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Final push for the postseason

Mon, Oct 24, 2011 (3:26 p.m.)

Las Vegas Sun sports reporters Ray Brewer and Case Keefer look across the Las Vegas valley at the playoff races still alive entering the last week of the regular season. Does Canyon Springs have a shot against Las Vegas? What about Foothill vs. Liberty? Listen in for discussion on these topics and more.

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  1. Ray/Case, always enjoy listening to your show. Its a routine for me to listen before getting ready for MNF every Mondays. I know Ray likes Las Vegas to win the Sunrise but its going to be Liberty. I believe Liberty has too much meat on the offensive line and Kapeli is going to "ground and pound" (Ray's line). Also, Liberty can pass if they want and so I cant see Las Vegas stopping Liberty's offense. I do see Las Vegas scoring more on Liberty compared to last year but Liberty by 10+ pts. After what i saw last week from Arbor View, who i believe has very athletic players, i cant see anyone beating Gorman this year. I believe the only chance anyone will have is to keep the clock running and to either keep Gorman's offense off the field with long sustained drives on offense or to keep Gorman's offense on the field for longer period of times and not giving up quick tds. So a Palo or Liberty defense need to play the bend but dont break type defense against Gorman. Of
    course this is easier said than done. And Tuasdad is being modest by thinking that Palo will keep
    it within 30 pts this year. The only way that will happenn is if Gorman self destructs and plays a "D" grade type of game and Palo plays nearly a perfect "A" game and that would still result in a Gorman
    win by at least 30 pts. Remember last year Gorman played a very sub par game and played very
    poorly in the first half while Palo played a very good game but yet the end result was a Gorman
    blowout and Palo had much more talent last year than they do this year. Unfortunately, its going to
    be Gorman completely dominating for the next 4+ years. Just scary to think that Starks is just a
    sophomore and Ray you are not the only one believing that he is one of the top sophomores in the county. My friends from Southern California involved with high school and college football believe
    that he is arguably the #1 sophomore in the country.

  2. ray b,

    I agree with you and i am a liberty fan. vegas will beat them because of coaching. im would be surprised if liberty makes it to the semi and doest slip up in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

    tuasdad listen i apologize for my commetns earlier, your right i do have a thing against gorman. i just dont believe they are better at any position besides the offensive line. and yes i was wrong about arbor view, i didnt know that stanley would play defense, but come on man you cant really think that gorman will dominate next year when they lose their two offensive line studs do you? yes starks is amazing and i believe he will be the best back gorman has had. as for qb lets see how good he does not having all day to throw.

  3. Gmartinez, i agree with you that Gorman is not better at every position and i would be very happy if you are right that Gorman will not dominate next year. But im pretty sure they will even without their 2 great linemen. Starks will be unstoppable even behind an average line and i gotta believe Gorman will have an above average line next year. And i think you are underestimating QB Soloman's running ability. Ive always thought he was a better runner than a passer. So look for him to get a ton of rushing yards next year if his line doesnt give him the time hes getting this year. I also think Gorman's defense is going to be very good since they are mostly juniors and sophomres this year. So I just cant see anyone challenging them next year and in the next 4 or so years.

  4. Ray (Cordova not Brewer) You're dead on as to why Liberty will win. Even with their underwhelming performances early in the season or against Coronado they've got enough meat to beat Vegas. Victor and Henderson would be astronomically successful if they had meat and speed on their line. They'll score against Liberty and it'll be closer than last year but they can't do it alone. Liberty will take that game.

    And you're right about Starks. He gives me that same feeling as Demarco Murray when I saw him play. He has more of a Stephen Jackson style and I think he has the platform to excel and be very highly recruited. Speaking of Murray, Brewer since you're the HS expert am I right in my assumption that Jackson vs Murray at the Rams vs Cowboys game was the first time two Vegas players started at RB against eachother in NFL? I thought Murray breaking Emmitt Smith's single game rushing record warranted a shout out on the podcast, maybe next week : ) worries. I've said it before I think the gap will be smaller next year. This year Gorman really had all the stars align and their skill positions coupled with big, strong, fast and very experienced O-line just made it amazing. I think they'll still be pre season #1 in state next year and they'll be favored to win state again but i think Palo/Arbor will have a much smaller gap to bridge and they just might next season. So will they dominate next year like they have this year? Not likely. They'll be playing a few more out of state games and will have the ability to earn a high national ranking but they won't dominate as big time as this year. But they'll still dominate and still be favorites. Not as big favorites.

    Put it this way this year i asked for vacation days at work in August for the state semifinal and championship game because i was damn sure we'd get there. Next year? I'll get the days off but wait until after the sunset final before booking my other travel arrangements.

    And i'm with Ray, love the podcast. i'm glad we have this type of great coverage for high school football. It sucks i'll have to wait that in about a month it'll be over.

  5. Solid Point Ray... this year the big question mark was Gorman's young and unproven defense, which i think did a great job and kept their end of the deal.

    Next year? The question will be the oline, but they'll have one of the best defenses in state and i think Ray is right even a mediocre oline would be enough.

    I would love to see an all star game at end of every season between south and north instead of the sunrise/sunset thing they do where half the guys don't play in it to avoid injury before college. Could you imagine The best from the south actually playing to win for bragging rights against the north? Damn that'd be so much fun to watch.

  6. Gang: It was pretty cool seeing two Las Vegans starting at running back last Sunday in the NFL -- Eldog's Steven Jackson with the Rams and Gorman's DeMarco Murray with the Cowboys. Saw of photo of them talking after the game. Just awesome. To be honest, I pegged DeMarco as being overrated while at Gorman. Thought he put up monster numbers against inferior competition. I was wrong! ...I think Nathen Starks could one day be in the league.

  7. Wow, Ray DeMarco has one good game against a pretty awful team and suddenly he's 'the man', funny how he hasn't gotten much mention before this past Sunday.

    If you haven't watched many other Dallas games - he's pretty much stunk. He's lost his step and doesn't have the durability to last but a few seasons in the NFL.

    And way too premature on many factors come into play down the road. Put down the Gorman pom-poms for God's sake.

  8. Patriots do work...coaches, players and all. Dont be fooled by the Coronado game. This was the game to play the 2's. Liberty doesnt have much depth and the gap between JV and Varsity is huge. Even many of the 1's have been playing injured all season due to lack of quality depth. If there was a game to play the guys who haven't had much playing time..this was the one. It was also a game to try some things. gmartinez seems to have a lot to say about our coaches, but since these coaches started 4 seasons ago, Liberty football has steadily improved and the community has rallied behind their Patriots more than ever before. But gmartinez is entitled to his opinion however inaccurate or false. But about the Coronado game, when it got to the 4th quarter and we needed to secure a victory, Coach Muraco put all the 1's back in on both sides of the ball. End result? Liberty wins again! BTW, these same coaches smashed Vegas last year and they'll do it again IF they can get past the Southeast #4 team. lol.
    Ray B u can say that Vegas quit last year, but the fact is...Liberty's smashmouth football MADE THEM QUIT! The road to state runs thru Gorman, but our Patriots will take things one game at a time!! Good luck everyone this Thursday! Luv high school football!

  9. point taken! my apologies for being defensive when it comes to our coaches. i'm very appreciative of the work they've done in such a short time at Liberty. whether we, as spectators, agree or not with how they call the game, i know that a team chock full of D1 ballers dont win without having some level of proficient coaching. many have said that they are predictable. but i am of the school of thought that knowing what your opponents will do is only half the battle. you still have to stop them. sitting on the bleachers watching practice i've heard them say this many times before. "so what if they know what you're gonna do...they still have to stop or beat you! and my money is on you!" their confidence in the players motivates them to play beyond themselves.
    if i were betting man (meaning i'm, i'd be rolling in the dough from Liberty games. With their current record, I will have reaped returns 7 out of 8 times. i've watched Liberty football since the school opened and we've taken our fare share of lumps over the years. if we were to play AV again, i believe it would be a different outcome simply because the players would want it more this time around. they would be motivated from previously losing to AV. it's like how they get motivated each week to prove Brewer

  10. Ray Brewer, still no chance for Truckee for State?
    32 in a row, soon to be 33...

  11. Seems to me that everyone's looking too far ahead from this week. Seeding is up for grabs this week which could alter everyone's prognosis. Vegas has to beat Canyon to remain NE's #1 and Liberty needs to beat Foothill to remain SE's #1 for your coveted State Semi-Final match-up. I know for a fact that both Canyon Springs and Foothill will be ready to go in front of their home crowds and if Liberty and Vegas are too focused on their potential match-up, they will go down.

    Either way, its going to be a great week of football! Let's go Foothill! LINE 6

  12. Never looked ahead to Vegas or anyone else coachfun. Gotta lot of respect for the Foothill team. It was a good game and thankfully Liberty came out on top. Props to the Patriot offense. They came up big when the defense was struggling as a unit. Also, mad props to our linebacker #4 Jared T. sorry, dont know how to spell (or say) the last name. But this kid was hitting the Falcons in the mouth all over the field. I hear we got Valley next! Take no one for granted! Ball out and maybe we'll end up playing Foothill in quarter finals. Good luck in postseason Foothill! What a great game last night!!

  13. Yes, the game was an amazing shootout and in the end, it was great football. Who knows, there could be a rematch in the Region Finals! Great job to both teams!

  14. LakeTahoeGuy: I'm sticking with Moapa Valley this year. Hopefully both teams make the finals so we can get a competitive state game. Can't wait.

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