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Should Arbor View have accepted game with Gorman?

Mon, Oct 17, 2011 (2:37 p.m.)

Las Vegas Sun sports reporters Ray Brewer and Case Keefer are back with their weekly high school football podcast. This week's episode plays more like a variety show, as the two touch on a number of issues related to last week's gridiron action.

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  1. Still havent gotten through the whole podcast yet, but talking about Gorman getting practice against Arbor and their double wing, think the other way, Arbor gets practice against Gorman!

  2. Wow, Ray. You took your date to a topless show on her prom night and were surprised that she got offended? Dude... the podcast. You guys are like the PTI of high school football :)

  3. Keefer & Brewer great podcast this week! It Made me laugh a few times! So i finally signed up!
    My prediction Gorman will dominate.. There in a league of there own.
    By the way Brewer make some calls i wanna see my spartans play sierra vista!

  4. Spartan: That would be a great idea. Why not give both those teams an extra game, too.

  5. The fact is Arbor is better offensively, but the Palo D is better.

  6. sanchez is not a good coach he wont figure out how do stop anything he just has the best talent and the kids make it happen

  7. I agree with Guru. Arbor View has a better offense and Palo has a better defense. But Im not sure Palo is the better overall team now because the first time they played was early in the season and Arbor View had I think at least 3 turnovers. I think its great that Arbor View stepped up to play Gorman. It would be great for Southern Nevada high school football if they can pull off the upset and even if they lose its still a sign that the other programs are slowly trying to narrow the gap between Gorman. Im interested to see how Arbor View's freshmen and jv teams do against Gorman because it will be a good indicator of whether the other programs will be competitive against Gorman for the years to come or if Gorman will just continue to dominate in the future.

  8. Ditto Ray... I know Gorman's frosh and jv only have one loss (Servite) how are AV's? I may actually go catch the underclass games

  9. Yes, I agree with Ray 100%. Also Didn't know Brewer never played football? Interesting. Arbor is good at the underclassmen level.

  10. Arbor's freshman and jv teams both have only 1 loss to Palo I believe

  11. Thats good to hear that Arbor View is good at the underclass level. I hope they are competitive with Gorman's underclass because that would be a good sign that things will even out a bit in Southern Nevada high school football in at least 4 years from now. I do think Gorman will be dominant for at least the next 2 to 3 years because Gorman will return a majority of their players next year and the jv team is very good. Im hoping Arbor View will win at least 1 out of the 3 games against Gorman.

  12. Guru: I feel like I've let you down .. "Didn't know Brewer never played football? Interesting." Ouch

  13. On Arbor View's team website it shows that the freshman team isn't playing Gorman..? Shed a little light on this?

  14. lvfootball

    Again, according to the Arbor View team website, the jv are infact playing faith, I don't know, maybe they aren't it's just thats what it says

  15. Thats too bad that the Arbor View freshmen are not playing Gorman. I hope their jv team is playing Gorman because the outcome will be a good indicator as to whether or not the Gorman program will continue to dominate in the next 2 to 3 years since Arbor View is one of the top rising programs. Im hoping Arbor View varsity and jv pulls out the upsets or at least keeps it close. If anyone knows about the jv game it will be appreciated if you can let me know because it will save me a trip to Gorman tomorrow if Arbor View jv isnt playing.

  16. Yes the jv game is happening, just not the freshman game, unfortunately I will be out of town during both of these games so seeing the jv score would be much appreciated thanks Ray ;)

  17. Will do Qosky and Tuasdad. I will post a summary of the jv game.

  18. Gorman players/contibutors who have been there since freshmen year: WRs- Smith and Tillman, QB - Solomon, OL - The entire starting 5, DL- all of their Starters, RBs- Powell and Starks, DBS- all four starters...Actually, it may just be every single Starter! Not positive, but pretty sure on all the others not mentioned above. LBs and TE not 100% but 99% sure. Hope that info is helpful.

  19. Also, where did Lott Haia-Kahalewai come from? I think last years team gave the people the impression that a lot of kids come from out of state to play at Gorman like the Zeigers(originally from BG), and the Mook kid.

  20. Thanks for the info guys. I'm from Moapa and all of my private school dealings comes from dealing with Faith Lutheran a few years back. I know how they do things, but I'm not too sure how Gorman does it.

    I agree with you Tuasdad that the public schools that will be in Division 1 will be getting a lot of "transfers" from the Division 1A schools. Think about it.... If you are a stud athlete that is zoned for Mojave or Chaparral, or Sunrise Mtn, why would you want to play for that school in the Division 1A league? I think we will see a lot of kids transfering out of Division 1A schools and into Division 1 schools.

  21. gorman is great cause of scroggins, stanley, powell, smith, and starks. next year gorman will level out with palo arbor and liberty and vegas.

  22. Gmartinez, I agree with you that Gorman is great this year because of Scroggins, Stanley, Powell, Smith and Starks. But you forgot Soloman and Tillman. Also, as much as I would like to believe that Gorman will level out next year with Palo, Arbor View, Liberty and Las Vegas, I dont think thats going to happen. Remember, Soloman, Smith, Tillman will be seniors next year and Starks will only be a junior which is just scary. And Im sure Gorman has talented underclass linemen that will step up who may not be as good as Scroggins and Stanley but still very good. Things may level out sometime in the future but it wont be next year and possibly not for another 3 to 4 years.

  23. Wow, live updates on the jv game :D cool, thanks tuas , im on the road right now so I get to miss out

  24. Wow, nice my alma mater is Arbor View glad to see the jv beating a team like Gorman! Hope I'm fortunate enough to get live updates for the varsity game

  25. Wow, amazing, I'm not quite sure how good Gorman jv is but they can't be that bad! Think I can get live updates for the varsity game?

  26. Thanks so much tuas, much appreciated, you don't know how bummed out I am to miss out on this game.

  27. Wow! What a great game tonite between Gorman and Arbor View jv teams! Almost identical to the Gorman/Servite jv game, especially the finish. Gorman took the lead 14 to 10 with like 2:30 minutes to go and then Arbor View scores the go ahead td with like 30 seconds to play. Arbor View was the more physically dominant team and really dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. I was at the Gorman/Servite jv game and Arbor View was more dominant on the line, especially on defense than even Servite jv. Arbor View pressured and sacked Gorman QB Hong all night and stuffed Gorman's running game where it looked like Gorman was held to less than 50 yds rushing for the game. So Gorman had to go to their passing game to move the ball and they struggled with that. Even though Gorman QB Hong had 2 td passes, he and his receivers were out of sync all night but much of that was because of Arbor View's defense and constant pressure on QB Hong.
    Arbor View had a great defensive game plan and executed it greatly. I think Gorman's 14 pts was
    the lowest of the year for them since they even scored 21 against Servite. Very proud of Arbor View
    and im not hating on Gorman but Its great to see that other programs like Arbor View are definitely
    closing the gap on Gorman's dominance. Hopefully tonight's game will be an indication of more
    competitive Southern Nevada high school football in the upcoming years. Im hoping the varsity game tomorrow niight will be like tonight.

  28. Lott has been there since he was a freshman.

  29. RayC while that was a great game I think its too soon to get overly optimistic about the future. While Gormans JV may be fairly average, last night's game should tell you one thing: They're going to do whatever it takes to make sure they plug the holes in that squad. (*cough*recruitment*cough*).

    And whoever was asking about Lott, he didn't move in from out of state. Though I'm not sure how or why he was ever put on the field, I think that was a classic case of "who you know" as opposed to "how good are you?".

  30. Tuasdad, you hit it on the nose. Arbor View jv came out last night and pretty much punched Gorman jv in the mouth. Although there is no doubt that the Gorman program has the top talent, most of the schools that play Gorman come into the game with a defeated mentality even before the opening kick off. Arbor View jv showed last night that they really believed they could play with and even beat Gorman. Gorman jv on the other hand looked as though they believed they were going to win just because they were Gorman and so they looked like they were somewhat stunned. Kinda like a bully getting punched in the mouth by a kid picked on. Different than the Servite game because I think Gorman knew going into the Servite game that Serviite was coming to play. As much as I hate to say so, I do have to be real and say that even as poorly as Gorman's jv played last night, and much of that can be credited with the way Arbor View played, it took a last minute td for Arbor View to win which I think does say a lot for the overall talent Gorman has. For tonight's varsity game, Im sure Arbor View is going to have the same no fear mentality as their jv last night. But my concern is that if Arbor View gets blown out by Gorman, then I think its going to be even more devastating and demoralizing for Arbor View. Im just hoping that if Arbor View cannot pull off the upset that they will at least keep the game close so that the players and coaches will know that they can play with Gorman. Ive never been a hater of Gorman or a supporter. Im a fan of high school football and so I just think its better for Southern Nevada high school football for teams to at least be competitive with Gorman.

  31. RayC you will see Gorman playing harder than they have all season. That highly inaccurate national ranking is at stake and that matters more to the staff than a state title at this point. Though I've seen small town 4A teams that could whoop the crap out of this Gorman team, these websites and their silly computerized formulas think this school is a contender.

    Gorman fell into the 30s now on MaxPreps and a loss tonight would put them back down where they belong.

  32. He won't respond Tuasdad. He was too busy praying that Gorman would lose tonight. That's what's great about haters like him and Martinez. Eventually, they'll be able to claim they were right because every team eventually loses. I just think it's so telling that presumably grown men/women are praying for high school kids to fail. Shining examples of humanity is what they are.

    Congrats to AV for stepping up and taking a shot. Good luck in they playoffs fellas!!!

  33. Butch, I will respond, but I've been a little busy enjoying some of the karma that was delivered this weekend.

    Here's one for you Tuas: Katy, Texas. Small city under 12,000 people. Despite the fact they don't have a city of nearly 2 million to recruit from, they'd still destroy the little Gormans.

  34. tuas: I've made a valid point. You are clearly not terribly bright and I'm not going to sit here and debate with someone who is of typical Las Vegas intellect. You lilke to throw out these marathon posts filled with numbers and stats that you look up on the internet.

    Nobody is here to win your that OneCalGirl homer over. I don't expect the Gorman-fanbois to even listen to reason, so you really don't have to waste your time.

  35. Tuasdad,
    As usual, love your posts! They are always opinionated and full of incite, but fair. Disagree about Katy though. They have trouble playing defense but can score with the best of them.
    As for SGNoone, you really thought he was well educated? least not to the degree he would have you believe. I've already called him on his poor grammar, inability to spell and lack of education. Ha!! He's just another idiot with a computer and backwater ideals. I actually believe his earlier post about karma was his way of celebrating the Fertitta boys' injuries!!! As I said he's a moron.

    I'll make it to the Gorman-Palo game. He can bring proof of his education and I'll bring mine...oh wait, he probably lost his middle school graduation certificate!

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