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Working through the playoff brackets

Mon, Oct 31, 2011 (2:37 p.m.)

Las Vegas Sun sports reporters Ray Brewer and Case Keefer go over the high school football postseason picture and reflect on how it got to this point. The episode also contains a lengthy segment debating who is the Southeast Division MVP — Niko Kapeli, Kyle Keplinger, Aaron Love or Chris Marshall.

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  1. round 1: southeast sweep. liberty beats valley! foothill will definitely beat dp! basic and green valley have a shot! let's go southeast!!

  2. This podcast couldn't come fast enough, always appreciated glad the Sun has this coverage.

    I'm rooting for a SE sweep too. I think GV is the least likely to win of the SE games but i'm going to hope they play like they did earlier in the season and that Vegas is as overrated as Canyon.

    Unless we have a massive upset (think Manougue vs Gorman basketball last year) I'm more excited about the first and second round games than the state tourney. I still think Palo will give Gorman a better game than Liberty will in state semi or Reed will in final. But this first two rounds will be fun to call and see how it plays out. I'm undecided between watching the GV vs LV game or Basic vs Canyon Springs game this week as i'll enjoy that more than watching Gorman throttle Cheyenne

  3. As far as the etiquette for injuries go you don't take a knee on the high school level. Most coaches use that as a sort of mini time out to coach up their team on the sideline. You might take a knee if there a major injury but it is a great opportunity to go over the current strategy with your team.

  4. Basic took a couple knees this past week when Del Sol players went down. I think it a sign of respect that should be shown at this level. You're still trying to shape these kids to be young men. Think of that Green Valley kid couple years ago that was paralyzed, in the grand schemes of things would kneeling as a sign of respect really kill your team? No.

  5. Palo verdes JV went undefeated.. they beat arbor view 30-28.
    They also set beat shadow ridge 84-0 and Mojave 76-0.

  6. agree that GV is the weakest link in the SE chain. As for taking a knee during is simply etiquette and not a rule. It's like using a public restroom...when you're talking to someone using the urinal next to you, it's proper etiquette for both of you to talk and look at the wall in front of you or look each other dead in the eyes. You should never look down! LOL! The best games of football are about to take place these next few weeks. The road to Gorman is finally turning the last few corners!

  7. Reading the news in the Reno area and they have nothing up there to listen to or to read about their football teams. Does anyone have a link or a lead on anything about the North Teams?

  8. In order to get any info on the North, you kind of have to follow the RGJ's Blog posts. (They originate locally.)
    tuasdad is correct, this year's Reed team does appear to be better than the 2009 Reed team.
    I watched Gorman crush Reed in that '09 game.

  9. Liberty's freshman went 6-1, JV went 8-0

  10. Hey Gorman Homer: Thanks for the love. We appreciate the positive feedback. We look forward to Mondays to. Love doing these podcasts.

  11. I'll take Brewer and Keefer over "Fielder" over at nevadapreps any day. The weekly rankings, the coverage of every game, photos etc... would all be a lot to be happy about but add the podcast and that's just billy bad as$. Very much appreciated. Every time there is a report of the Sun having layoffs i pray that its people who cover the economy, education,murders and less important things than HSFB it's one of the few things I like about my hometown. I look forward to Basic vs Green Valley or Gorman vs Palo more than any NBA all star or UNLV game we get here. Too bad football season is only 1/4 of the year.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  12. Tuasdad

    Sure taking a knee is a sign of respect. But lets not forget that football is a violent game and injuries happen all the time. At practice when someone is injured you don't take a knee. You call the trainer and you move the football and continue with practice. That is how you treat an injury to your own player! So in a game where injuries are not rare why is it respectful to not do anything cause someone is hurt?? What is the lesson in that? This isn't pop warner where the game is so simple that during the game adjustments aren't necessary. I don't see the how taking a knee because of an injury in a violent game teaches a boy how to be a man.

  13. Brewer you do an excellent job for years for local sports. It's greatly appreciated by many.
    By the way, rumors flying Durango's Macki blowing up team. Apparently he has kicked off 6 to 8 players or they quit. Apparently he has benched the Williams kid and several players are upset. Parents are upset. Rumor also that half of JV and Freshmen teams as well as McQuaig and others are all planning on transferring out of school. QB Martinez doesn't plan on playing for Macki after this season. Those are rumors but pretty sure all true. Ray it might be something to look into. I hear there's a lot of unhappy people with the head coach and his young D coordinator. Everyone wants the JV head coach (former varsity coach) back.

    It's a shame what a lot of kids in this valley have to go thru because to many Coaches are in a position they have no business being in. The biggest reason why BG, Palo, AV, Liberty, FH, CSprings and a few others are successful is because of the coaching. While many schools have head coaches who have no business being a head coach. Look at the Vekic kid. No offers, has loads of talent and was ranked very high in the state yet has not gotten any better. Just lacking coaching.

    Curious to hear if anyone else knows of what's going on over there and if these rumors are true as I've heard.

  14. Congratulations Patriotic on the success of your freshmen and JV teams.
    What I understand the four champions of each league were as follows:
    SE Green Valley
    NE Las Vegas
    SW B Gorman
    NW Palo

    JV Champions
    SE Liberty
    NE Canyon Springs
    SW B Gorman
    NW Palo

    congratulations to all these teams. If i got any of these wrong I apologize.
    The rankings for these teams probably would be as follows:
    1) Las Vegas (loaded w size and speed)
    2) Palo (great program excellent coaching)
    3) A.V.
    4) BG (see palo comments same)
    5) CS (tough 2pt loss to BG)
    6) GV

    1) Palo (undefeated in toughest league)
    2)A.V. (tough loss to Palo convincing win at BG)
    3) CS
    4) BG (2 tough losses including #2 AV)
    5) Liberty

    Just opinion based on scores match ups and info from many around valley.
    Looks like the next few years are going to be very competitive which is great for VEGAS H.S. Football.

  15. footballguy, taking a knee during an injury doesnt teach how to be a man per se. done be so literal. it helps develop a healthy mentality towards the potential for injury in every game. because anyone can get hurt at any time in a game, showing respect towards the injured by taking a knee shows the athletes honor their teammate. it's like war when soldiers take a minute to honor a "fallen soldier".

  16. Basically 99% of those kids will never play another snap in their lifes it probably doesn't hurt to show them that an injured player is worth takign the two seconds to kneel as a sign of respect if nothing else. A third and goal is insignificant in the grand scheme of things really. Not like kneeling will help the kid get better. It's equivelant to holding the elevator door. It won't shut on people it'll stop closing if it hits somebody, but people do appreciate it if you'll stand there and hold it.

  17. Ya canyon has over a dozen sophomores on varsity. BUt that speaks volumes for Moapa whooping schools like Legacy, Del Sol and Silverado with much higher enrollment. I hope you're joining Gorman again at the Sollenberger Classic in AZ again next year.

  18. If that Durango rumor holds true i'll change my prediction from 55-0 to 66-0 Palo.

  19. Lvfootballfun, I too would like to believe that based on freshmen and JV results that the next few years will be competitive at the varsity level. Im not a Gorman hater, but i was very pleased that the Abor View jv beat Gorman's jv because i felt that this was an indication that Gorman wouldnt be so dominant in the next few years. But i think either Ray or Case made a good point in one of their podcasts that the jv division was not a good indication as to how good a program would be in the upcoming several years since most of the sophmores playing jv are not ready or good enough for varsity. I think Gorman has their best sophomores paying varsity. I know Nate Starks plays varsity and he is only a sophomore. As i have said before, he could be the best sophomore in the country. Hes that good. So i dont think its going to be competitive the next several years. Unfortunately, i think Gorman is going to continue to dominate for at least the next 3 years.

  20. Ray C I hear you but I also remember you going on and on just a few weeks ago about scouts from CA coming to watch the Hong and Stewart kid and about how BG JV was probably 4th or 5th amongst the varsity level. Then when they got beat by Servite JV you said Servite used all juniors. Servite had no juniors only sophomores. For someone who says you are for balance you sure do seem to come on here and brag about BG. Especially their JV. We can pull up your old post if you want. Now we find out their JV is only 5th or 6th in the city in the JV division. Yes Starks is fantastic and I believe BG has about 5 Soph. on Varsity. As Tuasdad said CS has 16 soph on varsity and I heard 11 start and they still won their league both JV and Varsity. And Palo JV program is a big reason for their success. Just ask Coach Rost, who has a soph at QB on varsity. BG will be very good but I think Liberty, Palo, AV, CS LV andFH are quickly closing the gap. Its ok to root for your team. Tuasdad has a lot of great comments about all the schools but he is not ashamed to admit he is a BG alumn and big fan. Same with GormanHomer. Good Luck to all the teams tmrw nite.

    Oh and by the way Sportsarefun, I didn't mean to leave Moapa out. I was just listing the local league champs. But I was told by a friend from Faith L. that your fresh. team was ok but you JV team may be better than any team in the city. So sorry for the omission and congratulations on a great year by both you JV and your varsity. Good luck this weekend.

  21. All I've ever heard about Marcus Williams is that he's a good football player but a better young man! This came from one of his former teammates at Gorman who was sad to see him leave there. I trust this former teammates' judgement of character. Sounds like something shady is going on at Durango! It's a shame that some men think they can just mess with a kid's future this way. I wonder if there was any discussion with his parents regarding his so called lack of work ethic or any involvement of the school administration? More likely it was the unilateral decision of this coach. That many kids quitting the team at this point speaks volumes about this coach's issues. Hopefully someone does something to change this...although it's doubtful.

  22. Maki should go to a Gorman practice. Actually, most of the valley coaches should. Every minute of the 4 hours is scripted and timed. Every kid is moving the entire time. From the gym to watching film, everything has purpose and nothing is wasted. Sanchez and his staff know how its done. When Sanchez coached the Sunset all-star team, the boys from other schools were impressed on how it gets done everyday. I do wish Durango and the Southwest well in the playoffs. It will be good for HS football in town to see an upset or two.

  23. Gang; Sorry to arrive late on the scene with what is happening at Durango. I've decided to remove all of the comments about Marcus Williams until I have time to properly report. The kid, in my opinion, is a sure-thing Division I talent. I don't want someone commenting on him for coach Maki. I think we can all agree that is what is best for Marcus' future.

  24. Foothill 20, Desert Pines 0

    5:55 left in the 3rd.

  25. 27-6 Foothill. 1:51 left in the 3rd.

    Liberty up 21-0... so glad they're showing this game on TV instead of a good game like the one going on at Canyon Springs...

  26. 28-0 Liberty. I'm changing the channel haha.

  27. Let's go Basic!!!

  28. Tells you about the level of class that Henderson schools have.

  29. Battle for Boulder Highway II next week! Good job Foothill and Basic!!! Hopefully Green Valley pulls through to complete the sweep!

    Hey Brewer, how about them Henderson teams? DP, check. Canyon, check. Ahh, I love the underdogs

  30. Who's got the update on GV???

  31. Either way, Liberty should handle GV or Vegas.

  32. Maybe Vegas lost and wont report the score...

  33. Hopefully they show the Foothill-Basic game! A much better turnout WILL be there for that game no doubt. Rain or snow, Henderson will show up.

  34. Hey Coachfun: Can't believe the Henderson schools went 3-1. I seriously never thought I would see the day. I'm thrilled for those kids at Basic. Let me tell everyone: Basic's DeVonte Boyd is the real deal. All talent, too. He's going to be need to put on some weight and work on his speed, but he will be a playmaker at the next level.

  35. I don't get it, Vegas is the OG in the valley. This game should of been a total sellout. Standing room only, but it wasn't. Valley high school is also part of the original football scene in town and the stands were empty too. Its the playoffs! Show some love and respect for these boys. Its an easy night out with the kids, the price is dirt cheap. Go talk football at its purest level "high School". And if you are a local from your high school days, see if the letterman jacket still fits. Kicking it Old school baby.......

  36. GormanHomer, well said!!

  37. Congratulations to all the winners tonight. Also, congrats to Aaron Love on a fantastic year and career. You have been fun to watch. Same for mr. Hayes at DP. Good luck to you both in the future. Two fine young men. DJ Pumphrey you are the real deal. Once you get a QB to take pressure off you then really watch out.

    Libery and Foothill possible rematch? Kapelli vs. Keplinger ll.

    Here's hoping AV can be a little more competitive in round 2 w BG

  38. I like Liberty to win the Sunrise as they are and have been playing well. And Arbor View will give Gorman a better game this time around. It will be Liberty v Gorman in the state semis. Also, Lvfootballfun, Gorman is not my team and i have no affiliation or ties to Gorman. If i did, i would have no problem admiting it. I am from Southern California that moved to Las Vegas about 5+ years ago. As far as "bragging" about Gorman, im simply pointing out the obvious and ive spoken about the Gorman jv on the 2 games that i went to: Servite and Arbor View. Regardless, please do not insinuate that Gorman is my team without knowing anything about me. And go ahead and read all of my previous posts if you have nothing better to do and you will see. As to being a fan of a team, its obvious you are with the Liberty program.

  39. thanks coachray and sportsarefun for the other updates...

    I'm pretty happy that I got 7 out of 8 right tonight and wasn't off very far with the scores

    I was right about Canyon being way over ranked (phew i didn't want to eat crow) Hunky will have a hell of a team in two years he's got some talent. It was absolutely pathetic and sad to see 1/3 the fans for Canyon at home compared to Basic away. I feel for those kids and Hunky if the number of fans is less than kids on the team and in the band. Really sad to see that if your own school and family doesn't care to come out it's got to be demoralizing really sucked to see that.

    I was right about Vegas being over ranked too, there's no way Green Valley takes you to the wire if you're the 3-4-5 best team in town. No way.

    lvfootball, Cordova just calls it like he see's it. There's been times where i've critisized Gorman and he dissagreed or visa versa he's HSFB fan not a Gorman fan he's been pretty clear cut about that.

    Anyway, good action last night. Looking forward to next week. How bout everyone posts their picks this week not just me so it adds to the conversation?

  40. Also northern nevada wrapped up their season last night, while Reed will likely hop and skip to the state playoffs, here's what their playoffs now look like per NIAA website:

    #8 Spanish Springs (2-6) @ #1 Reed (8-0)
    #4 Reno (5-3) @ #5 Douglas (5-3)
    #2 Carson (8-0) @ #2 Damonte Ranch (3-5)
    #3 McQueen (7-1) @ #6 Bishop Manougue (4-4)

    Carson fans think they have a shot but I don't even think they'll get past McQueen in the second round. Reed has a legit team this season that if it weren't for Gorman would have a fair game (in Reno) against PV or AV for state.

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