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Red, white and blue

Mon, Nov 21, 2011 (2:41 p.m.)

Las Vegas Sun sports reporters break down the long-awaited high school football state semifinal matchup between Bishop Gorman and Liberty. Are the Patriots ready to hang with the two-time defending state champions?

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  1. dang such a short podcast injury update on Stanley? Was hoping for a little debate on how much Liberty has improved since that loss to Arbor View at start of season.

    Nonetheless I think Gorman by 30, however if Gorman makes it out of this game with no injuries it'll be a big plus. Liberty is the hardest hitting team i've seen the last two seasons. They are going to bring it, even if they're down by 4 td's they're going to hit Gorman in the mouth all 4 quarters. I wish it would have been title game last year it was a shame to see them lose to McQueen although the fact that they send 3 McQueen starters to the bench with injuries for the championship game shows how physical a team they are. Can't wait for Saturday

  2. We believe!! And Brewer believes!!! WOW!!! well, well, Patriots...your hard work has paid off! LOL..

    To all LV Sun viewers, please come out and support our Patriots! As a proud Patriot parent, I humbly ask that you all come out and support not only Liberty, but on behalf of all the other public high schools in the valley!! We will be playing for them too! I have the utmost respect for BGHS, but let's be real...they have a huge advantage over the rest of the valley. But..beware.. our boys have waited a long time for this match-up..and it goes deeper than a Saturday afternoon football game. I am sure our team would agree, we are very grateful to have come this far and the boys have fought and worked very hard to get where they are. And they are very thankful for this opportunity play in the Semi-finals. That being said, our boys will come prepared and ready to give everything they've got! WE BELIEVE!

    And yes, Keifer you are correct! That is one of our chants, and you bolted it out perfectly!! Haha..

    GO P A T R I O T S !!!!!! M A N A!!!!!

  3. You have no idea how excited Liberty is for this game. We are all so proud of our team and wish them the best of luck. And yes, the chant is "Red,White, white and blue!"

  4. I agree with you ray. Liberty will not be able to run against gorman defense. Both arbor and palo have better running games than liberty and once liberty gets down gorman will be able to score at will. The only way liberty has a chance is if they mix up play callijg and keep gorman on their toes, running 40 times will not work. And most of all special teams. Foothill started almost practically at the 50 yard line all game .. also basic that's right BASIC high school shut down libertys running game, so gorman should have no problem. Yes wiseguy I'm sure you will comment how I'm wrong and am not SMART enough like liberty coaches, but I'm just keeping it real. That being said I hope liberty has a game plan and gives gorman a run for their money

  5. now now reporter. I dont see that anyone is "bitter" and you have yet to point out anything obvious about Liberty. Besides, I am way too amused by your posts to feel bitter! I'd say the only thing obvious is that you only see what you want to see and then blog like you know what happened at the game. The statistics and game film contradict over and over again what you post about Liberty. And I never made any comment about you not being smart. YOU are the one that repeatedly implies Liberty coaches are not smart enough to win.

    It's ok not to be a Liberty fan, but why come on here and just blatantly misrepresent represent the truth and act like you know what you're talking about. The bottom line is...they've made it to the semifinal game and your team did not. Trying to convince anyone that Liberty's game got shut down by this team or that team is tough to swallow when they have a RB with the most yards in the city and maybe even the state.

    You also post that Liberty was forced to pass against Basic because they got stopped at the line. Could they have passed by choice? Oh that's right, the Liberty coaches aren't smart enough to make that choice. But how does a team rush 286 yards while being stopped at the line? Oh, maybe cuz it wasn't quite 300 yards so yeah, Liberty got stopped. LOL! Oh wait a minute, Basic gave up at the END of the game. hahaha...that's right! They gave up on trying to stop the run and that's when Liberty could finally rush for 286 yards! You must have attended every Liberty game after they beat your team hoping someone would just crush the Patriots.

    Come to the game this Saturday. You might get your wish for Liberty to lose...but then again you might not! No matter what anyone says on here or anywhere else about the game this weekend... if you know or played football, the fact of the matter is there are absolutely no guarantees!

  6. anyone know if the game will be televised on LVTV or anywhere else?

  7. hahahaha... reporter, you already stabbed yourself in the gut, but then you go and twist the knife a few times. Statistics lend a little more credibility to the premise than you being at the games. LOL...
    "Liberty could not run the ball, all these yards that wiseguy keeps showing came when the game was already out of reach." Halftime score 42-13, Final score 56-21. Contradict yourself much? Pretty much every time so far! hahaha... How bout we morph my name to "reportersdad" and you morph yours to "funnyguy"! See ya at the game!

  8. I appreciate ALL the comments and opinions made on here regardless whose team you're rooting for. Thank you for keeping it informative with your perspectives and entertaining with your jabs WITHOUT making personal attacks on the players - because last year, it got UGLY!

    That being said, I look forward to an awesome game between Liberty's David and Gorman's Goliath.

    Forever proud of my #4 and his Patriot brothers.

    Redddd, whiitte....bluuuue; Red, white and blue!

  9. some darn good reading! makes up for the short podcast for sure! good stuff tuasdad et al!

  10. Absolutely loving the posts this week. Good luck to both Teams this week. I'm hoping for a great game and for all the kids to come out healthy. On a side note, I recently got an email from our good friend SGNoone asking to meet him to discuss our grievance like men! Haha. Absolute comedy. He also made other references about "pansy Gorman kids" and Vegas being a dump of a city. I love it. I think I'll post his entire email here tomorrow.
    Well here's my response. I'll be at the Liberty/Gorman game this week cheering for both teams to play well. This is because i have family on both sides. You can also find me at the next CNOA conference in Reno but it won't be until next year.

  11. As promised, here is the email I received from SGNoOne via the Sun:

    The user TeamSG1 sent the following message to you via Las Vegas Sun:


    If you think I'm such an idiot, how about we get together and discuss this like men? I'm not real fond of people hiding behind a keyboard and I'll be more than happy to let you see just who exactly it is that calls out these pansy Gorman kids and trashes this dump of a city along with its mediocre program.


    Please do not reply to this e-mail message. To send TeamSG1 a response, visit this Web page:

    Now mind you, I've made it clear I normally reside in Cali, so he knows his invitation has very little meat to it. This was in response to a post about him picking on kids and other posts about his fictitious Sci-Fi log-in name. Hope you all enjoy the irony as much as me.

  12. Guru...You are pretty much right on with your positional comparisons. I do believe that Liberty has a slight edge at the QB position because Nacua has been playing at a very high level in the playoffs, both running and passing. I agree with you that RBs goes to Gorman because of Starks. To me, Powell and Kapeli are almost mirror images of themselves in their size and style of running so even if Kapeli may have benefitted from a weak defensive league, I gotta think that he could have done what Powell did if he ran behind Gorman's dominant offensive line. But Liberty does not have a Starks type player in the backfield. Receivers goes to Gorman. As for the offensive and defensive lines, I believe the more accurate comparison is that the Gorman offensive line (with Stanley--does anyone have information if he's playing or not) has the advantage over Liberty's defensive line, but that Liberty's offensive line has the advantage over Gorman's defensive line.
    I agree that the LBs are a tie. The defensive secondary is a tie also if Liberty plays Nacua and Kapeli at CBs/Safeties. Special teams I too am not sure because I cant remember having seen Liberty's kicker kick or punt. Gorman's kicker is pretty solid fg kicker but not a very good punter.
    Coaching: Tie. Gorman has the experience in having played national teams and having been in the semis for 3 straight years now. But Liberty coaches have done a great job all season and in the playoffs by basically going undefeated after its opening loss to Arbor View.
    Like Ive said before, I believe and really hope that the outcome will be decided by a td or a field goal.
    Good luck to both teams, but for the reasons I have said before, I hope Liberty comes out with the W.

  13. Stanley is in good company with the rest of the Gael's who will also miss the Reed game! Liberty will be playing! Praying for a hard hitting but injury free game for both teams! I never like seeing a kid get hurt. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and Go Patriots! :)

  14. Great job Patriots!! I'm sorry someone had to lose. Island Warrior Football has benefitted both Liberty and Gorman!! Proud of all the FB players on the field today. JTMaddox can now jump on Reeds bandwagon.

  15. Well, NO Surprise. Just as we all suspected, Bishop Gorman vs. Reed.
    I must admit, I knew Reed would get past Carson, but I didn't see a blow out coming....
    Reed 49
    Carson 0

  16. Tuasdad, I know you've expressed concern about Gorman's depth in the past. Not too shabby for a team with all the injuries. Also, have you seen how many "elite" teams have lost in the playoffs? Hopefully the Gaels can close it out in Reno next week.

  17. I thought my prediction was going to happen with the game being decided by a td or field goal. Liberty played with heart and never gave up. I believe Liberty was right there with Gorman in talent, speed, size and athleticism. But 2 things that Gorman had made the difference: depth and Shaq Powell.
    Congratulations to Liberty on a great season and I look forward to seeing QB Nacua and RB Kapeli next year.

  18. Reed bandwagon? Negative. I'm territorial. I may not be a Gorman fan but I definitely do not want a Northern Region team as State Champ. Congrats BG on the win. Some folks pegged it already. With enough depth to have a rotation and keep players on one side of the ball, the game goes our way. But oh well, shoulda coulda woulda, right? Proud of our team and proud of our Liberty community!

  19. Tuasdad, as usual, I love your comments. Always right on point. Gorman easily handled Granite Bay, although it wasn't a full game scrimmage. I talked to one of the Granite parents and he conceded his team was outmatched. Specifically, our D-line and O-Line abused theirs. Might be some footage on YouTube.

    As for Liberty coming out strong, I totally expected it. Having watched an Island Warrior team that NEVER kicked the ball deep but chose to on-side kick it everytime. Loved the heart those boys played with, but I expected it. I heard Gorman folk were nervouse for two and a half qtrs. I tip my hat to their fans who post as well. Great way to support their team without tearing down anyone else.

    As for Gorman keeping up with Top 10 teams, I believe. Especially considering all the teams that were upset this week. I'm hoping the Gaels realize how special their season can be and come out firing on all cylinders!

  20. Tuasdad, I do agree with you that depth was the biggest factor and that Gorman was just the better team. I also agree that Starks could of done what Powell did but that again goes to depth of Gorman. Starks had a great game at safety and i think he had an int. An example of Gorman's depth is that they could have played Powell at safety and Starks at RB. My prediction or hopes of a td or field goal game was based on Liberty winning the turnover battle and playing a nearly perfect game. Take away the turnovers, especially the int when Liberty got the ball back down 27 to 35, then i think maybe Liberty stays within td in the loss. I really thought that Liberty could stay with Gorman with their best players going both ways, but i realized that this is not as easily done against a team like Gorman. I cant imagine how tired Liberty QB Nacua was in running the offense and then having to d up Gorman's biggest receiver in Tillman. The effects showed in the 3rd quarter as
    Nacua was not as effective with the QB runs and options. But i also realize that Gorman was
    without their most dominant player in Stanley. Again, depth showed as i almost forgot that Stanley
    wasnt even playing and so the kid who filled in for Stanley more than held his own. I still believe that Liberty is right there with Gorman in terms of talent, speed, size and athleticsm. Not saying even but pretty close, at least as to the skill positions. I wont be making the championship game in Reno, but i gotta believe it will be televised, right?

  21. Great comments!!!
    All of your insights are informative and entertaining. It is hard to swallow some pride and bias' in ranking the final top 5 or 10 in the city. I was talking to a coach from the southwest area and he said Liberty is going to make a banner reading, "2011 Southern Nevada Public School Champions"
    I am going to have to object to this idea. Everyone has laid out opinions and some stats that shows the improvement of Liberty since their loss to Arbor View in week 1.
    Tuasdad commented: Nov. 24, 2011 "I'm not basing "too much" on that first game. Losing by 10 is one thing losing by 20 at home is a lot to overcome. And maybe your team has, i've said they are definitely improved, but how improved? That's where some of us don't agree."
    The improvement of one team does not mean the other team did not improve. Could AV beat Palo now? Some say yes. But they lost 14-7, so Palo is better. Could Liberty beat AV now? Some say yes. But they lost 47-26, so AV is better.

    Take a look at rankings unbiased:

    Massey Computer Rankings:
    1.Gorman- Schedule strength(1) Offense(1) Defense(1) Power(1)
    2.Palo Verde- Schedule Strength(3) Offense(4) Defense(2)Power(2)
    3.Arbor View- Schedule Strength(2) Offense(3) Defense(5) Power(3)
    4.Truckee- Schedule Strength(11) Offense(5) Defense(3) Power(4)
    5.Edward C. Reed- Schedule Strength(25) Offense(2) Defense(14) Power(5)
    6.Liberty- Schedule Strength(17) Offense(6) Defense(17) Power(7)

    Max Preps Rankings: (ratings)
    1. Gorman(63)
    2. Palo Verde(43.7)
    3. Arbor View(40.4)
    4. Reed(38.4)
    5. Liberty(34.6)
    6. Centennial(29.4)
    7. Foothill(24.5)
    8. Cheyenne(22.3)
    9. Cimarron(23.1)
    10. Carson(22.3)

    Arbor View=Rushing:3757, Passing:929
    Liberty=Rushing:2538, Passing:984
    Palo=Rushing:3119, Passing:917

    MY TOP 5 Southern Nevada:
    1. Gorman
    2. Palo Verde
    3. Arbor View
    4. Liberty
    5. Centennial

  22. Prepfollower, your MaxPreps rankings are not accurate.
    MaxPreps has Centennial 7th.
    Carson is ranked 12th, not 10th.
    Perhaps you are only ranking the 4A schools, and not including the two 3A schools that affect your posted rankings...

  23. Kioonyou: Of course I did not believe Liberty would make a banner for "Public Champs". This statement just made me think about them deserving a banner if they made one. Would be very ignorant if they did.

    Yes, I was refering to the 4A rankings, here is the State rankings from Max Preps. This does not affect my point of ranking Liberty above Palo and AV.
    1 Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas)15-1 8-0 63 24.8
    2 Palo Verde (Las Vegas) 11-1 8-0 43.7 22.9
    3 Arbor View (Las Vegas)9-3 7-1 40.4 27.7
    4 Reed (Sparks)12-1 9-0 38.4 8.5
    5 Liberty (Henderson)11-2 6-0 34.6 19.7
    6 Truckee (CA)12-0 8-0 31.4 8.7
    7 Centennial (Las Vegas)7-4 6-2 29.4 22.6
    8 Foothill (Henderson)9-3 4-2 24.5 16
    9 Cheyenne (North Las Vegas)6-4 5-3 24.3 325.9
    10 Cimarron-Memorial (Las Vegas)6-4 4-4 23.1 15.9

    Jussaying: you are correct in looking at common opponents. Not too many polls use this in ranking. See B.C.S.
    Sending Gorman over to the Sunrise would give Palo and Arbor, even Centennial a chance to play in the Southern or State Championship game.
    Once Liberty lost to Arbor View, we knew Liberty would not loose until they played Gorman. That is not a rip on Liberty, it was a complement.
    I am jussaying 47-26.
    Not LOL...because Gorman needs to play in a 5A league.

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