc. etc. etc. Beat up on that!

  27. reporter1125, I hope your pick is because you're a Falcon supporter versus being a Patriot hater! You've been batting a straight ZERO against Liberty. Come to Rancho and watch the state semi game. Foothill will be there too...watching!

  28. Wiseguy.

    Nice win against foothill, although foothill scored almost at will on your defense liberty fought hard and I give those boys credit. Hope your coaches are SMART enough to come up with a game plan against gorman cause if you think your running game is gonna work against gorman ( mind you foothill pretty much shut down your run game minus the qb having some nice runs) than gorman wins by 30.

  29. Reporter1125 I don't know if you were at the game or not but the game i saw both teams had to really earn their scores. Foothill got the ball and good field position in the first quarter, and they had to put a 8 play drive together which included a roughing the passer penalty on Liberty which gave them the first down in the red zone. Once there it took them it took them another 6 plays to score and they earned it on the 4th down scramble by Kiplinger.

    The second time they scored they also earned that with a 8 play drive which again they had good field position. In the 3rd quarter they got shut out 3 straight series and only had 1 first down. So scoring at will reporter 1125 that sounds like a hater move on your part.
    Now to the second part of your hater comment...mind you foothill pretty much shut down your run game minus the qb having some nice runs...

    Hello!!!! The QB running the option play is that not a run play. Ok Foothill did a good job to take away Niko Kapeli's runs, but did they stop Jordan Kapeli or Kai Nacua on the option game. No they didn't so the premise of your argument would be more sound if you stated it this way..."Foothill shut down Niko Kapeli but was UNABLE to shut down the RUNNING GAME". and if you want some stats here you go...Kai Nacua 11 carries for 172 yards, Jordan Kapeli 15 carries for 137 yards, Niko Kapeli 12 carries for 60 yards. So if shutting down the run game is giving up 369 yards rushing than your not that good of a reporter...Im Just Saying....Much respect to the Foothill Players and Coaches...they are a class act group...

  30. The jealous poor people...

  31. well there u have it. reporter1125 you are just hating on Liberty. If you were SMART, as you say, you would be coaching a high school football team alongside your hilarious posts. And if you were a SMART high school coach, you would be coaching one of the teams playing this coming Saturday. But I highly doubt you are one of Gorman's coaches and I know for fact you aren't a Liberty coach (very good friends of mine).

    It was easy to figure that Foothill would key on Niko Kapeli. You gotta play the odds when you live in Vegas. The odds were that they would be spying and stacking against Niko all night. So the "not-so-smart" Liberty coaches split the 30-something carries Niko normally gets in 3 ways...a third to Niko Kapeli, a third to Jordan Kapeli, and a third to Kai Nacua. And what happened? Two-thirds of the time Foothill keyed on Niko Kapeli anyways and gave up over 300 yards of ground game to the other 2 carriers. Meanwhile, Falcon offense was forced to watch Liberty's ball control after going 3 and out several times "at Liberty's defensive will". hahaha...

    You, like many others, keep saying the Patriot running game isnt going to work because it is predictable and/or we dont have better or as many athletes as our opponents. But in the end, like last night, you go home to curse the high school football gods in the silence and darkness of your room while Liberty goes to Mama DePalma's Bistro to have some victory pizzas and Powerade. Given the choice, I'd rather be a dumb football coach on the sideline coaching deep in the postseason as a state contender than be a smart coach sitting in the bleachers watching the dumb coaches. LOL! reporter-11 wiseguy-25...I win! Woohooooo!! All in good fun though! I'm sure Liberty's coaches and players will give the upcoming game its due diligence! Hoping for a barn-burner! Go Liberty!!

  32. JT,
    I was at an Island Warrior game in the Seattle rain about 4 years ago and watched many of the young men playing this Saturday perform the Siva Tau before and after playing some awesome football. It would be something to see all of those same boys perform the Siva Tau again after the Game!! Don't know if the powers that be will let that happen, but it may be the last opportunity for an Island "reunion" Siva Tau. Wouldn't it be sweet...Good Luck to the Liberty Boys but I have to pull for 55 and his team!

  33. Ditto Calbear, I'm hoping we get liberty's Halftime entertainment next Sat not Gorman's

  34. Ray and Case,
    For the record, the "red headed step child" from just across the border, Truckee, does NOT get the favorable calls from the "Northern officials".
    In the semi final game against Fernley, Truckee was called for penalties 16 times, to Fernley's 2.
    That being said, I have not yet counted the penalties for the Championship game, but I believe Truckee drew more yellow laundry than did Moapa.
    Truckee may as well be from southern Nevada when it comes to officiating.
    Thankfully, it was a good, hard fought game, by two stubborn defenses, that was decided on the field, and in the minds of the coaching staffs.
    We look forward to seeing the Pirates again next year.

  35. ...and yet Arbor View will be watching Liberty play Gorman in the State Semifinal! It's not how you start...etc. etc. etc. Beat up on that!

    Hey JT:
    I was not putting down Liberty. They did improve. From Arbor's win over Liberty I said to everyone: Liberty will not lose another game until they loose to Gorman.
    They were challenged a little on the East side. Flip the teams around and Liberty would be watching Arbor play in the Semis. I would say the same with Centennial, Palo, Cheyenne and also Cim-Mem. You place any of these teams on the East side and they sweep that side.

  36. Well Prepfollower the only best way to find that out is to make some kind of petition to the NIAA simply stating we the fans and people of nevada wants no demands that you place all the big time football teams listed below in one conference.

    Bishop Gorman
    Palo Verde
    Arbor View
    Las Vegas
    Desert Oasis

    and if you end up in last place in this conference you drop down to the lower conference and the champion from that conference moves up to take your jus saying....

  37. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Centennial lose their opening game to Las Vegas High School? And didn't all those other teams (minus Palo) finish lower than Centennial? Nice try, but Vegas could beat all those teams except AV and Palo.