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The Return of Football Season

Mon, Aug 13, 2012 (2:28 p.m.)

Las Vegas Sun sports reporters Ray Brewer and Case Keefer are back with a comprehensive — or some would say long-winded — look at high school football. They go division-by-division and team-by-team in this exhaustive 2012 debut. So settle in on the couch with a Snuggie or plan to make a round-trip drive from Boulder City to Shadow Ridge in order to listen to this one.

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  1. Audio is excellent! Thank you whoever fixed that! We could even hear the window washer it was so clear. Looking forward another season of the podcast.

    I don't think anyone who had a problem with Palo being selected for the Sollenberger doubts if they'll be pumped up and ready for the game. I think everyone knows that Palo will be ready to play Chaparral, Gorman or the Miami dolphins. Doesn't mean they'll win but they have shown for a decade they come prepared be it Gorman, McQueen and snow or in this case a much more talented team from another state. That's not the point. Sending Palo over Liberty, Foothill, Reed, Carson etc.. sent the wrong message specially given Rost-his wife and Palo's principal's ties to the NIAA. I'll be the first to say that Palo will show better than would Carson or Reed would have but the fact that they got passed up coupled with all the bs the niaa had to spew to save face could have been avoided. Wish it was Liberty going off to the Sollenberger (if it had to be someone other than BGHS) and Palo to Crespi.

    Excellent JV point- Glad you were very specific that at this time and here in LV having undefeated jv or frosh team does not equal success at the varsity level for many different reasons. Now consistently competitive programs are a bit of exception.

    Moapa wont lose at home, agreed.

  2. Chap might actually make playoffs because all but two teams make it in Sunrise/Sunset 1A. Not really an accomplishment worth celebrating even for Chap who has had nothing to celebrate except for their celebrity alum Ray Brewer. If they beat Virgin Valley and Sunrise (both home games) they'll make the playoffs. So a 2-7 will likely be in the postseason. Just hand out certificates of participation already it's subsidized success here. We won 4 games in the two years I played and lost to Cheyenne by 106 points as a freshmen I grew up just fine. "If you're one in a million there are 7,000 people just like you on earth" Not everyone is special, not everyone is a winner, and that's ok it's not the end of the world.

    Silverado and new NE" both SE league transplants Silverado and Green Valley will make playoffs now. Sorry real NE teams. On that note NIAA please just rename the leagues 1-4. Having a team in Henderson in the Northeast just sounds silly. Keefer is on something picking Silverado to win the NE. Ray Can you put these in writing?

    Very honest assessment of Eldog/Sunrise Mtn. should have never opened.
    Del Sol lost Lindemann and Marshall. But with the disappointing results from last year they'll come out hungry and get the #4 spot to sneak into the playoffs in the toughest division in town.
    Canyon has the talent to be a top ten team. I think they are poised to have a great season next year. They could do well this year but the first 4 games may set the tone. It is very likely they will start their season 1-3 or 0-4 and still be a top ten team. But 3 loses, even to Palo, Liberty and Cheyenne can really get their spirits down. They can sweep the NE but will need confidence heading into playoffs or it'll be a repeat of last year losing to the #4 from SE.

    Gorman is great but not perfect. Conditioning is weakness. O line will be young and hard to replace what we lost. But we said same about the dline last year and that worked out super well. Gorman will drop the game to Good Counsel by 10-14, beat St. Louis Hawaii, beat Bergen Catholic by 7-10 and lose to Servite. 2-2 wont be bad. Although I wouldn't mind being wrong and going 3-1 or 4-0 with the OOS games.

  3. Lastly, I really hope the NIAA re structures the new divisions. Maybe the top two teams from Div 1A after two years bump up to Div 1 and the two bottom teams from Div 1 drop to Div 1A. Having Cheyenne with triple the athletes, success and enrollment as virgin, bc etc.. seems to undo what the purpose of the realignment was. Cheyenne would do just fine in Div 1. The only teams that will be able to compete or beat Cheyenne will be Moapa, Truckee and DP. So essentially Truckee, Moapa, DP and Cheyenne will be the Gorman, LIberty, Palo and AV or the 1A

  4. Tuasdad, that is exactly what the NIAA is doing. They will be using that same scoring rubric that they used to designate who stayed at D1 and who dropped down to D1-A. If a team in the D1-A reaches a certain point total (remember this is for ALL sports girls and boys) they will be moved up to D1 after the three year cycle and the lowest scoring D1 team will be moved down to replace them. So these teams that got moved down to D1-A, can use these three years as a chance to rebuild their programs, have some success, then get moved back up to D1. Or if they don't dominate in D1-A, then they stay there. I think its a pretty good idea in theory. We will see these next three years how it actually works.

  5. Tuasdad, I do disagree about the whole number of teams that make the playoff argument. Yes 4 out of 6 teams in each conference make the playoffs in D1-A, and Chap could make the playoffs at 2-7 but its the same way in D1. 4 out of 6 teams make the playoffs also. Valley could sneak in as the #4 seed in the NE and have a 2-7 record.
    I don't know there's a better solution. 2 out of 6 teams is too few, so that wouldn't work. The only other option would be 3 out of 6 teams making it, with the number 1 seeds getting a bye the first round of playoffs. Personally, I don't like the whole bye week idea and I know a lot of coaches don't either. So its either 4 out of 6 teams and it being watered down, or 3 out of 6 and having a bye week for #1 seeds. What do you think?

  6. The problem with the realignment is that they are doing it with sports grouped as one. I think football should be rated by itself. Because that is the sport most likely to result in injury if there isn't appropriate classification, ala Western forfeiting end of last season due to lack of players. If they would separate football so that teams like Rancho and Valley wouldn't end up in Div 1 and so Cheyenne and DP wouldn't end up in Div 1A i'd be happier. The intent is there i just think it needs tweeking.

    As for playoffs, one side of me says that with less than 100 teams in this state playing 11 man football, 3 titles is too watered down.

    I would rather have top 3 teams make the playoffs with league winners getting a bye week than keep the current system. I just feel that a 1-8, 2-7, 3-6 team in the playoffs doesn't do anything for anyone. When Reed played 3-7 Spanish Springs in the first round last year it was pointless and honestly unearned by Spanish Springs.

    Top teams could simply win two league games and rest their starters the rest of the season because it wouldn't matter they'd be in the playoffs-in theory.

    We might know who makes the playoffs by 3rd week of league games that is just unnecessary. The point of playoffs is to crown a champion and pit the best teams against each other. I just think making it that easy to make the playoffs dilutes the state and is an insult for teams that actually performed well during the season.

  7. or they could do like they do in Major League Soccer the teams with the best records move on to the playoffs regardless of conference. So that might suck for the NE but maybe it would make it the most fair competition. If we all know that the #5 from the NW is better than the #3 or 4 from the NE and has the record to show it they get the nod.

  8. Just to be "devil's advocate" a little bit here...
    What about the team that has two, or perhaps three key players injured, for several games, and they end up with a 3-6 record, but then get EVERYONE healthy for the playoffs...??
    Perhaps they lost 4 or 5 of those games by one score...
    With ever decreasing Roster sizes, staying healthy is critical...
    I can conceive of a team facing this dilemma, then getting healthy, and actually having a legitimate shot at a State Title...
    Just some "food for thought"...

  9. Very excited for the upcoming season and looking forward to the weekly podcasts!

  10. Keith, i see what you're saying and I'm not doubting the underdog but at .500 team is an underdog. A 5-4 team would be an underdog but a 2-7 team is more of a joke considering what the playoffs are supposed to be.

    The Miami Dolphins were 10-6 a few years back and missed the playoffs while 8-8 and 9-7 teams in other divisions made it. Granted its pro's but it's almost same # of teams in 4a/D1. 2-7, 3-7, 4-6 teams should not make the playoffs anywhere.

  11. Tuasdad, I actually agree with you... a team that is 2-7, or 3-6 should Not be in the playoffs...
    Like I said, I was just playing "devil's advocate"...

  12. you played it well Keith : )

    Will hopefully catch you for another hot chocolate for the state semi's this year. Even if it;s not Gorman i'll be making the trip up.

  13. Does any team in Nevada have a chance to keep Gorman under 40 points or stay within 10 points this year. They have to lose to someone in Nevada before 2020, right?

  14. coachearl... i think Liberty will have a very realistic chance to stay within 10 points. The combination of a hunger to beat Gorman, good transfers, reloading and once again the hunger for revenge will be a perfect combination.

    The best part about this is that it is very likely that we would see Gorman vs. Liberty for the state championship game. Not to discredit other teams but if we were making odds here we would predict Liberty to sweep the Sunrise and Gorman the Sunset. Both are heavy favorites. Liberty winning the Sunrise puts them into the state final, Gorman winning the Sunset sends them up north to play an unlucky northern team.

    Motivation will be a great thing if and when they meet at the state final. Liberty will be playing every game this year with the end goal of state final and Gorman on their minds and Gorman will definitely need to get pumped up heading into that game.

    I am hoping Liberty pulls off a win against Crespi. Even though Crespi has had a handful of down years, they still sent 7 guys to D1 programs from last years squad. A good showing or a win would be great for Liberty and NV. It will be a great test for Liberty, unfortunately for them it will be game #1 and for Crespi it will be their 3rd game of the season so the kinks will have been worked out. Liberty gets a week off after Crespi then gets Palo (on Thursday night lights btw) and technically another bye week when they face Rancho. I think they'd be better off without the bye week after Crespi. If they lose against Crespi they'll be hungry for redemption against Palo. If they beat Crespi they'll be hungry for validation as the clear #2 if they beat Palo.

    Between Palo against Desert Vista in week 0 and Liberty against Crespi in week 1 we could have an even more interesting story line when Liberty and Palo face each other. I'll be at that game on the Liberty side.

  15. Being 100% honest there are only two teams in the entire state this year that have a chance to stay within 10 points and that's Liberty and Gorman themselves. The only way anyone beats Gorman this year will be if they beat themselves or Liberty out hustles them.

    Last years game against Palo was horrible statistically. 200 penalty yards, 3 turnovers and it still wasn't even close. This year the gap is not as big. State is theirs to lose again but the gap is smaller. I think there's only two teams that would actually have confidence and believe they could win when they play Gorman and that's Liberty and Palo. Gorman will likely meet them both.

    I'm very excited about the 1A storylines and potential outcomes also. Really looking forward to a potential Truckee vs Cheyenne game, although being up North I would take Truckee. Most of Cheyenne's players have never experienced north nevada in winter and it will be Truckee's biggest advantage

  16. For those who care about the freshman, the freshman scrimmage at Mojave between Mojave, Desert Oasis, Spring Valley, and Rancho. I ranked them by how the played today against each other.
    1 Mojave , team speed was dominate, was scored on maybe twice. The running backs broke tackles and made people miss then broke long touchdown runs all day . The defense tackled well.
    2 I give D Oasis the number 2 spot because they were the hardest hitting of the four teams. Every time out they got a big hit on defense. Ran good and passed better . Solid team solid effort.
    3 Spring Valley because D Oasis hit harder. Spring Valleys best plays came from breakdowns and the QB was able to still make things happen, A plus for that. Played better as the day went on. QB and tall receiver had good chemistry.
    4 Rancho they were over matched by size and speed, but just when you thought they would give up, bang a good play on offence. They got off a few good passing plays also. Coaches should be proud they did not quit. Low numbers, so when other teams could rest and reload, they couldn't

  17. For those who care about JV. The scrimmage at Mojave between Mojave, Desert Oasis, and Racnho. Spring Valley had no JV(sad to see that) I ranked them how they played today against each other.

    I have to give a slight edge to Desert Oasis. For the most part Mojave and Desrt Oasis played even. Both teams scored and move the ball well and scored a lot of touchdowns. I give Desert Oasis the 1 spot because Mojave started a little slow. Rancho took the last spot, once again over match by size and speed. They had some bright spots and if can exploit them a little better, they can win some games.

  18. Varsity scrimmage tonight at Mojave 6:30 between Mojave,Desert oasis, Rancho, and Spring Valley. All you football people come on out , grab a dog and soda, and enjoy the games!

  19. thanks for the update. i posted a little blurb about the Basic/Western/BC scrimmage on the Palo story. Will be at home watching the Palo/Desert Vista game tonight

  20. Today's Reno Gazette Journal has the complete Northern Div. I and Div. I-A Preview.
    I have not seen it on line yet, but if you can pick up a copy down South, I would recommend it for all you high school "football geeks".
    Lassen, a perennial playoff contender, visited Truckee on Saturday for a Scrimmage.
    Plenty of miscues, mistakes, missed tackles, and penalties, (of the false start, off sides, holding variety), as to be expected.
    Both teams will be just fine once the season gets under way.
    As will Moapa Valley and Palo Verde. Their "scrimmages" just happened to be the Sollenberger Classic...

  21. Varsity scrimmage at Mojave High between Mojave, Desert Oasis, Rancho , and Spring Valley. I ranked them by how they played against each other.
    1 Desert Oasis, they were picked in the 1 spot because there defense was a little better than Mojave's. The ran well and the QB didnt disappoint, They have a big tight end that is going to give head aches trying to tackle, big boy can move!
    2 Mojave, the youngsters on the team answered the bell. They played good and the seniors became leaders. Mojave is on the way up. Desert Oasis still gets the 1 spot but it was close.
    3 Spring Valley, spring valley showed up to win but came up just a bit short against Desert Oasis and Mojave. They did play well, just couldnt get over the hump.
    4. Rancho, I was surprised by Rancho. The varsity played better than the freshman and jv Rancho teams. They didnt back down. They didnt look bad, just got out played. May surprise someone if they look pass them.
    Overall the play was not as messy as some first scrimmages are. Not a lot of false starts and fumbles for a first scrimmage. A lot of exciting plays and big hits. Good luck to all the participants. The real test starts next week!

  22. Jackpot! Arbor View vs Liberty scrimmage. Great that Liberty scrimmages a worthwhile opponent in preparation for Crespi. Credit to Arbor View they once again show they are willing to make the sacrifices and take the challenges that make you a better program.

    Too bad Gorman plays Good Counsel at the same time or I would be there.

    Mark your calendar. Scrimmage this coming Friday (Aug 24) vs the Liberty Patriots at AVHS. JV and Freshman start at 5PM and Varsity follows at 7PM.