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November 18, 2017

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Will Gorman be tested by Reed in state title?

Mon, Nov 28, 2011 (1:50 p.m.)

Las Vegas Sun sports reporters Ray Brewer and Case Keefer sign off on the high school football season by dissecting the final game of the season, a state championship showdown between Gorman and Reed in Reno. They also praise for Liberty for its effort against Gorman in the semifinals.

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  1. I see you guys put the podcast up but for some reason their is no play button to listen to it

  2. ditto, also "download episode" link goes to 404 error page

  3. **there..

  4. First off- Uber thankful for the Sun offering such great prep coverage including but not limited to this podcast. Keefer and Ray you guys make it fun and your efforts don't go unnoticed. Hope nothing stops you guys or the Sun from returning in this capacity next season. I am glad we had several mostly- knowledgeable and respectful HSFB fans on here to debate/discuss throughout the season.

    A- They had 3 years notice that the game would be up north it sucks for both Reed and Gorman to be playing this game at a regular HS..granted it looks like its astroturf via google earth, the players on both teams deserve a little better stage. Totally agree with Ray

    B- Arbor View and Palo were also not scared of Gorman like Liberty and also came out with no fear and punched them in the mouth, the biggest difference? Coaching. Liberty players played with balls to the wall and so did Muraco. Onside kicks to start and all day, going for it on 4th down at your own 25 in first half, he knew he had to take big chances to give his team a chance to win and he showed the confidence he had in his players through his play calling. Clearly taking those chances was a big risk for Liberty but look what it got them, 34 points on Gorman more than AV or Palo could have dreamed of. Unlike Rost who was in damage control mode Muraco knew he had to take chances in order to bridge the gap and I commend him for that. If they played like Palo in regards to play calling it would have been 66-14.

    C- Reed is in watered down league, that doesn't mean they don't have a hell of a team or that they can't beat Gorman. Just means hard to gauge. Same with their playoffs they played 1 team that might be a top 15 in the state and the others ranked in last 25-40. The road here was much much harder for Gorman who played the top 3/5 teams in state to get here now a fourth. I think Reed is solid, you can't discount that Granite Bay game, and even though i knew they'd beat an overhyped Carson, 49-0 is a statement even by north standards. I'm not terribly worried, while we were a lot healthier in August, Chap was about same size as Reed, better QB and WR's and spread it out and couldn't do much. I expect a similar game. For the record Ray, Del Oro is actually significantly better this year than last year when Gorman beat them. A beating B doesn't always mean B can beat C in HS football but I think Reed is very much a better team than in 2009. Good enough to beat Gorman? No, not on paper. This should be a 20-30 point win for Gorman but games aren't played on paper...that's why we play.

  5. D-Gorman is bigger, faster, far far far more battle tested and also more talented than Reed. That doesn't guarantee a win. 2000 Gorman (playing in the state tournament for first time in 14 years btw) played Wooster in the semi final. The game was in Vegas, at Valley. Gorman had 5 D1 players and outweighed Wooster (no D1 players) on the line by an average of 50lbs. Wooster beat Gorman. They played smart, special teams squib kicked away from Jason Rogers who played at UNLV (Justin Sweet's Uncle). So I hope Jason has a chit chat with Sweet and Co. about over looking a less talented, smaller team from up north.

    There is always the Manogue factor. Rivals has Gorman Basketball ranked #1 in country entering this season. With that same starting line up 5 D1 players and national ranking they got monumentally upset by a mediocre Manogue team last year and Reed football 2011 is a lot better than Manogue basketball 2010. I hope our boys don't overlook them and go up north finish season with exclamation mark and rep the south well.

    If the forecast of 50's clear skies and sunny comes true

    49-21 Gorman

    if it's windy or snows and Reed can't pass like they'd like, 56-10 Gorman

  6. Great job you guys enjoyed listening every week. I agree gorman will smash reed. Gorman better enjoy this title cause next year it ain't gonna be. A 4 peat. That oline had a hell of a run. Thanks again guys for your great work

  7. FYI, Damonte Ranch high school is the newest, and nicest high school facility in the North. The 3A, 2A, and 1A championship games were scheduled to be there, but were moved to Fernley...due to the Caughlin Fire in Reno. Talk about OUCH.... Not nearly enough room for the fans, including the visiting fans side of the field from down South. Sad, but one had to be empathetic to the fire victims.
    Two years ago, when they were held at Damonte Ranch, they still didn't have enough seats for the Truckee fans. There was a HUGE turnout. I don't know how many Damonte Ranch seats, but it was not enough, and it will not be enough on Saturday.
    That being said, the field is excellent, and there is plenty of room around the field.
    @tuasdad, I will buy you that hot chocolate. : )
    Weather will NOT be a factor, bring your Sunscreen.

    For those of you that wonder why Truckee plays in Nevada, (along with South Tahoe, North Tahoe, Coleville and Needles.) MaxPreps wrote a nice "historical" story about Truckee. I put it up here for reference only, for those that may be curious.

  8. dang...i was hoping to finally have a reason to wear my peacoat lol. Hot chocolate or coke either way i'll find you at half time. I figure Gorman will travel with 300-500 fans. We have a lot of fair weather fans that only show up when it's nationally televised or convenient. As long as I don't get to Reno and not get a seat i'll be happy.

  9. tuasdad,
    Well, 50 degrees may be "cold enough" for the peacoat.
    There will be plenty of seating for that few fans. ;)

    I suppose my Red "Truckee Football" baseball cap, and Black "101.5 FM" radio jacket will stand out among all of the Blue from both teams' fans.

  10. I am new to this so let me give this a crack. Gorman should win this game easily. Enough said.

    The big picture is this......What can we do to compete with Gorman?

    The short answer is load up one teams with talent like Gorman. Maybe one of the open enrollement schools like Desert Oasis or Liberty? Now if any of these team can get maybe just a hand full of kids, maybe finally we may see another Football State Champion. Until then BG will 3,4,5,6 peat like there baseball team!!!

    Liberty is the closest to make this happen! Maybe there are just 2 kids away? Desert Oasis probably 6 to 8 away.

    I don't know.... I'm rambling now...What say you vetern Las Vegas Sun comment writers???

  11. Stackthebox

    I agree with you liberty is 2 players away.. they need a WR and a safety. Liberty will be loaded next year with open enrollment, palo arbor gorman and liberty should be pretty even next year

  12. I'm not saying Liberty won't be good next year, but they lose a whole lot. They lose their best DE, their best LB, their best WR, their best DT/FB and their best OL! I don't know if that program can overcome all of that and remain Vegas Elite.

    Gorman loses 3 OL but essentially returns everyone else. Solomon, Tillman, Hunkin, Smith and Lott(Center) have been with the Varsity since their freshman year. I thought the loss of Stanley would be more significant than it was, but the Liberty game helped illustrate their depth. They had a DT flip over and play OT. In addition, those players mentioned above may be playing for what has to be unprecedented...a 4th State ring. I say may, because we all know you can't count your chickens before they're hatched.

    I am interested in what others think about Arbor View and Palo in terms of what they lose/bring back next year.

  13. reporter1125

    If I had a son that was a football player and I lived anywhere near Liberty that would seem like a no brainer.

    Just as an observer of football on this side of town. Silverado under-achieves and Coronado... well that speaks for itself.

    I'm no expert but thats what I see.

  14. Onecalbear

    Liberty is losing the kapeli brother which is a huge loss, and they really didn't have a very good wr the linebacker was good but the one they got coming in is great. They have a good qb and rb I think a wr along wit qb and rb are enough to be elite

  15. Since we r on next year OneCalBear, everyone watch out for Palo. They were just chosen as an open enrollment school. They are one of the largest schools (3300 Kids) and they get included for open enrollment. Now Rost gets to recruit the entire valley w immediate eligibility and the families don't have to pretend to move. If we thought he recruited before, watch this year.

    OneCalBear, I agree w you, Liberty loses 3 O lineman, both TEs, FB/dt, 3 of d lineman, best lb, 2 safeties, (no. 2 and 24). We saw sat. They didn't have the depth. They will be good again but have lot of key players to replace.

    Canyon springs will be favored in sunrise. 18 starters returning with great RB in Pumphrey. They r loaded for next 2years. Extremely fast. May get some top transfers from schools dropping to 3A( or div 2).

    Gorman loses 3 3yr starters on o line plus 2TEs plus Shaq. Defense loses Phillipi, guida,walls, Shaq, Hutchinson, Martinez and sometimes Stanley. They do have depth, but those are some really talented kids. If I missed anyone let me know.


  17. I saw on weather up in Reno sat is suppose to be 41 degrees clear and very little wind. Is that wrong? Plan on going, like to know exact forecast before I go. Weather shouldn't matter to gorman, because they can pound it down Reed throat. Reed has no chance of stopping of stopping Shaq and Starks. They'll have over 300yds rushing. BG 42 Reed 14:

    Hope BG has better crowd than Liberty game. BG fans, pretty disappointing fan support. 40% of your side was empty in local state semifinal game. Those boys deserve better. Ill be there rooting for our southern representative, even though I was for Liberty. Keep the titles in Vegas, not in Reno.

  18. lvfootball... while i agree and mentioned before that Gorman has more than it's fair share of fairweather fans, many of which don't show up unless it's on tv (national not local) or stand up for big third downs, seriously at times this year (Servite and Palo games for example) it was like pulling teeth to get people to stand up. Of that I envy Servite's entirely rabid fans, not just a section but the whole thing. Or the large and vocal section of Liberty's stands, wish more Gorman fans were less "uppety" and stood up and cheered. After i watched the replay of the Liberty/Gorman game I could hear myself yelling...granted i was up top near the booth where the mic's were but shoulda been enough people loud enough to drown me out.

    As for 40%...probably hard to see from your side but the visitor stands at Rancho hold about 50% less than the home stands where we were at. So ours, which was about 75% full, was probably a couple hundred more people than the number in your stands. Not trying to put you guys down, i think you had great fan support but just correcting the calculations. I don't know exactly what the capacity is but away side is about half the size and capacity of home side. Our stands had the last 1/4 section pretty much empty but the rest was full. Also I got there shortly after 9am and there were about 30 people there already tailgating, Solomon's family and some others all Gorman fans though.

    Liberty and Gorman fans trickled in there after starting at about 1030. I think both of our sides got lots of love and considering the crowd we had for Servite/Armwood/Palo we should have had our sides completely full.

  19. I love the Southern Nevada love. Despite what some posters think, I know for sure that last year's Liberty team wished Gorman well in the State Championship game against McQueen. Glad to know this year is no different. In the end we are pulling for local kids to do well.

    Lvfootball, I think that Shaq, Stanley, Scoggins and Strehlow will obviously be missed but this past game should alleviate some concern about Gorman's depth. Phillipi will be missed as well but was hurt and missed a large portion of the season. Next year's team will still return all of their skill player except Powell. Starks will take over those duties next year and I don't think there will be any drop off. Defensively, they return the entire D-line and will be nearly unblockable. They also have Sweet returning who is a better DB than he was a RB. And he was a good RB filling in when Shaq was hurt last year. Overall, people questioned their defense at the beginning of the year. Hopefully, Saturday's game will once again prove those doubts wrong. I expect the same next year.

    They have to be the favorites again next year.

  20. OneCalBear, the question is the Hunkin kid. I heard he had a pretty serious neck injury. He is a very underrated player. If he's ok then yes their defense will be tough up front. But didn't the hutchinson kid play DE. Also Guida was arguably def mvp sat. And Phillipi played a great game too. Shaq's been one of their best if not their best def player all year. I don't question you in the fact that they'll be very good next year. But they do have some very good players to replace.

  21. My belief is that Hutchins played a little DE and OLB, but Smirk and Nacua will be back next year. Singer and Hunkin will be back. Hunkin did have surgery but it was outpatient and is he expected to be back "good as new." Hopefully, that's true. If he grows a few inches, he has a huge recruit upside. If not, he's a very good HSFB Player and the announcers for the Servite game loved him.
    No dispute about replacing some special players, but they lost a bunch of great players after the 2009 and 2010 seasons. Still believe that the 09' team was their best of the last 3 years.

  22. OneCalBear, I think we're in agreement on most everything. Hunkin played a great game against both Servite and Armwood. Great to hear he will be back and healthy. Big difference maker. I know they have seem to have depth but their JV wasn't as good this year so we'll have to wait and see who is going to replace I believe 6 key players on defense (stanley who played key role in toughest games) plus their 3 Best offensive linemen and TEs. I know Starks is special player, but Shaq Powell has been spectacular for 3 yrs. Do you know who will back up Starks? That has made BG really tough when Powell needed rest they came w Starks.

    And yes that 09 team was really good. Don't know if I have seen a team that big and talented.

  23. has taken a few days to get over the loss. LOL! It was a great run. It's nice to repeat a great season (11-2 last year too AND lost first & last game just like last year), but it's better to win it all! Oh well, still extremely proud of my 2012 Liberty football team. Mention has been made about injuries on the Gael team, but I have to give a shoutout to the ironmen who have played with and through injuries on the Patriots all season long. Everyone knows when you lack depth you just have to play through the pain because it is way better than quitting or forfeiting!! You gave it everything you had last Saturday...Gorman was simply the better team "that day"!
    Tuasdad, I should have told you to come to Liberty last Saturday morning. We all tailgated there from 7am-10am and then brought the food to the Rancho visitor parking lot afterwards. It was a mean spread for an anxious cheering crowd. I want to send a shoutout to all the families who got together Friday and rehearsed your cheers. That is what I call serious love and support!
    Much respect to all the Gorman players. Many of them are good friends with several of the Patriots. I saw two teams who played hard and respected each other's abilities. Didnt see any dirty football at all. I heard a lot of the Gael's said even though they won they have never gotten their "@sses kicked like that before". That's respect right there!
    Now as the Gael's head up north, we all wish you safe travel, no injuries, and victory!! Keep the 4A championship in the Vegas valley! And to all local seniors who aspire to play college football, live your dream and make us all proud!!
    Dang...this next month is going to be long! Come on January! One month break and football starts again (the training anyways)! Can't wait...

  24. wiseguy...I don't think anyone is discrediting other teams by pointing out Gorman's injuries. Pointing out key starters who are out from being injured i think was a valid point, 3 starters on defense alone. I'm sure every team has had their injuries too. There is a difference with being hurt and being injured. Liberty players absolutely deserve credit for playing through the pain, but they're not alone. Philippi played the Servite game just a few days after having a screw put in his foot is one i can think of. I'm sure teams like Clark and Western with 25 players on their roster had plenty of guys stick it out for the team. Credit to Liberty ironmen and the same for every other team too.

    Would've been nice to have some island style tailgating. I'm very happy commnunities can get behind their schools like Liberty has, I wish it wasn't just Vegas, Palo, Gorman, Basic and Liberty who got larger community support than most.

    The nice part about it being at Rancho though was getting to have good mexican roadside food from breakfast before game and lunch afterwards. The downside was the police sirens that played along with the national anthem lol I think i heard cops rolling code 3 times before kick off.

    I agree I didn't see dirty hits or foul play like I did numerous times during Palo. This was a good hard hitting game and I can't wait for our boys to play Liberty again. I emailed McQueen's coach last year after gorman won state and congratulated him on great season and acknowledge that losing 3 starters during the Liberty game definitely hurt their chances against Gorman. During my exchange with him he said Liberty was one of the roughest and hardest hitting teams he'd played against and that it wasn't dirty like many hard hitting team it was just smash mouth football. Kudos to Liberty i'm sure we will meet again.

  25. fyi i guess this is where the state championship will be streamed

  26. wiseguy and tuasdad

    You make great points. I think that brings me back to the open enrolled situtation. Just image if Liberty had 2 or 3 kids that could of given any of those two way kids a rest..... image if they had a Chris Marshall type kid or a Kiplenger kid on there team with another LB or Line kid! Wow! We could of very well be talking about Liberty vs Reed this week!

    Once again just rambling......

  27. they'd need more than that to bridge the gap. 2-3 solid d or o-line guys so their current arent going both ways plus a guy like #7 for palo or del sol's linedemann and that might have kept it as close as it was first half all game

  28. not discrediting anyone. I dont want to come across that way! I was just recognizing Liberty. Hairline wrist fracture, separated AC joint, bulging disc, broken thumb, bruised ribs, torn meniscus and other knee injuries that the boys haven't had time to heal from... these occurred jsut in the last 3 weeks. Some from the games and some from practice. A lot of adults wouldnt play with these injuries. Nonetheless, these boys showed up and played. That's all I'm saying. Not judging anyone else just admiring the heart and fight in these young men from Liberty!

  29. Tuasdad, I happen to know that wiseguy sends nothing but love to the injured players on Gorman's sideline. Also recognize that players often play through the pain of injuries and they deserve credit for the warriors they are.

    Wiseguy, thanks for the well wishes to Kiki. It was much appreciated!

    Both of your positive thoughts are welcome and insightful for those of us keeping tabs from afar. Thanks. Brewer and Keefer, thank you from Cali!

  30. wiseguy sorry if i came off harsh, was not trying to say you didn't wish injured players from other teams well just pointing out that every school had guys like yours and ours playing with injuries.

    Tahoe, have you seen Reed play this season? What's your take on this game?

  31. tuasdad, I have not seen them play in person. Just seen highlights. I was surprised how bad they beat both Carson and McQueen this season. McQueen is obviously having a down year, but I thought Carson would have put up more of a fight.
    They "appear" to be much better than the 2009 version, that BG killed in the Semi's. (I was at that game.)
    I do know they play well on Defense, but obviously have not faced a "team" like BG.
    Carson was not the same team without Sawyers, (while he was injured), but he was a non factor in their game with Reed.
    I don't believe Reed can hang with Gorman, but I suspect they will throw everything they can at Gorman, including the kitchen sink...
    Reed is also apparently quite good on Special Teams.
    That being said, if a defense puts pressure on the QB, and forces him out of his comfort zone....bad things can happen.
    Teams will throw everything at your team, when you are a winning program. We see EVERYTHING, thrown at Truckee. Fallon "was" a running team, but teams cannot run on Truckee, so they came in with a 4 wide receiver set. It worked initially, but then Truckee adjusted. (Truckee was also missing their All State MLB in that first Fallon game.)
    I wouldn't be surprised to see Reed match Gorman score for score until half way through the 2nd quarter, but Gorman's size will take a toll on the Reed lines, and the game will shift.
    Reed QB will have to spread the ball around and get rid of it quick...
    Hopefully, it is NOT more than a two TD differential, but Reed will have to have a LOT go right for that to happen.
    The only team they lost to, Granite Bay, in Week 1, is still playing in Cali. Granite Bay has only two losses on the season, to Vacaville and Del Oro. BOTH of those teams are still playing.
    Reed only lost by 1 score to Granite Bay.
    Hopefully, we all get to see a game that is still competitive in the 4th quarter.

  32. Several "New" stories up on the web site.
    One is about betting on high school football, and the other is the RGJ's take on "the game".

  33. Getting ready to head to Reno, does anyone know for sure the forecast? I've heard 47 light wind also heard 35 sunny 10-15 mph wind. Appreciate info if anyone knows.

    Also saw where Reed starting Rb/Lb is out. Shame for Reed as well as Gorman so many good players out. Gives Gorman advantage because of their depth.

    BG 42 Reed 14. Shaq 180-200 yds 4 tds. Great finish to great career.

  34. High of 44 low of 20 clear skies is what its showing from the airport.just busted through tsa like Powell through the secondary and shall be in reno shortly smelling the air of a much cleaner city filled with much nicer people than Vegas

  35. Upper 30's at kickoff, sunny, no chance of "precip".
    Winds the last couple of days have produced 4 to 5 foot waves on Lake Tahoe, and there are people SURFING...
    Yes, SURFING on Lake Tahoe.
    Winds are supposed to be light on Saturday. A beautiful day for football.
    No sideline heaters necessary... <grin>

  36. Gorman is the real deal and Reed doesn't have a chance! Mcq went down to Vegas last year without their 3 best players, had opportunities and blew it, penalties and bad play calling! What people up north don't understand is that Gorman plays on a different level. Some say not fair. In most states private schools have their own league, why not in NV? Gorman has no business being in the public school leagues. Sanchez makes more than most D1 coaches. 80 grand to coach with one weights class. Living the dream in vegas! What a shame!

  37. Lake Tahoe guy, When you start playing in NV 4a you can talk. You play nobody. Little ole Fallon had you beat and you had to fight to beat them. Don't compare little ole Truckee to the 4A teams that would roll your boys! G
    o back to the Bar of America and talk S--t!

  38. G nvfootball fan, sounds like somebody grew a pair for the last game of the season. Shoulda been here all season and should present your argument in adult form, it helps if you don't want to be dismissed as an angry ranting 16 year old, or 50 year old (See SG1)

    Now try saying the same thing but pretend you're a grown up.

  39. wow..disgruntled much? $80k a year is actually small college salary for their coach. we're talkin DII, DIII, & NAIA level average. You cant say "most D1" coaches cuz that's extremely inaccurate. D1 college coaches are paid very my standard anyways. Mid 6 figure income and UP..way up! But I get the point you're trying to make. I am not a Sanchez fan by any stretch of the word. The gap between his public and personal image as a "coach" is too wide. Etiquette moves me to leave it that. BUT ANYWAYS, I do wish him and the rest of the Gael team the best of luck towards victory!

  40. Who is this post-wagon fan? Could he be an alias? Hmmm... Good luck to the Gaels today and good luck to the Raiders! Play your hearts out Raiders but don't win. Haha! Gaels, make it 3 in a row and go home flying high!! Remember, they play the games on the field for a reason. I expect Reed to throw everything AND the kitchen sink at you.

  41. nvfootballfan, I was not comparing Truckee to 4A schools, I was comparing style of play. What one team will do in order to win, when they are not expected to win. Reed is not expected to win, so they will pull out all stops, try trick plays, etc.
    "Little ole Fallon" averaged approximately 30-40 lbs. more than Truckee on the lines, and they tried everything they cold to win. Fallon is well coached, and not the "Little Old Fallon" of old.
    @tuasdad, thanks for sending over your #, I will text you mine so we can connect at the game.

  42. I hope Reed knows their going to get smoked out by Gorman. Reed's teachers didnt spell GORMAN right wow guess you can tell the difference between private and public....

    GO GORMAN!!!!!!!

  43. As predicted Gorman beat the crap out of Reed! Fritita's employ a few of the coaches at Gorman and throw big bucks their way! Nevada public school sports will never be on the same playing field until this is figured out.
    Not disgruntled at all! Just enjoy watching all you armchair Qbs talk throughout this season! It is very entertaining.

    For the guy that said 80 grand is for a small school coach, where are you from? Look up some D1 assistant salaries. Get a clue!

  44. Most all D1 asst. coaches make 6 figure salaries. D1, not d2 or d3. What I hear is Sanchez is around 150,000. His assts. who came w him from Ca are around 75-80,000 paid by stations casinos. Don't know this to be a fact, but have heard this from many sources.

  45. Lvfootball...I've heard similar except that sanchez is about 100k and the assistants (a couple not all) are around 60-70k

  46. Most D1 assistants make 6 figures? Maybe in the SEC and Big 12. Not in any conferences out here! Tuasdad, I am guessing you are a Gorman parent. I was at the state championship Sat with Gorman fans. They were a class act and we enjoyed talking with them. Soloman's parents are great people as were most of your fans. Your team should be very proud of their accomplishments this year, especially getting NV football national attention. I look forward to following your players at the college level.

  47. Tuasdad I hear the 100k is from Gorman and the rest is from Fertitas. Also yes I hear the same, not all asst just the 5 or 6 he brought from Ca with him (his brother and the other Ca guys). But hey kudos to them. If you can get it then why not.

    Nvfootballfan, I heard the Smith kids dad who was Rb coach at UNLV 2yrs ago (now at Indiana I believe) was making over 100k. I know all BYU position coaches are over 100k. OC/DC much more. Auburn offensive coordinator sign last yr 1.2 million a yr. You can look that up. I know that's extreme but D1 pays very well. D1-AA (like N Arizona and Southern Utah) it drops off quite a bit.

  48. Just so I understand, now it's "Gorman has all the talented coaches"(being well paid). So, the argument that "Gorman has all the talented players" has run it's course?
    How about this - Gorman attracts good and talented kids, whose parents remain involved because they have invested in the education and the sports experience, being taught be committed coaches, who preach a single system from Freshman thru JV thru Varsity. The school rewards the effort of coaches and players with opportunities to play the best teams (OOS and other)in one of the best venues in the West. The formula often leads to success - not always (see BBall upset by Minogue last year). Congratulations to the talented Gorman team of players and coaches last weekend.

  49. Grayghost,
    You are correct, who wouldn't want to play for Gorman. You are one of the best football programs in the country! I wish my kid could afford to play for you! Your team has put NV football on the map! Sanchez is a great coach and others in the state should learn from him. Excellence breeds jealously and animosity! If public schools had the resources they would be all over it!
    Look forward to watching you play again in the national spotlight!